Community Events

Join in Community Events!

We have some great members in the Lightseekers community who are actively running digital leagues and tournaments! These events are community run and are amazing ways to meet the community, and get involved in some epic battling!

As a thank you, these tournaments will have exclusive prize support.

Community driven events such as the Online Lightseekers League, Seeker Circuit, and Carnage Grand Invitational will now be able to provide you with exclusive card backs and playmats, exclusive alternate art for Uncommon and Mythic Heroes, and piles of gems.

If you’re looking to start your own tournament, please get in touch with our team at with details of your event to be considered!

Join in on the following Discord pages to get involved!

Official Lightseekers Discord
Online Lightseekers League


Here are some of the amazing prizes that can be won!


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