Hey Lightseekers!

The sun is shining, lambs are baaaaaaing – let’s sit inside and play games! To celebrate the Easter holiday period we have a brand new campaign for you, featuring 3 puzzling bosses with 1 unique reward from besting them.

Here are some tips about the bosses and what you can expect: 

*This event includes a new keyword “Stubborn” – This simply means the card cannot be removed, returned or made dormant.*

Boss 1: Lalu the Rascal

Starting fairly simple, Lalu runs a relatively straightforward deck, but every few turns her “Stop for Chocolate” buff may become a problem. While it’s on the fourth corner, anyone who plays a card (so you on your turn too) will heal her for 2 per card played. Don’t feed the greed!

Boss 2: Everok Egg Cracker

Starting to ramp up now, the Egg Cracker has 3 “Lovely Eggs” in play, right next to “The End”. “The End” is something we’ve seen before – It’s just defeat in card form! Lucky for you, the Lovely Eggs make it dormant. Not so lucky for you, if you deal 3 damage, the Egg Cracker will draw “Crack Egg” from the discard pile. If they play this card, a Lovely Egg gets destroyed, leading us closer to The End.

Boss 3: Egg Hunt

Time for a Puzzle! This time, we give you a deck and you play as the Egg Hunter vs a very Hungry Tyranos. Tyranos is similar to his normal counterpart, with one key exception – he can’t be defeated if you haven’t got a full egg basket!

What is that? How do you fill your Egg Basket? Well by collecting eggs of course! There are four eggs to collect, with each one you collect unlocking the next. If you meet the objective as the egg hits it’s fourth corner, you’ll add it to your basket. All this while trying to stay alive against Tyranos.



Once you have collected all your eggs and won the campaign, you will receive an egg-clusive card back! This egg-cellent campaign will run from the 16th April – 30th April and during this time you will also be able can also purchase an Egg-traordinary playmat for only 500 gems. Yum!  ( We have run out of egg puns ) 

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Hey Lightseekers,

We know you have been waiting for news from us, and today we can finally bring a monumental update to you. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes on what the future of Lightseekers looks like, and now we can share that with all of you.

Our latest expansion, Uprising will be releasing both Physically and Digitally. The digital release of Lightseekers will release early May, and this is going to include all of the new Uprising cards AND 2 massive new modes AND full joycon support for Nintendo Switch.

We’re proud to announce that we are bringing a brand new single-player Adventure to Lightseekers. This massive, completely free story-driven mode will launch alongside the Uprising digital release, bringing a mammoth set of content to you when Uprising launches in May.

And that isn’t all, we’re also bringing Draft Mode to Lightseekers in the same release. Pick your Hero, draft your decks from random cards and challenge opponents all over the world!

We’ll spotlight each of those new features of Lightseekers digital soon, but let’s talk about the physical version of Uprising.


This is scheduled for release on Friday, June 28th. This is later than the digital version of Uprising, and considerably later than we wanted it to be. We had a promise to keep to you and we had to take some tricky decisions to make in order to keep that promise:

We’ve moved to self-distribution. We couldn’t find a conventional distribution channel that worked for us, so we will be selling directly through Amazon to make sure we can reach all our players quickly, wherever they are in the world.

Uprising now includes Rift Pack 2 and the Core Box. Some of you eagle-eyed players will have noticed that our Uprising reveals initially listed 130 cards, and now are listing 202 cards, this is because we have merged our Core Box and our Rift Pack 2 releases into Uprising, meaning that there are now 202 cards in the Uprising set.


We considered every option, but we love this game and want to see it thrive. With the Gold Events raging on and the upcoming player invitationals, bringing Uprising to you all will see new decks and refreshed tactics leading into the next competitive season.

We thank you all for your patience over the last couple of months and we can’t wait to see you all enjoy our new content!

Make sure to keep up to date with all things Lightseekers via our Reddit and Discord channel.


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We had plans to make some balancing adjustments to a bunch of cards alongside the Uprising release, when the new Standard format goes into effect. This would include a variety of Classic cards, but also a few cards that would then be reprinted alongside Uprising with their updated text. However, due to the delays to Uprising, we have decided to make these changes in the digital game sooner, as we don’t want these cards affecting the digital game negatively for longer than necessary.

The following changes only apply to the digital game – these are due to go live 21st February. 

These changes will be taking place instead of a dedicated version of the physical ‘Classic Mode’ where you only have limited access to the Classic card pool.

Classic Card Changes

When Uprising releases:

– Classic cards will no longer be part of the Standard format

–  The Ranked mode will be played in Standard format

– Classic cards can still be played in all other game modes

– The following are Classic cards that have received changes.


– Anti-Gravity Field – Its base damage has been reduced to 8.

– Eclipse – The healing has been reduced to 10.

– Flying Fortress – Is now ‘Unique’.


– Abyss Weaver – Now has four clunky corners, instead of being permanent.

– Nova – The ‘Ability’ will now only apply healing if your target is below 35 health.

– Ritual of Awakening – Is now ‘Burn’.

– Sicario – The ‘Ability’ now moves in up to 2 different Shadow Buffs.

– Terrify – The damage has been increased to 6, but only moves 2 Action cards back to the deck.


– Ancient Miner – The corners are now X/1/X/2.

– Colossi Ritual Site – The corners are now X/X/3.

– Dolo the Mighty – Now has 30 health.

– Everok Carver – It now ‘Expires’ after applying its effects.

– Granite – Now has 31 health.

– Shattered Volcano – Is now ‘Unique’.

– Stone Scribe – Is now ‘Burn’.

– Stubborn Everok – Is now ‘Burn’.

– Temple of Patience – Now has three clunky corners; 5/4/3.

– Wrath of the Mountain – The damage has been reduced to 10.


– Ambush – The damage increase has been reduced to 5.

– Cessilia – The ‘Ability’ now requires a card in hand to be used.

– Mantix Raider – Its base damage has been reduced to 2.

– Regrowth – Can now only move Action Buffs into play.

– Spectral Web – The corners are now o/o/o, and only protects other Buffs.

– Tree Sprout – The corners are now X/1/X/2.


– Cleansing Wind – The damage has been reduced to 8.

– Cloud Harvester – Is now ‘Burn’.

– Confused Shaman – Now heals your target first, and you only receive the healing if they have less than 35 health after the heal.

– Fish Singer Ushi – Now only reduces the cost of 3- and 4-cost Combos.

– Flood – The healing has been reduced to 10.

– Healing Rain – The Corners are now 4/4/4.

– Hurricane Spirit – The number of cards drawn is now also derived from the rotation value (i.e. 2).

– Storm Shaman – The corners are now X/X/4.

– Stormshell – Now only reduces damage after taking a hit of at least 3 damage in a turn.

– Tempest Rod – Now requires at least 2 cards in hand.

– Tornado – Is now ‘Burn’.

– Zapper Bug – Is now ‘Burn’.


– Clockwork Construct – Is now ‘Burn’.

– Forgewall – Only reduces the first hit of damage per turn (if the condition is met).

– Fumbling Alchemist – Now deals a base of 4 damage, and it can be increased to 6 by discarding a Combo.

– Looper – Is now a Buff with corners X/7. Your target draws 1 card as it enters play, and the second corner deals rotation damage.

– Shatter Blast – The damage increase has been reduced to 5.

– Time Chamber – Its damage can no longer be increased by effects.

– Time Flicker – The draw has been reduced to 3.

– Time Leap – Is now ‘Burn’.

– Warden of Time – Is now ‘Burn’.

– Zuna – No longer has superior Explosives, but her health has been increased to 30.

Cross Order

– Avalanche – The damage has been reduced to 8.

– Night Hunt – The damage has been reduced to 9.

– Star Blast – The damage and healing have been reduced to 6.


– Frenzied Kreebal – Now requires 2 or fewer cards in hand to have its damage increased.

– Kreebal Raid Party – The increase from discarded an Unaligned card has been reduced to 2.

– Shadowy Figure – The damage has been reduced to 3.

Standard Card Changes

The following are Standard cards that have received changes. Unlike the Classic cards, they will receive an updated physical print alongside Uprising.

– Beast Caller – Is now ‘Burn’ and ‘Unique’.

– Black Hole – The damage has been reduced to 6.

– Canopy Creeper – Is now ‘Burn’.

– Cold Snap – The amount of Buffs removed has been reduced to 2.

– Crystal Maze – The discard now only triggers if the attacker has played a Combo since the last turn or has a Combo Buff in play.

– Raising the Dead – Is now ‘Burn’.

– Reality Rift – No longer grants an additional action, but instead draws 1 card.

– Spirit Walk – Is now ‘Burn’.

– Storm Calling – Is now ‘Burn’.

– Umbron Informant – The amount of cards it can draw has been capped at 4.


We do hope you enjoy playing this format instead of Classic mode and strongly believe these are healthy changes to improve the quality of the digital game, as always we really appreciate your continued feedback. 

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Love is in the air. Don’t worry if you didn’t get a card this Valentine’s, you can play with your Lightseekers cards instead!

Today we are bringing you two new campaigns for our Valentine’s Event! 

In today’s campaign Valentine’s battle against Cupid, If you manage to prove your love to them you’ll move on to “Love is in the Air”, a boss that has a deck comprised of all Air cards and a Hero passive that plays around Air. Fancy!

Next week you will be able to take part in our ‘educational’ campaign Kreebal Dating 101.

For the FIRST TIME ever in Lightseekers, you’ll play with a unique deck of cards that we give you for this campaign.

Take the role of a Kreebal Romantic and try and counter the smooth moves of The Kreebal Dater. Survive the first date ( they are never usually that fun ) and the tables turn. You’ll become the Lovestruck Kreebal, trying to conquer the Loveshy Kreebal. If you can set the Mood, create the right Atmosphere and Romance just right, you can finally Confess your Love. Ooh la la!

Beating this second campaign will unlock the exclusive Gemruff card back.





Throughout the entire event, the Gemruff playmat is on sale ( 750 gems, down from 1000) and a new “Love Hoarder” playmat can be purchased in the store for 750 gems.

Good luck Lightseekers and we wish you all a Happy Valentine’s!


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Digital Qualification Points – Lightseekers Player Invitational

Over the course of the first 6 months of 2019, players will be battling it out for 1st place in the Lightseekers Ranked Ladder for the coveted Player Invitational Invite. As we are already through January’s Ranked Play Season, we would like to share with you how we will be calculating that all important top spot.

To do this, we will be using a points system that is used exclusively for the Digital Ranked Ladder.

-There will be 20 points awarded to first, 19 to second and so on until you get to 20th, who will be awarded 1 point. No further points will be awarded beyond that.

-Each season, we will tally all of your points together and provide a leaderboard for the month, as well as a lifetime total to see who’s at the top!

To start off with, here is the leaderboard for January Ranked Season 3! Did you make the list? 



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Geode Hatchling – Burn changes

As of February 4th 2019, we will be introducing a balance change to the card ‘Geode Hatchling’. This change will affect both physical and digital play.

This is a card that has been on our radar for some time, given that it is able to recycle other cards. Typically these kinds of cards include the keyword Burn in their card text to prevent ‘infinite’ card cycling (as seen with Root Singer or, more recently, Storm Calling). With Geode Hatchling, there have been previous instances of this card causing undesirable game states, especially when paired with Stubborn Everok. However, these cases have been sporadic and strategies revolving around such interactions have been difficult to pull off.

As the game has matured and the community has grown, players have been able to put together and refine these strategies much faster, resulting in powerful and consistent stun decks that have very few counters. Because of this, we will be updating the card effect of Geode Hatchling to include Burn.

What this means is that:

 – It cannot be moved out of the discard pile
 – If a card attempts to move a card labelled as Burn out of the discard pile, the move fails. These cards are kept in the Discard Pile once they move there
 – It cannot be stored under other cards
 – It cannot be moved from play (Buff Area or Equipped Items) to hand or deck
 – When ‘Played’, it cannot be moved to hand or deck

The latest release of the digital app has taken place today that incorporates this change and a few other minor fixes:

 – Camouflage will now affect Attack abilities as well as Attack cards
 – Opening a booster pack will now correctly tell you when a card is “New” for you in all cases.

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LS Classic Mode – Update

It’s been a very busy time here at PlayFusion, and we are thrilled at the response to our PC and Switch releases.

Despite fantastic feedback to our Switch launch, we understand a major priority has been for us to develop and release controller support for the Switch. Because of this we are looking to implement Classic mode during next season and thank you all for your patience.

We wish to implement classic mode alongside our Switch controller update – So all our players can enjoy the best and latest experience at the same time.


Changes regarding Classic

With Classic’s release, this will replace any existing formats ( across all game modes )

If you’re new to Lightseekers or want to know more about Classic Mode you can read more here

After Uprising’s release, all formats will remain Classic bar ranked; this will be replaced with the Standard format – which simply put is to build decks from the cards that are not retired or banned. You can read more about this in our tournament policy


As always we really appreciate your continued feedback and can’t wait to see the community grow this year with our planned releases.


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Steam Release!

It’s A big day for Lightseekers fans everywhere: Lightseekers is now available to play on your PC via Steam! The Steam version is a replication of the mobile app you know and love, and your current Lightseekers account can be merged into the Steam version, meaning you can seamlessly slip from playing on mobile to playing on your PC and back again.


Action Queuing

Previously Lightseekers worked on the basis that a card being resolved must complete before another card could be played. From this update, you will be able to choose to play cards in sequence, dragging (or otherwise) the first, then the second before the first has resolved. We call this action queuing, and it will speed up play significantly.

It will not be possible to queue actions in all circumstances, for example, you won’t be able to queue up cards for actions that you are about to earn. A card that gives you an additional action will need to resolve before the action is available to be used or queued.


Ranked seasons

From the beginning of February, we will amend the length of Ranked Seasons from 2 months down to 1. Each season will still provide you with the same challenges and the same rewards, but from the 1st of February onwards, they will last 1 calendar month. We hope this makes for a more intense and rewarding experience.


Pricing and Reward Changes

We’ve made some changes to pricing and rewards to balance the game better:

-Missions have changed to either give Gold or Gems and the quantities awarded have been increased in both cases.

-The variation in mission rewards has also been flattened somewhat. Level-up chests from level 11 onwards can now contain Mythic rarity cards and single player Campaigns.

-The Gem price of Order Specific Booster Packs has been reduced from 150 to 100 Gems.

-The Mega Loot Chests have been reduced in price to 50 Gems.

-The generic ‘Booster’ pack from the store has been removed to better allow you to purchase cards for the wave you are collecting. If you still have these booster packs in your inventory, they will still work for you.

A couple of other bug fixes and amendments have been fixed as outlined below:

-The Mission System has been overhauled to make it ready for future functionality and to fix a couple of mission requirements.

-Achievement system overhaul to fix a number of minor issues.


Thank you for your continued support, we look forward to hearing your feedback!

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The Tides are Changing – Organized Play and Lightseekers Points

The Changing Tide

As the moons wax and wane across the skies of Tantos, the shifting seas surrounding the Shimmering Isles ascend and descend the banks. The Mari have long since been drawn to the waters of the world, and every year host a festival to celebrate the changing of the tide.. Now celebrate this time-honored Mari festival alongside the residents of the Shimmering Isles; from the 28th January, our next Organized Play series is here; The Changing Tide!  

And we can reveal one of the prizes that you can win at upcoming local events, The Changing Tide Playmat. You won’t want to miss this beautiful and elegant tribute to the Mari.

Lightseekers, be sure to keep a close eye on our store locator to find your nearest Lightseekers-equipped hobby stores. Then take a look at our event pages that are constantly filling up with new events, where will you witness The Changing Tide?

Lightseekers Points

Recently we announced that we will be recording Lightseekers points from all of the arduous battles that you have had from January 1st. You can now see our page dedicated to what Lightseekers Points are, how you can get them and what they are used for.

Find out about the range of exclusive digital rewards, the Tiered event system and learn how you can use your Lightseekers Points total to earn an invitation to our exclusive Player Invitational event, where we will fly and accommodate the greatest Lightseekers in the world to do battle with one another for incredible cash prizes and a chance to be immortalized in the following card set!

You can find out more about Lightseekers Points Here!

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Lightseekers for Nintendo Switch is here!

Lightseekers, it’s here and it’s now! The Lightseekers, the digital trading card game has made its console debut on Nintendo Switch!

We are extremely proud to have made it to Nintendo’s flagship platform, and to celebrate we’re knocking 60% off the price of our welcome pack; for 200 gems you will get over 1500 gems worth of booster packs, an exclusive playmat and more!

To get the most out of the connected play experience, be sure to link the Lightseekers mobile game to your new Switch version of Lightseekers so you can scan cards and share rewards between devices, click here to find out how!

We hope you enjoy Lightseekers on Nintendo Switch, join our Discord to let us know your thoughts and to ask us any questions you have!

Lightseekers, new adventures await in the wonderful world of Tantos, where will your journey take you?

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