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Today, we are sharing with you news about Retired cards and their legality moving into 2019. We have details about Uprising, the Core Box and a brand-new format! As of January 1st, all physical events until Uprising’s release will be run under the new “Classic” format

This introduces a new group of cards, known as Classic cards. These were formerly known as Retired cards, however, this new group does not feature the following:

– Retired Heroes
– Retired Items

Classic format has the following deck construction rules:

– Decks may only include 1 Classic combo
– Classic action cards may be included but at a maximum of 1 copy of each per deck
– The above rules are in addition to Basic Constructed deck building rules

The digital errata made to Paralysis Bug will now also be applied physically as of January 1st (across all formats)

These changes will be made digitally, but not until early next Ranked season, so as to avoid compromising the current Ranked season.

Unfortunately, we had hoped that Uprising would be ready for release early 2019, however, this will not be ready for release until late Q1.
With this in mind, upon the release of Uprising we shall re-introduce Standard as a format in which events can run, which will only feature the following expansions:

– Lightseekers Wave 2: Mythical
– Lightseekers Wave 3: Kindred
– Lightseekers Wave 3: Kindred Constructed Decks
– Rift Pack: Lost Relics
– Organised Play Booster Pack: Series 1
– Organised Play Booster Pack: Series 2
– Organised Play Booster Pack: Series 3
– Lightseekers Wave 4: Uprising
– Lightseekers: Core Box 2019

(This also includes any cards featured in Lightseekers Wave 1: Awakening and Lightseekers Wave 1: Toy Exclusives that have since been reprinted with updated wave icons)

Alongside the release of Uprising and the Core Box, all banned physical cards (as of 4th December 2018) shall be made legal with their digital errata (which can be found on the Card Database shortly).

When Standard format is reintroduced, Classic, Draft and Sealed shall still remain as optional formats that may be used for any event.

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