LS Classic Mode – Update

It’s been a very busy time here at PlayFusion, and we are thrilled at the response to our PC and Switch releases.

Despite fantastic feedback to our Switch launch, we understand a major priority has been for us to develop and release controller support for the Switch. Because of this we are looking to implement Classic mode during next season and thank you all for your patience.

We wish to implement classic mode alongside our Switch controller update – So all our players can enjoy the best and latest experience at the same time.


Changes regarding Classic

With Classic’s release, this will replace any existing formats ( across all game modes )

If you’re new to Lightseekers or want to know more about Classic Mode you can read more here

After Uprising’s release, all formats will remain Classic bar ranked; this will be replaced with the Standard format – which simply put is to build decks from the cards that are not retired or banned. You can read more about this in our tournament policy


As always we really appreciate your continued feedback and can’t wait to see the community grow this year with our planned releases.


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