Patch Notes – Multi-Queuing

The latest update is here and it brings more of the lore of Lightseekers to the forefront, along with a number of other much asked for features, such as multi queuing!


You are now able to queue for multiple game modes at the same time! While in a queue, you can simply go into the Versus menu and queue up for any other game, with decks chosen individually for each of the modes.

Lore Pages

Under the Library -> Collectables you will now find a new Lore section. Here, there are over 350 lore entries to collect. Lore entries range from information about the different races of Tantos, important historical events, descriptions of different locations around the world, to character profiles, and more! Most of them are told from the perspective of in-world characters, giving their personal perspectives on what’s going on in the world.

Lore pages can primarily be earned from loot chests. Level-up chests have a chance to contain them and Premium Chests are guaranteed to give you a Lore page you don’t already have (until you run out, of course). But don’t worry, they do not compete for space with other rewards! When you get a Lore page, it will appear in its own slots, in addition to everything else you’ve earned.

Some Lore pages are also unlocked from Adventure Mode bosses and Campaigns. If you have already completed these bosses, you will find the associated entries already in your collection.

You will also find a number of new achievements associated with your Lore collection progress.

Lore Campaigns

To go with the new lore entries are 6 new campaigns that can be found in loot chests. These play out some important events in the lives of the six Lightseekers of the Council – Elara, Zyrus, Boulder, Sgt. Ironbark, Kora, and Jax – and also reward you with their Lore page profiles, in addition to some of the usual campaign rewards. You will be given one of these campaigns for FREE on your next login!

Card Changes

A few changes to sort out some discrepancies between ‘restart’ cards:

– Beast Tamer – Now heals for a fixed 1 instead of equal to the number of Beast Buffs in play.
– Momentum Shifter – Now also draws 1 card as it enters play.
– Veil Rider – Now also deals 2 damage on its second corner.

Same as above, but for ‘immunity’ cards:

– Stalwart Rockle – Now also Draws 1 card as it enters play.
– Umbron Terrorguard – No longer Draws 1 card when it Expires, and the second corner heals for 3 instead of granting immunity.

A few Poison Buff adjustments to better align their values relative to one-another and other Buffs:

– Mephitic Specter – Corners are now 2/2/1/1.
– Pestilent Specter – Corners are now 1/1/1/4.
– Spectral Widow – Corners are now 1/2/3.

Other changes:

– Blast Disperser – Corners are now 3/3/2, instead of 3/3/3.
– Blaze Dancer – Damage has been increased to 4.
– Councillor Sora – Her effect can now only rotate Lightning Action Buffs, as opposed to any Action Buff.
– Farapang – May now ‘play’ the drawn Beast instead of gaining an additional action. The self damage can now also be increased by effects.
– Flamefist Umbron – Now ‘Expires’ when the Ability is used.
– Husky and Tubs – Their health has been increased from 29 to 32, but they now take 1 damage if they choose to rotate a Beast Buff one step forward.
– Life Leecher – Healing has been reduced to 1 and now only moves Action cards. Is no longer ‘Burn’.
– Mountain Fort – Now also increases the damage of adjacent Mountain Buffs by 1.
– Rushed Technician – Self damage has been increased to 2.
– Scum – Instead of being allowed to play an Action Buff instead of drawing a card for a Combo, Scum may now move an Action Buff into play when Playing a Combo (not after). This will still prevent him from drawing a card for having played said Combo, but it opens up a few more opportunities for interplays.
– Shadow Puppet – Now discards a card from among the top 4 cards of the discard pile, instead of top 5.
– Wind Seer – You now choose an Element before looking at the target’s hand, and can only move cards of that Element.

Other Updates

– When requested to move a specific number of cards from deck to hand, you will now be asked to manually choose the cards when the number of cards to move is an exact match with the number of cards to choose from. This is to avoid that an automatic move gives away what you’ve got in your hand.
– Many of the Adventure Mode bosses up to and including boss 30 have been made easier.
– The campaign boss Cursed Mire has been made easier.
– The main menu has been given a new music track and a few new battle tracks have been added.
– Leaderboards now display player avatars.
– The Avatar collection has been split into different tabs; one for each rarity.
– You can now reroll your Order and Heroes in Draft. The Order can only be rerolled once per run, and Heroes can be rerolled up to three times per run.
– Adventures other than the ‘main Adventure Mode’ now exist in a sub-folder titled ‘Other Adventures’.

Bug Fixes

– The deck builder should no longer lock up and occasionally not let you remove cards from a deck.
– Tyrax Tuner should now behave correctly when the card it is interacting with gets covered up mid-play.
– Heroic Starfish should now highlight properly when you have a Water Buff in play.
– Time-Jumper Rylox should no longer damage himself when his effect triggers.
– You should now be able to use Lightstones in ‘A Colossal Find’.
– Break Shift has been slightly reworked in order to function properly. Buffs are now selected one at a time, instead of all three at once.
– Self-damage that defeats you should no longer trigger things like Blast Disperser

We hope you enjoy these new changes and the new tales of Tantos that you can now uncover in Lightseekers. Hit up our Official Discord Channel to chat among like-minded adventures and share your stories!

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Patch Notes – Card Updates



Astral Priest – Gains its damage increase if a Buff is on top of your discard pile.
Blinding Beetle – Now does 3 damage instead of 3 healing.
Celestian Spellbreaker – Now only discards from your target (as opposed to from both of you).
Chimchu Commander – Now does 2 damage (down from 3).
Chimchu Militant – Damage has been reduced to 4 (down from 5). Has been given a secondary effect:
“While this is on top of your discard pile and your target [Defends], deal 2 damage to them.”
Dusk Cleaver – Now has a weight of 1 (down from 2) and provides Basic Solar (down from Superior).
Impatient Scholar – Is now Common (instead of Uncommon).
Loyal Furhorn – Now restarts an Action Buff instead of returning a Buff. Is also Uncommon (instead of Common).
Mirror Beast – Redesigned. “4 damage. If your last discarded card is Gravity and your deck is not empty, move this to your deck.”
Prismatic Sun Feeder – Redesigned: “2 damage. [Draw] 1 card face up. It’s not Astral and not a Combo, you may [Play] it without consuming an action and without stat restrictions.”
Starhorn Tusker – Now deals 3 damage (up from 2) but only increases damage by 1 (down from 2).
Sun Beacon – Redesigned. Buff card – X/1/2 “X damage to your target. If your last discarded card is a *Chimchu*, gain 1 additional action.
Suntop Gallery – Is no longer Unique. No longer increases card draw. Increases damage and healing from Chimchu cards by 2 (up from 1) if Gravity is on top of your discard pile (instead of Lunar).
Suntop Monastery – Now has clunky corners; 2/2/2/3. Effect has been modified to increase all damage (not just Solar) and by the corner value (instead of 2).


Dusk Feeder – Gains its healing increase if your last discarded card is a Buff. Base healing is now 4, and the increase is 2 (down from 3 + 4).
Flying Fortress – Corners are now 2/2/2/3 (instead of 2/2/3/3).
Hailfury Berzerker – The corners are now 4/3/2 (from 3/3/3/3). It now triggers on 15 or less health (up from 10 or less).
Lunar Offering – Now does 10 healing (down from 11).
Lunar Shrieker – Can no longer move back Unaligned cards.
Lunatic – Corners are now 2/2/2/2 (instead of 2/2/2/3).
Moon Pearl Mace – Now deals 2 damage (up from 1), but only rotates an Action Buff if your last discarded card is Lunar.
Shapeshifter – Damage and healing have been reduced to 4 (down from 5).
Skyward Observatory – Corners are now X/2/X/1 (from X/2/2).
Snowcaster Elder – The additional action is now without stat restrictions.
Subjugator – It now also grants rotation healing, with corners 1/1. However, it also rotates 1 step forward if the target Defends.
Twilight Oracle – The base healing is now 1 (down from 2) and the increase is 3 (up from 2).
Yikona Oracle – Corners are now 2/2/1 (from X/3/3/3). It grants 1 additional action if it expires.
Yikona Tactician – Healing has been reduced to 2 (down from 4). May now also rotate one of your Action Buffs 1 step forward.


Anti-Gravity Snail – Base damage is now 1, but the increase is 3 (instead of 2 and 2).
Arcane Investigator – You may now use an additional Ability after using this card’s Ability.
Astronomer – Corners are now X/X/3 (from X/X/X/4).
Battle Priestess – Redesigned. Buff card – X/X/X/2 “X damage to your target. [Draw] X cards.
Increase both of the above values by 1 if your last discarded card is a *Chimchu*.”
Chimchu Infiltrator – Now only moves Solar Action cards back to hand (as opposed to any Action card).
Crescent Fall Imitator – Now deals 3 damage to your target (up from 2).
Dawn Wanderer – Redesigned. Buff card – X/3/1 “Corner 2: Look at and rearrange the top X cards of your deck. Corner 3: [Draw] 1 card face up. If it’s a *Chimchu*, gain X additional actions and deal 2 damage to your target.”
Dimensional Hunter – Now moves 1 Defend card back to deck (down from 2).
Energy Hoarder – Now also draws 1 card as it enters play.
Frozen Totem – Corners are now X/1/2 (from X/X/1/1) but now only moves Chimchu cards back.
Gravity Well – Now also heals for 1.
Icefeather Mystic – Now also heals for 2 if the condition is met.
Paralysis Bug – Redesigned. Buff card – One corner; 2. “Move 1 card from your hand to your deck. [Draw] X cards. When your target [Attacks], they [Discard] 1 card.”
Pathfinder – Redesigned. “[Burn] 1 damage. [Remove] 1 Buff from the recipient. You may increase this by 1 and, if you do, move 1 card from your hand to your deck.”
Polaga Scuttler – Now triggers if you have 2 or fewer cards in hand (up from 1), and the corners are 2/2/1 (instead of 1/2/2).
Reality Twister – Now also draws 1 card as it enters play.
Starforged Warrior – Now deals 4 damage (up from 3).
Sun Hugger – Corners are now X/1/1/1 (from X/1/1/2).
Telestan Priest – Now only provides the card draw if your last discarded card is Solar.
Wandering Starformer – Damage is now 3 (down from 4).
Yikona Archaeologist – Now only restarts Astral Action Buffs (as opposed to any Buffs).
Zeppelin Scout – Now also heals for 2 and deals 2 damage to your target.


Anti-Gravity Field – Cost is now Gravity/Gravity/Solar (instead of Gravity/Gravity/Lunar).
Anti-Matter Field – Now deals 8 damage as it enters play (up from 5).
Black Hole – Is now ‘Burn’. Now removes 3 Buffs (down from ‘All’).
Coronal Loop – Is now Uncommon.
Cosmic Chaos – Base damage is now 6 (up from 4).
Eclipse – Now heals for 9 (down from 10).
Eternal Dawn – Can not be removed if your last discarded card is Gravity (instead of Lunar).
Feather Storm – Is now Common (instead of Uncommon). Cost is now Solar/Solar/Lunar (instead of Solar/Lunar). Base damage is now 7 (up from 5) and base healing is 2 (down from 3).
Full Moon – Redesigned: Corners are 2/2/2/2. “Your target can’t [Play] Combos. When you [Play] a *Beast* card, heal yourself for X.”
Moon Song – Redesigned: “3 healing. [Draw] 1 card. Increase both of the above by the number of Lunar Buffs you have in play.”
Phase Shift – This can no longer trigger other effects.
Reality Rift – No longer draws a card.
Solar Wind – You can no longer discard any cards in order to increase its damage. Instead, you may discard 1 Solar card to discard the top 2 cards from the recipient’s deck and 1 from their hand.
Tidal Shift – Now heals for 5 (down from 6).


Battlemaster Talon – Is now Uncommon (instead of Common). Has 30 health (up from 29). Deals 1 damage when a Chimchu Buff leaves play (instead of expires).
Cassini – Is now Rare (instead of Uncommon). 30 health (down from 31).
Constella – Is now Uncommon (instead of Rare). Ability can now be increased by effects.
Corvus – Can be increased by effects.
Duskguard Lucerra – Is now Uncommon (instead of Common).
Kivi Sunfist – Is now Uncommon (instead of Common).
Leo – Ability can now be increased by effects. 31 health (up from 30).
Lynx – Is now Uncommon (instead of Common). Ability can now be increased by effects. 31 health (up from 30).
Moon Moon – Now also has Superior Solar.
Orion – Redesigned. “Increase damage done by your Solar Buffs on their final corner by 1.”
Seleni – Ability now moves a Buff card (instead of any card).
Skyslayer Vandil – The effect now only rotates Action Buffs..
Swooprider Kari – 29 health (down from 30).
Ursa – Redesigned 28 health. “[Ability]: [Draw] 1 card face up. If it’s not an Astral card, deal 2 damage to your target. This can’t be increased by effects.”



Cabal Sorceress – Now only requires 2 stored cards (down from 3) before it starts dealing damage.
Cauldron Wraith – Is now an Uncommon (instead of Common) and deals 2 damage (up from 1).
Corrupted Spirit – Is now Uncommon (instead of Common). The [Draw] effect has been given a condition; it now only draws you a card if you have an Undead Buff in play.
Covetous Shade – Corners are now 1/X/1/2 (from X/X/2/2). Corners 1 and 3 deal damage, corner 4 still draws cards.
Crude Exterminator – Now deals 4 damage (up from 3) but only removes 1 Beast Buff (down from 2).
Gurgling Ooze – Is now Uncommon (instead of Rare). Now has two corners (down from three) but also deals 1 damage per corner.
Mantix Spitter – Damage has been reduced to 4 (down from 5). Has been given a secondary effect:
“If any of your cards have been [Discarded] by a card effect this turn, you [Draw] 1 card.”
Pestilent Specter – Is now a Common (instead of Uncommon).
Poised Mercenary – Redesigned. Corner value: 3 “[Attack_Ability]: X damage. [Remove] up to 3 of your other Poison Buffs and increase the damage by 3 for each Buff that was [Removed].”
Putrid Shaman – Corners are now X/2/X/2 (from X/2/3).
Serpent’s Fang – Now provides Basic Poison (instead of Superior Poison) and has weight 1 (down from 2).
Swamp Peddler – Base damage is now 3 (down from 4).
Venom Soaker – Now also heals you for 1 if you have a Poison Buff in play.
Vilebreath Kreebal – Is now a Common (instead of Uncommon).
Vilebrew Hexer – Corners are now X/X/o/o (instead of X/o) and no longer draws a card when it expires.


Bone Reaper – The damage has been reduced to 3 (from 4). The healing is still 4.
Corpse Crawler – Corners are now 1/2/2/2 (instead of 1/2/2/3).
Devourer – Can now only remove up to 2 of your Buffs for 4 healing each (as opposed to any number for 5 healing each).
Fallen Guardian – Corners are now X/2/X/2 (from X/X/2/2).
Gorged Stalker – Corners are now X/3/3/2 (from X/2/3/3).
Leeching Scimitar – Now triggers its heal if you have 15 or more health (as opposed to just more).
Life Leecher – You now get to look at the target’s hand and choose which card is moved back. It is also [Burn] and Uncommon (instead of Common).
Sacred Mausoleum – Is now Rare (instead of Uncommon).
Shrine of Death – Is now Uncommon (instead of Common).
Skeletal Rider – The damage is now 3 (increased from 2).
Soul Thief – The damage is now 1 (down from 2).
Soul Trader – Corners are now 6/X/2/4 (instead of 7/1/2/4).
Stalking Cipid – Is now Common (instead of Uncommon).
Tombstone Carver – Corners are now 2/1/1 (instead of 1/1/1).
Wall of Bones – It is now Common (instead of Uncommon) and the effect has been redesigned:
Corners are 2/2/1 (instead of 2/2/2).
“Reduce damage received by X.
If this [Expires], you may move 1 *Undead* card from your deck to hand.”


Abyss Hoarder – Is now Common (instead of Uncommon).
Abyss Shade – Corners are now 1/1/1 (from 1/1/1/1).
Abyss Tentacle – Corners are now 2/2/2 (from 2/2/2/2).
Abyss Tunneler – Now only moves Shadow Action cards to the deck (as opposed to any Action card).
Conclave Spy – Is now ‘Burn’ and ‘Unique’.
Dusktalon Assassin – Can now only trigger Abilities on Action cards.
Fortune Master – Now also draws 1 card when it expires.
Mimicking Horror – Can now only trigger Action Buffs (instead of any Buffs).
Necro Dreadling – Now heals for 4 (up from 2) and moves 1 Action card (down from 3).
Necrophant – Redesigned.
“[Burn][Discard] 1 card. Move the bottom card from your discard pile to your hand. 2 healing.[Draw] 1 card.”
Plague Bringer – Now also deals X damage, with corners 0/1.
Shade Whirler – Also makes you draw 1 card when it expires.
Shadow Puppet – Redesigned. “[Burn][Remove] 1 Buff from the recipient. You may increase this by 1 and, if you do, [Discard] a card from the top 5 cards of your deck.”
Swamp Creeper – Redesigned.
Corners: 2/2 “[Burn][Defend_Ability]: Move X Poison Action cards from your discard pile to your deck. [Draw] X cards.”
Umbron Necrolord – Now moves Undead Buffs in at the end of the turn. As it enters play, it now moves 1 Undead card from your deck to your hand (in addition to its other effects). Is also ‘Burn’.
Umbron Sergeant – Now reveals the top 4 cards (up from 3).


Breach the Veil – The damage increase is now 1 (down from 2).
Devour Soul – Is now ‘Burn’ and heals for 6 (down from 8).
Living Shadows – Now heals for 6 (up from 4).
Obfuscation – Now draws 1 card as it enters play.
Poisonous Mist – Corners are now 3/3/3/3 (from 3/3/2/2).
Ritual of Awakening – Corners are now 7/7/7/7 (from 7/7/7).
Shroud of Night – Corners are now 2/1/1 (from 2/2/2).
Tainted Miasma – Cost is now Poison/Poison/Shadow (instead of Poison/Shadow). Damage is now 7 (up from 5).


Commander Makhia – The damage can now be increased by effects, but only trigger once per turn.
Grimbeak – Redesigned: 29 health. “When your target [Plays] a Combo, [Draw] 1 card.”
Grimguard Hemlock – Can now be increased by effects. 31 health (up from 30).
Grimus the Blightbringer – Now has 29 health (down from 30) and is Rare (instead of Common).
High Curator Arawn – Now requires a Death Buff in play for the Ability. 29 health (down from 30).
Lord Blightveil – Is now Uncommon (instead of Common). Now only requires 2 Poison Buffs in play (down from 3) in order to deal damage with the Ability, and it can be increased by effects.
Mamba the Oracle – 31 health (up from 30).
Muddybrew – The damage from the Ability now has a base of 3.
Nightshade – Is now Uncommon (instead of Rare).
Nova – Redesigned: “If you have 3 or more Poison Buffs in play, reduce your target’s healing received by 1.”
Sarina – 31 health (up from 29).
The Undying – Ability has been redesigned: “[Ability]: Move all Combo cards from your discard pile to your deck. Take 2 damage. This can only be used once per game.”
Venomweaver Arcin – His effect is now active while on 15 or less health (as opposed to just less).
Virila – Is now Uncommon (instead of Common).
Xenith – Is now Uncommon (instead of Common). Swapped effects with Xile (and a slight tweak; now draws face up):
28 health (down from 29). “[Ability]: [Draw] 1 card face up.”
Xile – Swapped effects with Xenith (and a slight tweak; can now be increased by effects): 31 health (up from 30). “[Ability]: Deal 1 damage to another hero.”
Zyrus – Death cards are now moved to the discard pile instead of discarded.



Everok Relic – Is now of the ‘Artifact’ family.
Flamechained Elder – The effect now activates from playing an Elemental card (instead of a Fire card) and only increases damage (no longer healing). The corners are X/3/3/3 (instead of X/3/3/4).
Flamechained Warrior – Can no longer rotate Action Buffs backward. 3 damage (down from 4).
Kreebal Pyromancers – Base damage is now 4 (up from 3).
Magma Potter – Now affects Elemental Buffs instead of Earth Buffs. When returning Buffs, it also returns stored cards.
Magma Spitter – Redesigned.
Buff with corners X/7. “As this enters play, heal your target for 2. X damage to your target.”
Magma Worm – Is now Common (instead of Uncommon).
Molten Blade – Now increases its damage if the recipient has 15 or more health (as opposed to just more).
Molten Swimmer – Redesigned. “[Draw] 1 card. 1 damage to your target. Increase this by the number of *Elemental* Buffs you have in play.”
Sleeping Volcano – Now deals 9 damage (up from 8).
Smoldering Bruiser – Now also reduces your target’s healing received by 1 while they have 20 or more health. Is Uncommon (instead of Common).


Boulder Feast – Now does 5 healing (down from 6).
Colossi Idols – Is now of the ‘Artifact’ family.
Enchanted Soil – Corners are now X/2/2/3 (instead of X/2/3/3).
Everok Architect – Now has a 4th, smooth corner.
Exteria Fabricator – Redesigned:
Corners are X/2/X/2. “Corner 2: Reduce the first damage received in a turn by X. Corner 4: Damage your target equal to the number of *Location* Buffs you have in play + X. When you [Play] a *Location*, [Restart] this.”
Imbued Breastplate – Now caps incoming damage at 8.
Lava Tamer – Is now Uncommon (instead of Common). Is now a Defend card (instead of Attack). Now does 3 healing (instead of 3 damage).
Mountain Fort – Is now Common (instead of Uncommon). Corners are now 3/3/2 (instead of 3/3/2/2).
Mud Slinger – Now deals 3 damage (up from 2).
Rockbound Guardian – Now heals for 4 (up from 3). Is now Uncommon (instead of Common).
Rubble Roach – Corners are now 3/X/X/4 (instead of 3/X/X/5).
Swooping Rockwing – Corners are now o/3 (instead of o/2). The first corner now rotates 1 step forward when you take 5 or more damage from a single hit, instead of having to be damage from a Combo.


Crystal Bat – Redesigned. “3 damage.
If the recipient [Played] a Combo on their last turn or has a Combo Buff in play, heal yourself for 5.”
Crystal Leech – Redesigned. “[Burn][Remove] 1 Buff from the recipient. You may increase this by 1 and, if you do, heal your target for 2.”
Crystal Maze – Redesigned: “[Draw] 1 card. While this is on top of your discard pile, when you [Play] a Crystal card, [Discard] the top card from your target’s deck.”
Crystalcore – Now also discards the top 2 cards from your deck after it has moved into your deck.
Crystalline Altar – Now also prevents your target from paying for Combos with other Combos.
Everok Channeler – Corners are now 1/2/3 (instead of 1/1/1/2).
Focus Chamber – Also deals 1 damage to yourself.
Geode Hatchling – Now deals 2 damage (up from 1), but only moves Elemental Buffs into play.
Siphoning Construct – Now deals 3 damage (up from 2).
Stone Scribe – Corners are now o/o/o (instead of o/o/o/o). You now also draw 1 card when it expires (after it has moved its stored cards to the deck).
Stubborn Everok – Now has corners X/o (instead of just a single open corner).
Tantruming Kreebal – Now increases the damage and card draw by 1.


Crystal Skin – Redesigned: Corners 3/3/2/5. “Corners 1 to 2: Reduce damage received by X. Corner 3: [Draw] X cards. Corner 4: X damage to your target.”
Fiery Weapons – Corners are now 0/6/6/6 (instead of 0/5/5/5). Cost is now Fire/Fire/Crystal (instead of Fire/Earth/Crystal).
Impenetrable Shield – Cost is now Earth/Earth (instead of Earth/Crystal).
Lava Shedding – Now does 4 damage (down from 5).
Recarving – Now heals for 4 (up from 3) and moves the bottom 3 cards (down from 4).
Rock Melter – Is now ‘Burn’.
Stream of Tantos – Now does 5 damage (down from 6).
Taming the Earth – Cost is now Crystal/Crystal/Earth (instead of Earth/Earth/Crystal).


Ancient Ignu – Now deals 1 damage to your target when an Earth card is drawn from the ability (instead of 1 healing). 30 health (down from 31).
Boulder – 30 health (up from 29).
Brother Scaldrun – Effect now triggers at or below 20 health (instead of just below).
Celestin – Is now Uncommon (instead of Common).
Charnokite – 30 health (up from 29). Removing a Fire Buff no longer deals 1 damage, but the heal can now be increased by effects. Is now Uncommon (instead of Common).
Cinderbranch – 29 health (down from 31). The Ability now deals 3 damage (up from 2).
Corrodius: Redesigned. 31 health (up from 30).
“[Ability]: [Discard] the top card from your deck to heal for 1. If the [Discarded] card was an *Elemental*, also deal 2 damage to your target.”
Dolo the Mighty – The self damage from his Ability now bypasses damage reducing effects.
Ferrus – 31 health (up from 30).
Ferrus the Banished – 30 health (down from 31). The effect now only moves the bottom Fire Elemental card from discard pile to hand (down from 2), but instead also lets you move 2 from discard pile to deck.
Granite – 30 health (down from 32).
Howlock the Founder – 29 health (down from 31). Now moves a Location card from deck to hand at the start of the game, in addition to the starting hand.
Magmi – 30 health (up from 29).
Opal the Everlasting – 32 health (up from 30).
Pegma – 30 health (up from 29).
Quart – Can now be increased by effects. 31 health (up from 30).
Rhyon the Stubborn – Now also has Superior Crystal. Is now Uncommon (instead of Common).
Scoria – Can now be increased by effects. 31 health (up from 30).
Totemic – Can now be increased by effects. Is now Uncommon (instead of Common).
Tyranos – 30 health (down from 32).



Ashwood Nurturer – Now only moves Nature Beasts (as opposed to any Beasts).
Bramblespike Hunter – Corners are now X/X/4 (instead of X/X/3).
Den Mother – Corners are now X/4/4/5 (instead of X/3/3/3) and the damage increase has been reduced to 3 (from 4).
Duskbloom Burrower – The bonus damage is now gained if either player’s deck is empty (instead of just the recipient’s).
Leafspine Hunter – Now deals 4 damage (up from 3) and reveals the top 3 cards (up from 2).
Mantix Hiveguard – Corners are now X/2/1 (instead of X/3/o).
Mantix Tunneler – Corners are now X/X/6/6 (instead of X/X/5/6).
Mossfoot Beast Tamer – Now also heals for 2.
Oakthorn Rider – Redesigned. “3 damage. If you have an *Insectoid* Buff in play, you [Draw] 1 card.”
Royal Bumbler – Now has corners o/o/8 (instead of o/o/o/8). It no longer rotates if you Defend on its last corner.
Spinebark Forager – Now deals 3 damage (up from 2).
Wild Spirit – Now also heals for 1.


Beast Caller – Now has four clunky corners.
Bloomback Draga – Now also draws X cards when the Ability is used.
Bramblespike Caretaker – Can now heals for 4 (up from 3).
Cipid Queen – Redesigned.
Corners: 1/1/2/2 “[Burn][Defend_Ability]: X healing. Move X *Insectoid* Attack cards from your discard pile to your hand.”
Disturbed Elemental – Redesigned. “Damage equal to the number of *Insectoid* Buffs you have in play. Heal yourself for 3.”
Duskglade Tome – The effects have been swapped around and reduced; the heal is now always applied, but the card draw only occurs if you have 15 or less health (down from 20).
Flower Garden – Redesigned: “Corners 1 to 3: Increase healing done by X.
Corner 4: You may move X *Beast* Buffs from your hand into play. [Expire] this.”
Forest Mender – Now heals for 3 (up from 2) and Returns 1 Buff from yourself (down from 2 and no longer from either player).
Fungal King – Is no longer capped at 5.
Glade Priest – The first two corners now trigger when any hero uses an Ability (instead of just your enemy).
Leafweb Wanderer – Now also triggers from Insectoid Attack Abilities.
Mossridge Defender – Corners are now 2/2/2 (instead of 3/2/2). It also deals 1 damage to your target at the start of your turn if you have 2 or more Buffs in play than they do.
Pollen Weaver – Now has a single, clunky corner of 2, rotates 1 step forward if your target has 30 or more health, and has ‘Burn’.
Spore Feeder – Healing is now just equal to the number of Buffs you have in play (no longer with “+2”).
Stumpdrift Shaman – Corners are now 2/2/2 (instead of 1/2/4).
Thornleaf Crossbow – Now provides Basic Forest (instead of Superior Forest) and has weight 1 (down from 2).
Wildgrowth – Now increases damage by its corner values. Corners: 2/2/1/1.
Wood of Confusion – Now also draws a card when it expires.


Cipid Spawner – Now also heals for 3.
Citadel Musician – Corners are now 1/1/1 (instead of 1/1/1/1).
Coercive Spirit – Now also heals you for 1. The recipient only moves 1 Buff Action card to their deck (down from 3).
Egg Chamber – Corners are now X/X/2 (instead of X/X/X/2).
Fungal Medium – Corners are now X/5/5/5 (instead of X/4/4/4).
Jadewing – Redesigned.
“[Attack_Ability]: 2 damage.
Swap the positions of 2 of your Buffs.”
Lumbering Behemoth – Now deals 9 damage (up from 8).
Mantix Weaver – Redesigned.
“4 healing. While this is on top of your discard pile, your *Insectoid* Buffs can’t be [Removed].”
Reckless Spirit – Redesigned.“[Burn] 1 damage.
[Remove] 1 Buff from the recipient. You may increase this by 1 and, if you do, the recipient [Draws] 1 card.”
Root Singer – Now only moves Beast and Insectoid cards (as opposed to any Action card) and requires 2 or more Buffs in play than the target (up from 1).
Soil Tunneler – Redesigned. Corners remain the same (X/2).“[Burn] Choose a family you have in play. Move X cards of that family from your discard pile to your hand.”
Soul of War – Can’t trigger other effects, but also requires 2 damage to draw a card (up from 1).
Spectral Web – No longer prevents Buffs from being Returned.
Spirit Channeler – Redesigned: Clunky corners: 2/2 “[Burn] When your target heals, heal yourself for X. This can’t trigger other effects.
When this [Expires], move 1 *Beast* card from your discard pile to your hand.”
Supply Carrier – Now heals for 3 (up from 2).
Zealfang Mob – Corners are now 2/1/5 (instead of 1/2/5).


Ambush – Base damage is now 8 (up from 7), but the increase has been reduced to 3.
Banebloom – The third corner no longer deals damage.
Beast Within – Corners are now 3/3/3/3 (instead of 2/3/3/3).
Call of the Wild – Corners are now 4/3/3 (instead of 3/3/3).
Camouflage – Corners are now 2/2/2 (instead of 0/1/2).
Fungal Spores – Now deals 4 damage (down from 5).
Gather the Herd – Damage and healing is now 5 per card (up from 4).
Invigorate – Now heals for 7 (up from 5).
Life Binding – Corners are now X/3/2/3 (instead of X/4/4/4) and the damage is 2 (up from 1).
Nature’s Fury – Cost is now Animal/Animal/Forest (instead of Animal/Forest/Soul).
Raging Spirit – No longer increases healing. Has a second effect:
“When this is about to be [Removed], you may move 1 Animal Action Buff from your hand into play.”
Reclamation – The base heal is now 5 (up from 3).
Regrowth – Is now ‘Burn’ and heals 4 (down from 5).
Territorial Dominance – The bonus damage is now gained if you have 2 or more Buffs in play than the recipient (up from 1 or more), and that bonus is 4 (down from 5).


Bloomtender Bost – The Ability now also grants 1 healing if you have 3 or more Buffs in play.
Cedrus – Can now be increased by effects. 31 health (up from 30).
Cessilia – Redesigned. 29 health. “When one of your *Beast* Buffs [Expires], deal 1 damage to your target.”
Fraxinus Pinehusk – Is now Uncommon (instead of Common).
Greensprout – Is now Uncommon (instead of Common).
Hazel the Hermit – Can now be increased by effects.
Hivebark – 31 health (up from 30).
Hiveking Ixxa – Instead of moving an Insectoid Buff into play, he may now move an Insectoid card from the deck to his hand.
Hivequeen Axxi – Only the first damage from an Insectoid card per turn is now increased (instead of all), but by 2 (up from 1).
Leafnite – Is now Uncommon (instead of Common).
Meyku the Young – Can now be increased by effects. 31 health (up from 30).
Sageleaf – 31 health (up from 30).
Sharpclaw – Is now Uncommon (instead of Common). Can now be increased by effects. 31 health (up from 30).
Spikechief Jolokia – 30 health (up from 29).
Treanu – The draw now requires the target to have 30 or less health.
Vegard – 31 health (up from 30). The effect now triggers when he gets hit for 7 or more damage (down from 8).



Angered Shockfin – Now deals damage based on its corner values, with clunky corners 3/3/3.
Bug Rider – Now also draws 1 card when you play a Combo.
Evaporator – No longer gains +1 in addition to the Combo’s cost.
Flood Zapper – Now triggers if the target has 3 or more Buffs in play (down from 4).
Frenzied Zapper – Redesigned.
“2 healing.
Deal 3 separate hits of 1 damage to your target. This damage can’t be increased by effects.”
Lightning Bringer – Corners are now X/X/X/7 (instead of X/X/X/5). The bonus damage is now 3 (down from 5).
Lightning Conduit – Now deals 3 damage to your target as it enters play.
Living Cloud – Redesigned.
“3 damage.
If the recipient has 3 or more Buffs in play, you [Draw] 1 card.”
Spark Wisp – Damage has been reduced to 4 (down from 5). You may now rotate a Buff on the recipient 1 step backward.
Storm Shaman – Corners are now X/X/X/4 (instead of X/X/4).
Supercharged Twister – Now does 4 damage (up from 3). Its secondary effect now allows you to rotate a Buff up to 2 steps forwards (up from 1).
Thunder Brewer – The secondary effect now deals 4 damage (up from 3).
Thunderbill – Now increases all damage done to other heroes (not just from Lightning cards). Corners are now X/o/o (instead of X/X/o/o).
Vortex Charger – Now does 4 damage (up from 3).
Zapper Bug – Is now ‘Burn’. No longer moves Defend Action cards (only Attack Action cards).


Bubble Fish – Redesigned:
Three smooth corners: 2/2/1
“Reduce damage received by X.
Reduce your Combo costs by 1.”
Bubble Gnasher – Now has 3 clunky corners.
Bubble Spirit – The healing from the Ability is now 4 (up from 3).
Confused Shaman – Redesigned:
2 healing.
All heroes move 1 Combo card from their discard pile to their deck.
[Draw] 1 card.”
Delivery Crab – Slight redesign:
“2 healing.
Look at the top 2 cards and [Draw] 1 of them. Put the remaining cards back in the same order.”
Deluge Drifter – Now also draws a card as it enters play.
Droplet – Instead of 4 healing if you’ve played a Water card, it now grants 3 healing if you’ve played another Elemental card that turn.
Fearless Diver – Corners are now X/X/X/6 (instead of X/X/X/5). The damage increase is now 4 (down from 5). The number of Water Buffs required to increase the damage is 3 (down from 4).
Guard Snail – Now does 8 healing (down from 9).
Heroic Starfish – The heal is now only received if you have a Water Buff in play.
Lushlost Pond – Is now Uncommon (instead of Common).
Mari Stormguard – No longer reduces self damage.
Raging River – Is now Rare (instead of Uncommon). Now draws a card when it enters play (instead of when it expires), and has corners 1/1 (instead of 1/1/1).
Swirling Purifier – Is now Uncommon (instead of Common).
Turbine Waste – The healing from its effect is now increased by 1.
Turkle Captain – Now rotates if the target has 1 or fewer Buffs in play (instead of no Buffs).
Vitalizing Frog – Now does 5 healing (down from 6).
Wave Crusher – The corner value is now 6 (up from 4). It is now longer capped to 10 damage, but its stored cards are moved to the discard pile on use (so can’t go from one Wave Crusher into another).


Cloud Harvester – Corners are now X/1/1/2 (instead of 1/1/2) and the 1s heal instead of dealing damage.
Cyclone Tamer – Corners are now 3/2 (instead of o/o/o/o). Now also deals X damage when you play a Combo.
Dancing Flutterer – Redesigned.
Is now a Buff with corners X/2.
“[Draw] X cards.
If your target has 5 or fewer cards in their hand, deal 3 damage to them.”
Dust Fiend – Now deals 3 damage (down from 4).
Hurricane Spirit – Corners are now smooth.
Impressed Cloud – Now does 3 healing. Instead of moving 2 Action Buffs from hand into play, its second effect now moves 1 Action Buff from your deck into play.
Octopuff Oracle – No longer benefits other heroes.
Royal Wind Runner – Redesigned.
As this enters play, choose a family. Buffs of the chosen family on your target are [Dormant].
If this [Expires], move 1 *Elemental* card from your discard pile to your hand.”
Skyrider – Now deals 3 damage (down from 4), but increased to 5 if the discarded card was a Combo.
Soaring Scout – Now deals its damage based on clunky corner values with clunky corners 3/3/3.
Storm Whisperer – Is now Common (instead of Rare).
Tempest Rod – Now provides Basic Air (instead of Superior Air) and has weight 1 (down from 2). Requires the cards to be discarded in order to Remove a Buff.
Thunder Slug – Corners are now 1/1 (instead of 1/2).
Vortex Plains – Corners are now 1/2/2 (instead of 1/2/3).
Wind Seer – Now also draws 1 card.


Cleansing Wind – Now does 7 damage (down from 8).
Cold Snap – Now has ‘Burn’.
Crackling Torrent – Corners are now 1/2/3 (instead of 2/2/2). The amount of cards discarded is now equal to the corner value.
Crushing Rapids – Is now ‘Burn’. Removes 3 Buffs (down from ‘All’).
Eye of the Storm – Redesigned:
Corners X/4/4/8.
“Corners 2 and 3: X healing.
Corner 4: X damage to your target.”
Flood – Healing is now 9 (reduced from 10) and the damage is 5 (increased from 4).
Flying Debris – Now deals 5 damage (down from 6).
Mist Form – Corners are now 3/3/3/3 (instead of 3/2/2/2).
Murky Waters – The bonus damage is now 4 (down from 5) but is given if the recipient has 20 or more health (as opposed to “more than 20”).
Overload – The damage bonus in addition to the Combo’s cost is now 1 (down from 2).
Shifting Winds – Corners are now 5/4/2 (instead of 5/5/2).
Shocking Torment – Corners are now X/X/5/9 (instead of X/X/4/9).
Sparkweave – Corners are now 5/X/X/o (instead of 4/X/X/o).
Storm Conduit – Now adds an additional 5 damage on top of the corner values.
Storm Strike – Now deals 8 damage (down from 9). Cost is now Lightning/Lightning/Air (instead of Lightning/Water/Air).


Ashento – Can now rotate a Buff 1 step forward (as opposed to an ‘Action Buff’).
Bubbles – Can be increased by effects. 31 health (up from 30).
Claws Clackerson – Can be increased by effects.
Councillor Sora – 29 health (down from 31).
Crab Rider Neida – Is now Uncommon (instead of Common). Can be increased by effects. 31 health (up from 30).
Elishi – Can be increased by effects.
Kweetu – 28 health (down from 29).
Malia – 29 health (down from 30).
Meeka – Is now Uncommon (instead of Common).
Morani the Windshear – Is now Uncommon (instead of Common). 31 health (up from 30).
Sergeant Thunderfin – 30 health (up from 28).
Sparksail 2.0 – Is now Uncommon (instead of Common). The ability does 5 healing (down from 6).
Tillandi – Can be increased by effects.



Alchemy Lab – The damage increase now only applies to damage you deal to other heroes. The card draw also happens when it leaves play (as opposed to Expires).
Blast Bot – Deals 3 damage (down from 4).
Booby Trapper – The damage to your target is now 8 (up from 7).
Bot Launcher – Corners are now 5/5/5/5 (instead of 3/4/5/6).
Chain Reactor – No longer increases self damage.
Embiggen-O-Tron – The damage increase is now 3 (up from 2).
Emergency Generator – Now also deals 2 damage to your target if the condition is met.
Fumbling Alchemist – Is now Uncommon (instead of Common).
Kreebal Racer – Corners are now 1/1/2 (instead of 1/1/1).
Looper – Is now an Explosives card (instead of Time). And it’s now called Glooper, because…you know, not Looping, but it is a gloopy thing…yeah.
Makeshift Reactor – Now triggers when 2 cards are stored (down from 3).
Malfunctioning Sentry – Now also deals 1 damage to your target if you Remove a Buff with it.
Maniacal Machine – Is now Rare (instead of Uncommon).
Perpetual Cannon – Corners are now X/2/1 (instead of X/1/2).
Portable Turret – Now triggers at 10 or less health (down from 15 or less).
Rubble Scavenger – Redesigned.
Move 1 Explosives *Robot* card from your discard pile to your hand.
If you have a Combo Buff in play, [Discard] the top 3 cards from your target’s deck.”
Tyrax Mercenary – Redesigned.
“3 damage.
If you have dealt damage to yourself this turn, [Draw] 1 card.”


Auto-Scrapper – Corners are now X/2 (instead of X/1), but card draw stays at a fixed 1.
Automatic Avenger – Corners are now 2/2 (instead of 2/2/2).
Blastproof Defender – Corners are now 1/1/1/1 (instead of 2/1/1/1).
Bone Chewer – Redesigned.
“3 damage.
If your last discarded card is a *Robot*, heal yourself for 3.”
Chrono Angler – The amount of cards you get to look at is now 3 (down from 4).
Emergency System – Heals for 4 (down from 7) but also draws a card when it triggers.
Gearcrank Catapult – Only requires 2 Mechanical Buffs in play in order to rotate (down from 3).
Giant Stomper – Corners are now 5/5/6 (instead of 5/5/5). It can now store 2 Kreebal (down from 3).
Giga-Blender – Is now Uncommon (instead of Common).
Kreebal Reconstructor – Is now a Defend card (instead of Attack). Grants 1 additional action instead of 2 damage to your target.
Ramparts – Now deals 2 damage to the attacker when you get attacked (up from 1).
Regen Chamber – Corners are now 1/2/2/2 (instead of 2/2/2/2).
Repair Bot – Corners are now 1/1/1/4 (instead of 1/1/1/5).
Rustforge Assembly – The played cards are now without stat restrictions.
The Heap – It now has two clunky corners (of 2/3, where the corner value is the healing received) and triggers when a Machine or Robot Buff expires (instead of a Mechanical Buff).
Tyrax Engineer – Now reveals 5 cards, but heals for 2 for each Robot card among them (instead of 3 for each Mechanical card).
Tyrax Fixer – The bonus healing is now only received if you have 10 or less health (down from “less than 15”).
Unstable Scavenger – Corners are now 3/3/3/5 (instead of 3/2/2/5).
Wrench Juggler – Redesigned.
Heal yourself for 2.
2 damage.
If you have [Played] another *Robot* or *Machine* card this turn, move 1 Item card from your discard pile to your hand.”
C-Tech Cannon – Now provides Basic Time (instead of Superior Time) and has weight 1 (down from 2).
C25 Combat Warper – Deals 2 damage (down from 3).
Chrono Moth – Redesigned.
“4 damage.
You may [Rotate] 1 of your Action Buffs 1 step forward.”
Dugout Sentinel – The effect now happens at the end of your turn (instead of during the Buff Phase) and also deals 1 damage to your target if you have a Combo Buff in play.
Epoch Master – The backward rotation now goes up to 2 steps (up from 1). When rotating forward, it now also affects Combo Buffs (instead of just Action Buffs) and heals for 2.
Flynamo – Swapped the order of the effect (rotate first, heal second). You may now rotate an Action Buff 2 steps forward (instead of 1). The heal is now applied at 20 or less health (instead of ‘less than’).
Gyro Master – Now also triggers from Buffs being Returned.
Hammerdown Enforcer – Is now ‘Burn’.
Reckless Tinkerer – Can now only restart Action Buffs (no longer Combo Buffs).
Time Worm – Now also draws X cards.
Warden of Time – The effect is no longer increased if a Combo Buff was affected and only moves Action Attack cards (instead of any Action card).
Warp Toad – Returns 2 Action Buffs (down from 3 and can no longer Return Combos) and only from the same hero (instead of being able to spread across both players).
Wormhole Scuttler – Corners are now 2/2/2/1 (instead of 1/1/1/1).


Anti-Magic Pulse – Redesigned.
Single-corner, smooth Combo Buff. Corner value is 1.
“Your target’s Buffs are [Dormant].
Gain X additional actions.
[Draw] X cards.
You may [Restart] X of your Action Buffs.”
Celerity – If removed, you now draw 1 card.
Combat Tech Fusion – The damage dealt when removed is now 3 (down from 6).
Contra Bubble – Now has a third, smooth corner. It only triggers from played Defend cards (so no longer Defend Abilities).
Nitro Heal – Now heals for 12 (down from 13).
Piston Punch – Now discards the top 3 cards (up from 2).
Reactor Overdrive – Rotates when any hero plays a Combo (as opposed to just your enemy).
Shatter Blast – Now requires 10 or less health (down from “less than 15”).
Turbo Sphere – Corners are now 2/2/3 (instead of 2/2/2). Cost is now Time/Time/Explosives (instead of Explosives/Mechanical/Time).
Blast Shield – Corners are now 8/5/5 (instead of 7/5/5).


Anzi the Mender – Redesigned:
30 health (up from 28).
“If you play 2 Mechanical cards in one turn, deal 1 damage to your target.”
Axius – Can be increased by effects. 31 health (up from 30).
Cannoneer Lugnut – Can be increased by effects.
Chef Ribrox – 30 health (up from 29).
Colax the Historian – 31 health (up from 30). Can be increased by effects.
D.A.G. Battlescout – 30 health (up from 29).
Fizzi the Fierce – Is now Uncommon (instead of Common). 31 health (up from 30).
Gominator X – 31 health (up from 30).
Impex the Insane – 31 health (down from 32).
Jax – Can now only remove Explosives Buffs (as opposed to any Buffs).
Maxili – Deals 1 damage instead of 1 healing, and it can be increased by effects. 31 health (up from 30).
Olax – His effect now triggers on 10 or less health (as opposed to “less than 15”). 30 health (up from 28). Now has superior Explosives.
Pacemaker Brox – Is now Uncommon (instead of Common).
Realgar – 32 health (up from 31).
Slaxx the Eternal – 32 health (up from 30).
Tempuz – 29 health (up from 28). The card moved back now needs to be a Time card (as opposed to any card).
Trigux Ironscale – Is now Uncommon (instead of Common).
Wartoximus Warp – Is now Uncommon (instead of Common). The drawn card from the Ability is now drawn face-up. 30 health (down from 31).
Zuna – 29 health (down from 30). Your cards drawn by her Ability are now drawn face-up.


Awestruck Tourists – Corners are now 1/1/2/3 (instead of 1/1/1/3).
Battering Ram – Corners are now 1/2/3/6 (instead of 1/2/3/5).
Battleborn Oppressor – Now deals 3 damage (up from 2).
Cage of Oppression – Redesigned.
Buff with corners o/o/o/o, where the first corner is stuck and the last three are smooth.
“This can’t be [Removed].
At the end of your turn, deal 1 damage to your target which can’t be increased, reduced or trigger effects. When you heal for 1 or more, [Rotate] this 1 step forward.”
Citadel Safehouse – Now draws 1 card when it enters play, instead of when the Ability is used. The Ability now heals for 3.
Colossi Artifact – Is now an ‘Artifact’ and the damage cap is taken from the corner values, with values 4/4/3/3 (instead of a constant 4).
Conjurer’s Lab – Has been given ‘Burn’ and a secondary effect:
“If this is [Removed] by another hero, you may move 1 Action card from your discard pile to your hand.”
Draga Hoarder – Now also stops cards from being discarded by your own effects.
Font of Misfortune – The damage is now dealt across the first two corners, and the corners are 2/2/o/o. Only the target’s discard pile is now ‘Burn’ (sorry, Makhia).
Frenzied Kreebal – Redesigned.
“This can’t be [Played] on your first turn.
3 damage.
If the recipient has no Buffs in play, they [Discard] 1 card.”
Fysicus’ Key – Redesigned.
Is now an Action Buff (instead of Item) of the Artifact family.
Two clunky corners: 3/3.
“[Defend_Ability]: [Rotate] 1 of your Action Buffs 1 step forward.
[Draw] 1 card.
X damage to your target.”
Hired Saboteur – Damage is now 6 (up from 5).
Kreebal Decoy – The card moved back no longer needs to be an Attack card. Corners are X/1/1/1 (instead of 1/1/1).
Kreebal Jester – The recipient now always discards 1 card, regardless of hand size. The total amount of cards discarded can’t exceed 3.
Kreebal Raid Party – Redesigned.
4 damage.
Move 1 Action Attack card from your discard pile to your deck.”
Kreebal Potion Master – Now also deals 3 damage to your target when it expires.
Kreebal Saboteur – Now also moves 2 Action Attack cards from your discard pile to your deck if it expires. Is now ‘Burn’.
Scavenging Gnarler – Now rotates when the target heals for 2 or more (down from 3). Last corner is now smooth.
Umbron Brute – Corners are now 6/6 (instead of 7/7).
Umbron Informant – Now caps out at 3 cards (down from 4), but always a minimum of 1, regardless of hand size.
Umbron Thief – Now deals 3 damage (down from 4).
Weapon Master – Corners are now 4/4 (instead of 3/3). Also has an Attack Ability, which moves an item back to the deck (same as the Defend Ability), but deals X damage to the recipient instead of healing to yourself.



Apocalypse – Healing reduction is now 2 (down from 3).
Avalanche – Now does 7 damage (down from 8).
Chilling Curse – Corners are now 1/2/1/2 (instead of 2/2/2/3).
Corrupt Wildlife – Now grants 2 additional actions (down from 3), and they are now stat restricted. Now also deals 2 damage to your target.
Electrify – Corners are now 5/5 (instead of 6/6).
Life Imbue – Is now ‘Burn’.
Living Whirlpool – Redesigned.
4 healing.
[Remove] 2 Buffs from your target.”
Meteor Shower – Corners are now X/6/4/6 (instead of X/7/5/4).
Midnight Bloom – Is now ‘Burn’.
Moss Armor – Can no longer trigger other effects.
Night Hunt – Now does 8 damage (down from 9).
Restoring the Echoes – Corners are now 2/1/1 (instead of 2/2/1).
Short Circuit – Buffs are now moved in at the end of the turn.
Spirit Barrage – Corners are now 2/1/1 (instead of 2/2/2).
Spirit Tap – Now also increases the damage of your Combos against other heroes by 2.
Terraform – If the recipient has more Buffs in play than you, you may Remove 2 of them (as opposed to the delta).


Asivak – She now has Shadow instead of Gravity. Effect has been redesigned.
“When you [Play] a Combo, move 2 cards stored under this card to your hand.
[Ability]: Store 2 Action cards from your discard pile under your hero.”
Death Hunter Adriach – Can now store up to 4 cards.
General Carnage – 29 health (down from 31). Now gets to start with an Item card in hand (as an additional card). Still has the same Ability as before.
Grand Architect Halvar – Now requires 5 stored Gravity cards for his effect to activate (down from 6).
Magrok the Imbuer – Now heals for 3 (up from 2), but can only trigger once per turn.
Sunhunter Tuktu – No longer reveals the cards when using her Ability, but draws face-up.
The Ancient – The Ability now requires 5 stored Water cards (up from 4) and moves a Buff to the deck (instead of Removing it).
Time-Jumper Rylox – 31 health (up from 30). Can now only return Action Buffs on yourself (as opposed to on any hero).
Trustone – Now has Superior Mechanical and Basic Fire (instead of Basic Mechanical and Superior Fire).
Zelana Bloodroot – Now has Superior Death and Basic Soul (instead of Basic Death and Superior Soul).

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Patch Notes – Shadow League

Our biggest Lightseekers update EVER has arrived! The Shadow League have emerged from the darkness and have changed the foundations of Tantos forever,

In addition to 186 new cards, over 500 old cards have been rebalanced, we have new game mechanics, new ways to determine which cards you’re allowed to use in Ranked, and a lot more!

You can read the full list of changed cards here.

New Card Expansion – Shadow League

A faction led by a splinter group of noxin and the evil umbron has been uncovered by a small group of heroes. This faction is known as the Shadow League. In secrecy, they use the umbron as a destructive tool to search the world of Tantos for the remnants of the ancient colossi and their relics. What exactly it is they want with these artifacts of a distant past is unknown, but they are leaving a trail of destruction in their wake as settlements throughout Tantos are being ravaged for spoils and clues.

The Shadow League marks the fourth major expansion to Lightseekers. 24 of its cards have already been seen in the Battle Packs we released over the summer, but there are now an additional 186 to collect! These 186 cards are split up accordingly:

– 68 Common cards
– 64 Uncommon cards
– 48 Rare Cards
– 6 Mythic cards

Along with this expansion comes a few new features and mechanics…

New Family: Artifacts

This new family of cards represent relics of the past, typically associated with the ancient colossi. Each Order has been given a number of Artifact cards, and there are several Unaligned cards that interact with them in different ways. Additionally, a few older cards have been retroactively assigned the Artifact family:

– Frozen Totem
– Everok Relic
– Colossi Idols
– Colossi Artifact

Square Corners

A number of Buffs will be seen with a new corner shape: squares! These corners never rotate on their own; once a Buff gets to a square corner, they simply stop rotating. Note, however, that they can still be rotated by card effects.

Quest Corners

You will now see new icons occasionally appearing on cards with clunky corners. A clunky corner with an icon in it represents a Quest corner. If you play the type of card displayed in a corner, it causes that Buff to rotate one step forward. The text of a Buff is not in effect while on a Quest corner.

Advanced Game Modes and Sets

We have completely reworked which cards are allowed in which game modes, and created a brand new Set Rotation schedule to create more deck variety for competitive play!

With this update, all cards from the previous Waves have been completely redistributed into nine different Sets: one Core set and eight numbered Sets. For Casual, Draft, and PvE, this has no impact at all. However, in our Advanced Game Modes (‘Ranked’ and ‘Casual (Advanced)’) you will only be able to use cards from the current Advanced Sets.

At any given time, Advanced will consist of the Core Set and five of the eight numbered Sets. Every two months, three of the numbered Sets will rotate out and be replaced by the three that weren’t allowed in the previous rotation. Every time these changes happen, to make sure that you have an Advanced deck to play with, you will be able to claim one from a selection of decks for FREE!

Kicking off, the Advanced Sets will consist of Core, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. When the Sets next rotate, Advanced will consist of Core, 1, 2, 3, 7, and 8.

In-game, you will be able to see which Sets are currently allowed in Advanced play, and any cards belonging to those Sets will have an ‘A’ symbol next to their Set icon.

New Booster Packs

With cards no longer being strictly tied to Waves, we have changed what booster packs are available in the store. One is a regular ‘Booster Pack’ which can contain any card from the entire game (excluding cards obtained in Battle Packs). Another is the ‘Advanced Pack’ which only contains cards that are currently allowed in Advanced game modes (excluding Battle Pack cards).

There are also four new limited Booster Packs available in the ‘More Booster Packs’ section of the store. Each one contains cards from only two Sets of cards (1 & 2, 3 & 4, 5 & 6, and 7 & 8). They can be bought with Gems only, to a limit of 3 per week (they restock every week).

Finally, for a limited amount of time, you will be able to purchase a bundle of 25 Shadow League-only Booster Packs, for the price of 20, along with an exclusive Shadow League card back!

The Great Rebalancing

With this update, we have changed almost 500 existing cards! Some have been made better, some have been taken down a notch, and some have just completely changed. For more insight into why these changes have occurred, you can read our Developer Insight articles about them.

You can read the full list of changed cards here.

Other Updates

A new expansion, rebalancing over 500 cards, and Set rotations are massive changes to the game, but that’s not it. Even more things have been updated!
-EXCLUSIVE Draft Rewards – We have added 8 brand new playmats that can be obtained from playing Draft. They cannot be crafted so can only be gained from the Draft chests. The further you get, the greater the chance to get one.
-More Cosmetics – We have added more playmats, card backs, and avatars to collect, themed around the Shadow League expansion (and some extra avatars for older expansions that didn’t get as much love).
-Information Screen – Under the ‘Library’ section, you should now find an ‘Information’ section. This is primarily aimed at newer players, and should provide you with an overview of Lightseekers terminology and how different keywords work.
-Starter Decks – As touched on above, every time Set rotations happen, you will be able to collect an Advanced deck for free. These can be found under the ‘Starter Decks’ tab if you navigate to Library -> Decks. If you already own any (or all!) of the cards in a chosen deck, you will instead be given the Shards they would’ve recycled for. The remaining decks will be available to purchase using Gems.
-Adventure Mode Boss Inspect – You can now inspect a boss in Adventure mode before fighting them. This will show you any Lightstones they have equipped, what Buffs or Items they start with, and any special decks their deck contains. This should let you go into a fight a bit more prepared!
-Suggested Cards in Adventure Mode – Some of the bosses in Adventure mode will now show a list of ‘suggested cards’ if they defeat you, to give you some tips on how to more easily defeat them.
-Viewing Draft Deck – You can now view your Draft deck while in a queue for Draft.
-Expanded Deck Information – If you press the ‘i’ button when viewing a deck, it will now give a more detailed overview of the contents of the deck.
-Search Options in Collection – If you search for the text ‘new’ in your card collection, it will now show any cards that are new. Likewise, if you search for ‘monochrome’, it will only show your monochrome cards, or if your search ‘july4’, it will show any alternative art cards from the July 4th event.
-Deck Select Has Improved Its Memory – The deck select screen should now better remember which deck you last interacted with, to make it a bit quicker so select decks going into a game.
-Auto-Moving Cards – If a card effect prompts you to move cards out of your hand, this will no longer happen automatically if your hands contains the exact amount required (unless it’s your entire hand…), to avoid that players gain extra insight into what you’re holding.
-In addition to a lot of Adventure Mode bosses changing due to cards having changed, a few of the boss specific cards have also changed:
-Citadel Defence (used by Umbron Spy) now has a 0 on its first corner (down from 1).
-Protecting Droplet (used most notably by Little Blammo) now has a 2 on its first corner (down from 3).
-Most Importantly… – The “Bring It!” emote has been replaced with “Oops!”

Bug Fixes

-Spirit of Balance should now behave properly when copying a Flameborn Tusker or Prowling Shimmerpaw.
-Navigating the Family Select screen with a joypad should no longer leave some Families unselectable depending on which combinations happen to be highlighted.
-“Only usable on your first turn” should now properly stop you using the effect on your first turn, even if you’re second player.
-Effects that move cards from the bottom of the discard pile should no longer be able to do so if you are under the effect of Font of Misfortune.
-The card inspect screen should no longer go crazy with overlays if you own physical copies of a card.
-Your own entry in the Weekly Challenge leaderboard should now be properly highlighted.
-Taleweaver Cassini should now move cards face up.
-Cards should no longer trigger their ‘as this enters play’ effects if you don’t have access to their Element(s).
-Recarving (and similar effects) should once again lose one of their “slots” if there is a Burn card at the bottom of the discard pile, as opposed to just skipping over it.

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Dev Insight: Shadow League Playstyles

We’ve already talked about the new mechanics you’ll be seeing in Shadow League, so now we’d like to talk a bit about some of the new cards and how they’ve been integrated into the different Orders.

There are some things we always do when working on a new Wave of cards. We look at what current playstyles are out there for the different Orders, and see how new cards can spice that up a bit, or perhaps play against it. We also look at the Families within each Order and how we can give them new support and more options in regards to cards belonging to those Families. Finally, we also look at a few new deck ideas we can generate or perhaps flesh out the support for archetypes we want to see but haven’t quite made it through yet.

With Shadow League, we have amped up our focus on the last point: new ways for each Order to play. In a few cases, these are brand new archetypes brought to the Order, in other cases, it’s about bringing out something that never quite worked as well as we wanted it to.

So, let’s dive into it!


We’re kicking off with the one that has been the most challenging to design and balance around: aggressive mill (discarding of your opponent’s cards, for those not familiar with the term). By “aggressive mill”, we mean a mill deck which has a realistic win condition of bringing the opponent’s health to 0, not just getting rid of their cards.

One of the big challenges here has been to create a style of play that has reasonable odds coming into a suite of different match-ups; ways to disrupt and ultimately defeat a control deck, deck out a stall deck, or compete with the explosive damage of an aggro deck. We think it’s landed in a pretty good spot, and are very excited to see how it pans out.

Here are a few cards to showcase what we’re talking about:




The thematic style of Dread has always been about nightmares haunting your opponent from beyond the grave, and those who can manipulate said nightmares. They’ve always had a small strength around getting cards out of the discard pile, or for cards in the discard pile to still affect the opponent. A goal with Shadow League is to provide more control of this mechanic, and more ways to benefit from it.


One of the original design philosophies around Mountain was that they both pack a punch and can take a punch, but are bad at and against smaller hits of damage. This has previously been embodied by a few cards such as the design behind Mountain Fort, Prism Cannon, Flamefist Umbron, and Stubborn Everok, but it’s always felt a bit like an incidental collection of cards than an actual playstyle. So that’s something we want to enhance with the release of Shadow League. Or, more specifically, hard hitting 4-corner Buffs and benefitting from them.



Nature has always had a number of cards themed around leeching off the status of the opponent, whether it be the number of cards in their hand, Buffs in play, or their last discarded card. With Shadow League, we are narrowing in further on the growth of the opponent’s hand and the depletion of the decks. When playing into this kind of Nature deck, we want to emphasize one of the biggest decisions players already make it the game: “do you wish to play a card, or draw a card?”

We already have a number of cards from previous Waves that fit into this. Some are quite obvious, namely Ashwood Deva and Lushlost Behemoth. Others, however, have rarely seen much use (especially not their intended use), such as Duskbloom Burrower.

One of the first questions we went into with Nature was, “can we make more of a mechanic out of a player’s deck emptying?” The short answer is that it’s tricky without creating some pretty tedious gameplay. Instead, we wanted to make the journey towards an empty deck more interesting (and typically have the opponent fall along the way), with a few “just in case” cards as big finishers.


Pretty much the opposite of what we just saw in Nature, for Storm we’ve tackled a clash we’ve never really made much of in Lightseekers before: taking advantage of your opponent’s hand size being small. While Storm has had a few hand control cards in the past, such as Wind Seer and Hurricane Spirit, we wanted to turn this mechanic into something aggressive and damaging, as opposed to just a way to inconvenience the opponent.



Self-sacrifice in exchange for greater rewards has always been a bit of a thing for Tech, typically in form of self-damage, but sometimes also through removing your own Buffs or discarding your own cards. In the past, we’ve had a lot of self-sacrifice taking place, but never really done much with turning it into a positive, outside the card here or there. This is something we wanted to change going into Shadow League.

Since a lot of the buildings blocks for these effects were already in place, we’ve had a bit more space to explore in Tech than some of the other Orders, and therefore been able to provide some support to enhance both the ‘self damage’ and the ‘self removal’ aspects of what could be done within Tech.


We hope you enjoyed learning more about the upcoming changes, as always you can chat about this with us on Discord here!

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Dev Insights: New Shadow League Mechanics

The release of Lightseekers’ new expansion, Shadow League, is almost here!  Before we get there, we’d like to show you some of the new things you will be seeing! Along with the 186 cards you haven’t yet seen (210 if we include the 24 Battle Pack cards), we have a total of three new mechanics to talk about. One is a brand new Family, and the other two are new ways to interact with one of the biggest features of Lightseekers: Buff corners.

This post shows numbers of sets in regards to the latest rotation news. We will be showing a full breakdown of cards soon. For an overview of Rotation click here

Artifacts and Quests

As the story of Lightseekers has unveiled the Shadow League and their hunt for the long lost colossi, it felt natural to start poking our fingers into the past of Tantos. The new Family, Artifacts, is themed around long lost relics of the world, typically associated with the ancient and mysterious colossi.

Similar to what we did with the Kreebal family for Uprising, we wanted to give all six Orders ways to interact with these new cards. Each Order has been given a number of Artifact cards (along with a few older cards that have been retroactively fitted into being Artifacts), and we’ve provided a pool of Unaligned cards that interact with them or benefit from them in different ways.

Thematically, we wanted Artifacts to feel like you’re actively “searching” for them; as if your Hero is going on an adventure to unearth these relics. For this reason, you will see a lot of the Artifact cards (but not exclusive Artifacts) sporting new icons in the corners: Quest objectives. These icons can be of Elements, Families, Attack cards, or Defend cards. A Buff whose active corner is such an objective does not apply its effects, but it rotates one step forward if you play a card of the associated type.

For example, if a Buff has a Kreebal symbol in the corner, it will rotate 1 step forward when you play a Kreebal card.

So let’s have a look at a few of these.



Square Corners

In the images above, you may have noticed the third new feature: square corners. This one is really simple. Square corners on a Buff don’t rotate by themselves. The only way to get it off that corner is through rotate effects on other cards. This, too, has been designed around the theme of Artifacts: once you uncover one, you can often keep it. However, we didn’t want to get too convoluted with converting them into items, or anything like that, so decided to go with this new type of corner.

Let’s take an example:

After entering play, the Radioactive Cipid will stay on its first corner until another card rotates it off it. There are a few old cards that can achieve this, but there are some new options as well:

Artifact support through Unaligned cards 

Anyway, let’s get back to the subject of Artifacts! As mentioned earlier, Artifact cards will see some shared support from the pool of Unaligned cards.

One of the early design challenges with Artifacts were the Quest objectives. When having a card that relies on you playing other types of cards, sometimes multiple different types, the consistency of that deck can become a bit of an issue. As such, let’s have a look at the first (and to many, a probably most important one) Unaligned card:

Getting one of these Quest centric Artifacts into play is only the first step. We also wanted to provide a few ways to gain further benefit off them, or simply make them easier to advance.

Finally, let’s have a look at someone else who really likes Artifacts:

We hope you enjoyed some insight into what is coming with Shadow League and as always you can chat about this with us on Discord here!

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Dev Insights: Family Support

Welcome to the third Dev Insight article where we take a deep dive into some of the upcoming card changes. This time, we are going to look at Family support.

When we released the game’s third wave, Kindred, we also introduced cards that interact with ‘Families’. The game currently contains ten Families:


(An 11th Family may be coming soon…)

There are a few things we want to look at in regards to Families. First of all, since we didn’t introduce Family support until wave 3, we have two full waves (including the massive one that was Awakening) completely without this support. Second, we will be splitting Waves 1 to 5 into 9 smaller Sets.

In case you’ve forgotten about this (or not read the first article), let’s do a quick recap: The entirety of the existing card pool plus all-new cards coming in with Wave 5 will be divided into smaller Sets. There will be one ‘Core Set’ and eight numbered Sets. This is primarily important for those who are playing Ranked. At any given time in Ranked, you will be able to use cards from the Core Set and five of the eight numbered Sets.

Each Set is relatively small, compared to our existing Waves. They range from about 130 to 140 cards each, with Core only containing about 70 cards.

As the Sets change, we want to make sure that Family synergies don’t fall apart.

Going forward, each Order have been given one primary Family that it interacts with, along with at least one secondary Family. The primary Family should have enough support cards to ideally be valid regardless of which Sets are currently in Ranked. The secondary Family will have slightly less support. In some cases, the secondary family will have specific Sets that are more dedicated to them, but some of the support cards will still be spread out a bit, in order to provide variety based on which Sets are currently available in Ranked. Some Family support will still exist outside of the “primary and secondary” Families. For example, Kreebal will continue to be supported in all Orders.

Let’s take a look at each Order individually. But, before we get started, it should be made clear that what is shown below are not all the changes being made. More related cards will have changed than what is shown here, which will be shown in a future post! 

Astral: Chimchu  

Astral’s primary Family will be Chimchu, with the secondary Family being Beasts.

While Chimchu exist outside of Astral, they do so in very small quantities, so this has always been a fairly difficult Family to build decks around (at least anything but Chimchu Commander decks). We wanted to provide some better generic support for this Family, so have redesigned a few cards to add more support:

Beasts are one of the games most widespread Families, so we have not dedicated a specific Set to this.

Dread: Undead  

Dread’s primary Family will be Undead, with the secondary Family being Umbron. Similar to Chimchu, the number of Undead outside of Dread has always been relatively low. Wave 5 will bring in a lot of new cards for Undead, but we have also tweaked a few older cards:

These two cards touch on a couple of other topics that are worth mentioning here. Corrupted Spirit may just look like a nerf (and it is), but you will find that this is consistent to what we’ve done with many other cards that strayed just above their target value (for example, Chrono Moth has also changed). Wall of Bones is part of a rework we’ve done to a number of damage reduction cards, which we will talk about separately.

When it comes to Umbron, this is another Family that has relatively low support outside of Dread. Because of this, we have chosen to put a lot of Umbron emphasis on a specific Set; namely Set 8. We have also taken the opportunity to give Umbron Sergeant a little bump:

Mountain: Elementals

Mountain’s primary Family will be Elementals, with the secondary Family being Locations.

Elementals are already a pretty widespread Family in Lightseekers, but Mountain itself has been relatively lackluster on its own support, outside of the ever-popular Lava Tamer. So you’ll find that quite a few cards have changed to better support Elementals within Mountain, along with a few tweaks to existing support cards:

Locations is also a Family that appears in a lot of Orders, and has a lot of cards within it. However, it’s always been a fairly difficult Family to build win conditions around. While that isn’t necessarily changing drastically, we have tried to group some of the support cards within a few different Sets,  along with tweaking a few cards that interact with Locations.

Nature: Insectoids

Nature’s primary Family will be Insectoid, with the secondary Family being Beasts.

Insectoid is yet another Family that is relatively uncommon outside of its primary Order. The choice of Insectoid cards will certainly broaden with the release of Wave 5, but we’ve also made sure to add some more variety in support through a few complete card redesigns, along improving what existing support we had:

Beasts, as already mentioned, are pretty well supported across the entire game, so we haven’t felt the need to overly focus Nature’s Beast cards into any particular Set. However, they have always been lacking support from Heroes within Nature. To take steps towards rectifying this, as you may already have seen, we have redesigned one of our older Heroes:

Storm: Elementals

Storm’s primary Family will be Elementals, with the secondary Family being Beasts. Elementals are already fairly well-represented across the game, so the changes we’ve made within Storm itself are relatively minor, just to add a few more choices for Elemental synergies:

Beasts, as covered twice already, are also well supported, so we haven’t felt the need to change any old cards for this reason or push them into any particular Set.

Tech: Robots

Tech’s primarily Family will be Robots, with the secondary Family being Machines.

Tech has always felt a bit split in its attention towards Robots and Machines, so in order to make Robots feel properly supported, we’ve had to adjust and even redesign quite a few cards here:

Machines, while pretty central to Tech, are somewhat similar to Locations in that they have never really been a Family you build broad win conditions around. So they also do not have a particular Set they are being focused on, but have received a few more support cards (as you can also see in The Heap above).


With the release of Uprising, Kreebal became our first family that received support within each of the six Orders. However, as this is only a theme within a single Wave, the choice of Kreebal hasn’t been as great as it can be. To help make Kreebal decks into a more viable thing, Wave 5 will be bringing in some more Kreebal cards (as already seen in some of our Battle Packs), and we have also adjusted some of the older Kreebal support cards that didn’t feel like they quite achieved what we wanted them to. Also, due to the restricted selection, Order specific Kreebal and their support cards will primarily be found in Set 6.

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Dev Insights: Heroes

Welcome to the second Dev Insight article where we take a closer look on upcoming card changes. This time, we’ll talk about Hero cards.

One of the objectives along with the upcoming card changes is to encourage more variety of use in Heroes. This means improving some Heroes while nerfing others and completely redesigning some.

Heroes have typically slotted into two separate camps: general use Heroes and ‘build around’ Heroes. The former are Heroes that can fit into almost any deck, and don’t care too much about what kind of cards that deck plays. The latter are Heroes that require the deck to contain specific types of cards in order to fully benefit from their powers. When general use Heroes fit better into a deck that has been built around the powers of another Hero, we’ve obviously done something wrong.

The following post shows example adjustments for a number of cards, to see the original versions of these cards, you can view them on the card database here.

Heroes that Can Draw Cards 

It’s no secret that we’ve always had an issue with Heroes that can draw cards. Among our very first design principles, we said that the base power of a Hero Ability should never be as good as playing card, unless the current circumstances warrants it. The moment we added Heroes that can draw a card, we broke our own rule (1 action = 1 card). However, this doesn’t mean that we want to remove any Heroes that can draw cards, but we want the use of their Abilities to feel like a genuine choice with potential drawbacks.

Heroes that straight up have an Ability to draw a card, will now do so face-up, and no longer gain an extra point of health. We’ve also docked one point of health from Heroes who can draw a card face-up with a potential side effect (not including Farapang). Finally, we’ve adjusted most Heroes that can make a sacrifice of some kind to draw more cards.

Here are a few examples:


Under-Used Heroes 

The Heroes listed above are ones we have effectively nerfed in one way or another. What about bringing up the less seen Heroes?

As mentioned in the first Dev Insight about the upcoming changes, we are removing the “this can’t be increased by effects” clause from a bunch of Heroes (but not all), but also improving ones that have always just sat below par.

All Heroes that have a basic “[Ability]: Deal 1 damage” as an effect can now be increased by effects, and their starting health has been increased by 1. While this won’t affect all decks, it does open up some opportunities to more easily utilise cards like Stellar Fusion or Body Morph.

Here are some other Heroes who have seen some improvements:

Redesigned Heroes

In some cases, there are some Heroes that have just been problematic. Not necessarily that they have been overpowered, but perhaps that if they ever get a good enough card pool to make them viable, they would become problematic. In other cases, it’s just some cards we wanted better support for, and we also happened to have a problematic or underpowered Hero at hand to combine this with.

Here are some examples of Heroes who have been redesigned:


Mythic Heroes

Mythic Heroes have always been some of the most complicated to balance for. As you probably already know, Mythic Heroes always have access to Elements from two different Orders.

This means that their Combo choice and card synergies are, by default, completely different from any other Hero. In most cases, this realignment of Elements is a drawback (but not always), so these effects tend to be more powerful than your average Heroes. We’re taking this opportunity to adjust some of these Heroes with the extra learnings we’ve had over the years. Below are some examples of these changes:



We hope you enjoyed this Developer Insights into the upcoming Hero changes, you can continue the discussion with us on Discord here!

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Dev Insights: Removal Changes

Following on from the earlier Dev Insight about upcoming balancing changes, this is the first in a series of articles that will go a bit further in depth about what those changes are, along with some reasons behind the changes. We’re starting off with the Buff removal cards; Pathfinder, Shadow Puppet, Crystal Leech, Reckless Spirit, Thunder Slug, and Hammerdown Enforcer (along with a few Combos).

Buff removal cards have been some of the most iconic and game changing cards in Lightseekers. They have purposefully always been slightly overtuned, and the original design behind them were a set of three cards players were expected to run in almost all decks, and add some risk-vs-reward mechanics to play around.

However, due to how powerful they are, there have always been problems and frustrations surrounding them. With the use of items, some decks ran more than three of these cards. In order to avoid being shut down by these heavy removal decks, other decks then tried to avoid running Buffs all together, in order to make the opponent’s removal cards near useless.

While these kind of strategies can be interesting during the deck building, they often aren’t very interesting when actually in-game.

One of the objectives with the upcoming balancing changes is to increase incentives for more Buff play. However, if players are expected to play more with Buffs, then decks that run more removal (or ways to get removal back from the discard pile) are bound to also become more powerful. So, we have therefore decided to make some quite drastic changes to how these cards work.

Restricted Cards

We will be adding a new ‘Restricted’ flag to the game. To start off with, this flag will be present on all six of the core Buff removal cards:

 – Pathfinder
 – Shadow Puppet
 – Crystal Leech
 – Reckless Spirit
 – Thunder Slug
 – Hammerdown Enforcer

A deck can only contain three Restricted cards (of any combination). For example, you will no longer be able to have a deck contain 3 Crystal Leeches and 1 or more of the other Restricted cards. However, you could have 2 Crystal Leeches and 1 Thunder Slug, as this doesn’t exceed 3 in total.

Evening Out the Removal Amount and Adding Burn

All six core cards will now be able to remove 2 Buffs, and all six of them will be tagged as ‘Burn’. However, removing 2 Buffs is still very powerful, so we’ve decided to tone this down by adding some form of negative side effect to all six cards. As a side note, we also don’t want to penalise Cross Order Heroes that have Gravity as one of their Elements without also having Lunar, so we’re also redesigning Pathfinder accordingly.

At the time of writing, the removal cards are as follows:


Combos That Can Remove Buffs

We are also changing some of the Combos that can remove Buffs (and, as an early spoiler, Nature will also be getting a Combo that can remove 1 Buff).

 – Black Hole – Is now ‘Burn’ and removes 3 Buffs (down from ‘All’).
 – Devour Soul – Is now ‘Burn’ and heals for 6 (down from 8).
 – Rock Melter – Is now ‘Burn’.
 – Cold Snap – Is now ‘Burn’.
 – Crushing Rapids – Is now ‘Burn’ and removes 3 Buffs (down from ‘All’).
 – Living Whirlpool – Is now ‘Burn’. Now always heals for 4 and removes 2 Buffs (instead of “remove all” and heal for that amount).

These cards are still undergoing testing and may change further. We are considering further reducing the removal amounts of Black Hole, Cold Snap, and Crushing Rapids by 1 each (and make up for it with their other effects).

Hope that gives you some insight into what we want to achieve with future buff play, and as always you can chat about this with us on Discord here!

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Patch Notes – September 5th

Today we have a bumper update for Lightseekers; simply put, we’ve put together a bunch of new ways to get you more stuff, as well as new stuff for you to get! Read on to learn more!

Firstly, we’re bringing alternative art hero variants to your deck. These cards can be earned through Ranked Play or through our new Weekly Challenges.

Weekly Challenges

What are Weekly Challenges? Well, every starting every Wednesday, 3 objectives will be given to every player. These Weekly Challenges will be the same for all players, and will take the form of a variety of gameplay related objectives; from playing certain cards to winning games to levelling up. Completing these tasks will earn you points towards your total Weekly Challenge score, and if you manage to score high enough, you’ll get exclusive rewards!

There are five milestones of rewards for you to earn. Everyone will have a chance to earn the first two milestones, while the best players of the week will get their hands on the top three!

Milestone 1: You earn a monochrome alternate art Hero card (with equal chance to get any rarity, from Common to Mythic!)
Milestone 2: You earn a booster pack!
Milestone 3: The top 100 players of the week will earn 50 gems, so be sure to battle up the leaderboards!
Milestone 4: The top 5 players of the week will earn a Weekly Contender playmat to show off for that week, but will have to give it back for whoever manages to get into the top 5 for the following week!
Milestone 5: The top player will get an exclusive Weekly Champion playmat to use and show their dominance for the following week! Will you be the one to be the first Weekly Champion?

There are also a number of new achievements associated with the Weekly Challenges and collecting monochrome Hero cards, so be sure to check them out!

Login Calendar

We have also added a brand new login calendar to the game. With 28 rewards to collect each month; all you need to do to earn the next reward in the calendar is to log in. If you miss a day, the same reward will be waiting for you the day after. The calendar only advances to the next reward after you have claimed the previous one.

There is a special 7-day calendar for brand new players. However, if you are an existing player, you get these 7 days worth of rewards for free! So the next time you log in, you should find them waiting for you in your inbox!

You can find the login calendar by tapping on the ‘Loot’ button on the top bar. Here you can view all of the month’s upcoming rewards.

Ranked Rewards

You can now earn up to 5 monochrome Hero cards alongside your normal rewards. How many you get from a season depends on the highest League you managed to reach.

Silver – 1 monochrome card.
Gold – 2 monochrome cards.
Platinum – 3 monochrome cards.
Diamond – 4 monochrome cards.
Master – 5 monochrome cards.

We have also added a number of achievements related to Ranked play, so for all of you achievement hunters out there – you’re in luck!

Other Improvements

In addition to the big updates listed above, we have a number of smaller features and quality-of-life changes for you to enjoy as well:

 – You will no longer have your cursor kicked out of the Buff lane while playing the game in controller mode. Even if someone plays a card or Buffs trigger for other reasons, your cursor will remain where you had it (and you can keep browsing Buffs at your leisure).
 – Power Cards can now be used in most Campaigns and against Hero Challengers.
 – If you try to enter an Adventure Mode game without having enough energy, but don’t want to spend Gems to gain more, you can now simply skip using the Lightstones without having to manually unequip them.
 – Adventure Mode bosses that start on health values other than those on their card now display these correctly on the stage information screen.
 – Rewards in the reward list will now list their names along with the icons. Differentiating the different booster packs and loot chests should be more straight forward now.
 – We’ve split some achievements into new categories to make them easier to browse.
 – The cursor in controller mode should now be easier to track.

Bug Fixes

We’ve also fixed a few client side bugs:

 – Umbron Patron should now work properly when discarded.
 – The Switch UI should now probably tell you how many unread messages you have in your inbox.
 – The controller should now properly function on the ‘rematch’ interface after a game.
 – A few cards that had their black boxes escaping their text should now have been fixed.
 – Captain Rotbeard should now properly trigger if you play two Undead or Kreebal before a card of the other family.
 – Claws Clackerson should now properly trigger if you Attack or Defend twice before performing the other action.
 – Sarina and Kalamari should no longer increase incoming Item damage.

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A Update on Lightseekers


Following on from the release of our latest wave Uprising, we have been busy working behind the scenes in order to make the improvements we want to make to Lightseekers. This has included new in-game features like weekly digital events, player inboxes and Battlepacks. All of these changes are making Lightseekers the game we know it can be, and a game that’s worthy of our growing fanbase.

To that end, we want to talk to you about changes that we are making to Lightseekers.

In Autumn, we are planning to release Wave 5 digitally. This release will mark a big change in Lightseekers, as not only will a new set be released, but we will also be implementing set rotation into Standard Play of Lightseekers. To accommodate this we are rebalancing some cards…well, a LOT of cards. Over 400 card changes, and counting! We have more details of these changes in a Developers Insight post which you can find here, which will go into detail as to what we want to change and why. This is a tremendous undertaking for the team, and something that we are working on. These changes have to be rigorously tested, and we are as a result going to take our time doing so!

These changes mean that the digital and the physical versions of Lightseekers will now be separate, and exist on their own. Significant changes such as these are not made lightly, but do help us rebalance the digital game to fit in with this new style of Standard Play, as well as fix longer term issues that players have had with certain cards and metas. Existing physical cards will still scan into the digital game, but with potential differences in the way those cards play.

So let’s talk about what this means for Wave 5 physical. As we have decided to decouple the physical and digital games, we now have to look at Wave 5 physical as its own separate product. As such, we have been looking pretty intently at how Uprising sold physically, at how our new online physical store has been performing as well as having discussions with the stores that stock Lightseekers. These all lead to the same conclusion; there is unfortunately much more of an appetite for the digital experience than there is for the physical product. As a result of this, we have made the incredibly difficult decision to not release Wave 5 Physically. While this will also extend to future Organized Play offerings, we will work with stores and avid players who wish to still run events to provide prize support to those who reach out to us.

As mentioned before, this is not a decision that we have made lightly at all.

We are driven by the love that we see and have ourselves for Lightseekers; and we want to foster that and build upon it. We really believe that with these changes we can nurture and grow Lightseekers into a wonderful digital experience, and we really hope that you’ll join us to help make that happen – your support has brought us this far, and we want to reward that support with the best Lightseekers we can possibly make!


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