Event Formats



There are three different ‘main formats’ that a Lightseekers tournament can be played in:

1. Limited – Players are provided with decks or cards to build decks from at the event.

2. Constructed – Players bring their own pre-constructed decks.

3. Advanced Constructed – Each player brings 3 pre-constructed decks.

For the Lightseekers Tournament Policy, click here.


For players who have learned the basics of the game, Limited play is an exciting format to offer within Organized Play. In this format, each participant receives sealed product to create a deck with. It also offers a chance to compete for players who are interested in gameplay but not collecting the cards. For collectors, it acts as a way to consistently build their card collection.

The two types of limited play Lightseekers will offer are Starter Deck and Draft play. Starter Deck play is a less competitive format than draft. These events are a great choice for a player who is looking to start a collection or build on an existing one.



Starter Deck Sealed: Each player receives one Starter deck and a number of boosters (decided by the event organizer). The players then have twenty minutes to examine their pool of cards and modify their starter deck before competing in rounds to determine a winner.

Limited Starter Deck requirements:

  • 36 Card Deck (no more or less)
  • 1 Hero
  • 5 Combos (all unique)
  • 30 Action Cards (up to 3 copies of any one card)



In Booster Draft, players assemble their decks out of cards picked out of booster packs. Players are divided into equally sized groups of up to 8 people and each group is seated in a circle.

Each player is given 5 booster packs. They all open one of their boosters and pick out one card from it. After everyone in the group has picked a card, they pass the remaining cards to the person on their left. They then pick one card from the deck they received and pass it over to the left again. The boosters circulate like this until all cards have been picked out. The players then open their second booster pack to repeat the process, but alternate between passing to the left and right.

After all booster packs have been distributed, players need to build a deck using the cards they have picked out. There are a few key differences in how a Booster Draft deck is built compared to the standard ruleset:

  • All heroes have access to all Elements to a basic level. This means that any player can play cards of any Element, regardless of what heroes they have selected.
  • They can use up to 2 Heroes. A player may opt to not play a Hero; in which case they will start the game on 30 health with no hero trait. If they do have a Hero or two, they gain those heroes’ superior Elements, their hero traits, and the greater of the two starting health values (but it cannot go lower than 30, even if the heroes’ health are both less).
  • When playing a combo, any card of the same Order can be used as payment. For example, a Death card can pay for a Poison Element, but a Lightning card could not. The same applies if a combo pays for another combo (any Elements of the same Order can pay for each other).
  • The deck should only consist of 30 cards in total (action cards and combo cards added together; this does not include the hero card), of which up to 5 can be combo cards, and the rest must be action cards.
  • The deck can contain any number of duplicate cards of action cards and combo cards alike (e.g. it can contain more than one copy of a combo card).

BAN LIST (Limited Booster Draft)

Effective 20th March 2018

Some cards are not allowed in Limited Booster Draft competitive play. A deck containing any of the cards listed below is not allowed and is not considered a valid deck.

  • Cessilia


Constructed play is a format where each participant creates a deck from their own card collection. Constructed deck building is a difficult yet rewarding aspect of playing TCGs.

Constructed tournaments come in two different modes that they can be played in: Basic and Advanced.

Constructed Deck requirements:

  • 36 Cards in Deck (no more or less)
  • 1 Hero
  • 5 Combos (all unique)
  • 30 Action Cards (up to 3 copies of any one card)

Basic Constructed

Each player brings along 1 deck of their choice along with a side deck. The side deck allows each player to bring along an additional 9 cards. A side deck can only consist of action and combo cards, but cannot contain Item cards. After the first game of a match has been played, players are allowed to swap out cards between their deck and side deck, without telling their opponent which cards (if any) are being swapped. This must still result in a valid deck (so the same number of combos must be swapped for combos; you cannot add more cards to a deck than you swap out, etc)

In multiplayer, cards can be swapped between the deck and sideboard after seating has been determined.

Advanced Constructed

Each player brings 3 decks but no side deck. The decks need to be of different Orders.

In each match, the players get to ban one of their opponent’s decks. They make this call purely based on the hero (they are not allowed to look through the decks). Both players choose a deck of their opponent’s to ban, at the same time.

After one of the three decks has been banned, the players decide, in secret, which deck to play first and then reveal it to their opponent before the game begins. A player must win with both remaining decks to win the match; i.e., once they’ve won with one deck, they can’t play it again that match.

To see how the pre-game works in Advanced Constructed, we’ve prepared this handy video, click here for the video!.

Ban list (Basic and Advanced Constructed)

Effective 4th December 2018

Some cards are not allowed in competitive play. A deck or sideboard containing any of the cards listed below is not allowed and is not considered a valid deck.

  • Shadow Wraith
  • Pollen Weaver
  • Moon Song
  • Sun Beacon
  • Tyrax Engineer

Errata list (Basic and Advanced Constructed)

Effective 4th December 2018

Some cards have been changed for all play, competitive or otherwise. Please check the Card Database for the updated text on the following:

  • Dolo the Mighty
  • Reality Rift
  • Spirit Gate
  • Wind Controller
  • Time Worm
  • Lone Shark Reefi
  • Skyrider
  • Flynamo
  • Paralysis Bug

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