This week in Lightseekers – June 27th


Now we know some of you avid Lightseekers have already picked up our latest Set: Uprising from your favourite store or at an event such as UKGE! However this Friday we will be opening our Shopify store for you to order directly from us. Keep an eye out for further news on this when we launch!

Gold Event 

We have the first SEALED Gold Event this weekend in Sheffield, with Uprising legal too.
If you haven’t signed up yet and want to join in the fun, there is still time! Check out more information here:


Latest Patch Notes 

Zone 6 for ‘A Colossal Find’ is now available; join the hunt for the stolen colossus!

To go with the upcoming kreebal weekend (see below), an achievement for playing Kreebal cards has been added.

Cage of Oppression has been slightly changed – Instead of rotating when you heal for 2 or more, the healing threshold is now based on its corner values, which have been set to 2/1/1.



This weekend, from noon Friday, UTC, until noon Monday, UTC, there will be a special Kreebal Bundle available in the store. This bundle contains a guaranteed Kreebal card from each Order along with a copy of Epic Banquet! 


Bug Fixes

Gust Frog now correctly increases self-damage from Combos.

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