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Visionaries are our most passionate players who share their enthusiasm and enjoyment of the Lightseekers Trading Card Game with the community. They are continuously building and growing the Lightseekers community in their area. They teach new players the game and help their local gaming stores schedule, promote, and run events.

Anyone can become a Visionary, assuming they follow the Ways of the Visionary and help us build a positive and welcoming Lightseekers community.

Visionaries can fill the role of an Envoy, a Seer, or an Oracle.

Visionaries who join our program within the first three months will receive the title of Founding Visionary



Visionary Points* (VP) are one of our ways of thanking our Visionaries for helping expand the Lightseekers Community. They can be earned in many ways, such as bringing new players into the game, helping stores with events, and generally doing cool things for our community. VPs may be turned into coveted Lightseekers Swag.

Here are some ways to collect Visionary Points (VP)*

  • Running Demo day – 1 VP.
    (2VPs if this is the first demo day ever at that store)
  • Running a Tournament – 1 VP.
    (2VPs if this is the first LS tournament ever at that store)
  • Points may also be rewarded when we see you do something extraordinarily cool. One of the best ways to have us see these things is by helping us at conventions and Premier tournaments.

Visionary Points (VP)* might be exchanged for swag. Examples include:

  • 5 VP – Stone Scribe Promo
  • 10 VP – Visionary Playmat
  • 25 VP – Visionary Hoodie

Tracking Visionary Points (VP)*

Initially, VPs will be recorded by emailing with your points earned. We will verify them and record them. Email us when you are ready to use them.

*Ways to collect Victory Points are subject to change at any time. Visionary Points are not guaranteed. This program may change at any time. Visionary points are not exchangeable, tradable, have no financial value and are not refundable. Redemption items and values are subject to change. This program may change at any time.


Visionary Status

  • A good Visionary will follow the spirit of the Ways of the Visionary
  • A good Visionary will maintain a positive relationship with their local store
    Stores can provide feedback of their local Visionaries by emailing us at
  • A good Visionary will be well presented and approachable, with good hygiene
  • A good Visionary will maintain a positive relationship with their local community
  • A good Visionary will stay current with the Lightseekers rules and interactions



We’ve created this guide to give you the advice and tips you will need to help you become the best Visionary possible

As a part of the Lightseekers Visionary program you should be prepared to put your best foot forward at all times. As a front line representative of Lightseekers, it is important to uphold your own reputation as well as the reputation of Lightseekers. To succeed in the role of Visionary you must demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • Passion for all things Lightseekers
  • Reliability
  • Friendliness and respectful behaviour
  • Teamwork
  • Problem solving
  • Inclusiveness and creating a welcoming environment



As a Visionary, your task is simple – to help build a positive and welcoming Lightseekers community.

Opportunities to help include attending local and regional events and supporting local stores in running their organized play events. You can assist by helping to organize players and by making sure everything runs smoothly. More importantly, you will be helping to create an inclusive environment where everyone can enjoy the game! Whether you are answering questions about rules or assisting in the organization of an event, you will be representing Lightseekers and it is important that you do your best to ensure everyone feels welcome and has a great time!

When volunteering as a Visionary at an event you should make sure that your behaviour is positive and appropriate. It is essential to follow these guidelines:

  • Always remain friendly, calm and professional
  • Do not use any offensive, racist, homophobic, sexist or derogatory phrases/language
  • Be fair and impartial when judging events

Visionaries will be reviewed and monitored to ensure they are following the Visionary guidelines. You are free to step down from being a Visionary at any time and we reserve the right to remove anyone’s Visionary status if it is deemed necessary. If you follow the guidelines above then you have nothing to worry about!

From all of us here at PlayFusion, we wish you the very best of luck acting as a Visionary and we want to thank you in advance for your hard work and dedication in helping to build the Lightseekers community!

Visionary Q&A

Have questions about what to do as a Visionary?

Check out our Visionary Q&A which should help you with the questions you have!

Click here to view the Q&A document

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