Introducing The Rift Pack


Umbron Menace

Now, with the return of the deadly Umbron menace, long forgotten relics have once again emerged from its depths, items powerful enough to allow those who wield them to overcome this rising threat and lay claim to the Lightstones.

However, these relics are not just simple tools of war. For those Lightseekers whose talent runs the deepest, these artifacts hold another secret, the ability to call upon the elements themselves.


Rift Pack

Take hold of these powerful relics and wield them against the oncoming challenges! Lightseekers will find a wealth of new cards in the Rift Pack, including:

  • 3x Kindred Booster Packs
    1x Rare, 3x Uncommon, 6x Common, 1x Hero or Combo, 1x Foil Card
  • 2x Foil Exclusive Item Cards
    From a selection of 18 cards, 8 of which have never been seen before!
  • And a bonus card!
    1x Tantosian Blacksmith or 1x Weapon Master – 1 in 4 chance of being foil

More Details

The Rift Pack for Lightseekers will be available in stores from the 4th December, check out our store locator to find your local store!

Retailers can order stock to be ready for the coming release of The Rift Pack by visiting our order page.

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