Wakalakakashi’s Sunhunter Tuktu “Praise the Sun” Deck

Recently, we had a lot of fun at the UK South West Regional Tournament at Excelsior! in Bristol. Some players took to the current stalwarts of Dolo and Sicario whilst others, such as Wakalakakashi took a different approach with the aid of one of the new Mythic hero’s, Sunhunter Tuktu. Here is the deck he used, unfortunately just missing out on the top cut:

Wakalakakashi – ‘Praise the Sun’

Sunhunter Tuktu

Meteor Shower
Solar Wind
Phase Shift
Sun Strike
Reality Rift

3 Ancient Miner
2 Enchanted Soil
3 Mountain Fort
3 Mageship
2 Boulder Feast
3 Pathfinder
3 Sun Beacon
3 Celestian Warrior
3 Yikona Archaeologist
3 Spectral Guide
2 Gravity Meddler

2 Colossi Artifact
2 Weapon Master
1 Kreebal Jester
1 Unruly Mob
1 Kreebal Monk
1 Kreebal Decoy
1 Umbron Brute
1 Loot Snatcher

Gravity Meddler is one of the key components of the deck and allows you to rotate an action buff on any player one step backwards whenever you play a defend card. The use of this alongside Yikona Archaeologist is what makes the deck tick.

The idea of the deck is to use cards such as Boulder Feast and Sun Beacon whilst you control a Gravity Meddler to get additional utility from your buffs by rotating them backwards. This works really well with other cards in the deck such as Mageship, being able to do 7 damage on the 3rd corner, and then rotating it backwards one step to be able to do the same next turn.

The combos are used in addition to this to provide either extra damage through the use of Solar Wind and Sun Strike. With Phase Shift and Meteor Shower forming deadly combos with Enchanted Soil and Yikona Archaeologist respectively. To round out the combo lineup, Reality Rift is a new combo that allows you to replay your last three discarded buffs (including Combo Buffs) and also provides an additional action. This is great for setting up high damage turns by re-using combos.

Lastly, Sunhunter Tuktu is used primarily for the elements, but this isn’t to say her ability is lacking. Being able to use her to call on whatever you need for a certain situation, such as attack or defend for cards such as Pathfinder or Sun Beacon is always useful as well as calling ‘buff’ to allow you to get to key engine cards or to grab additional draw power. Overall a really solid ability that has use in almost every situation and perfect elements for this deck’s requirements.

After an interview with Matt (Wakalakakashi), the pilot of the deck, these are a few things he had to say:

“The day went pretty well, losing to a Granite and a Sicario. It’s great against both aggro (Dolo) and other control decks due to the great versatility it gives as you can always choose to restart or rewind either damage or protection based on the position you’re in with archaeologist and Gravity Meddler, which is my favourite thing about the deck. It’s a great feeling to restart a big combo buff like Meteor Shower on its last corner or a Mountain Fort your opponent has spent turns fighting through.

The deck also has great consistency with lots of draw power and Sunhunter’s ability to make sure you see what you need and plan ahead. With Reality Rift as well providing a great safety net for your key buffs.
Granite was very close but didn’t find enough aggression early to kill him but I feel like the deck could win the matchup. Sicario is the main issue for the deck due to the deck having pretty trash removal options you can get overwhelmed very fast with the small ticks from the Abyss Tentacles quickly rotating the Mountain Forts.

Going forward the main thing I would switch up is the side deck, with extra Loot Snatchers to remove buffs but I’m still reviewing the main deck.”

It’s in this deck where Sunhunter shines, giving you all of the advantage you need through the use of draw power from both Mountain and Astral. It will be interesting to see where the power of Solar, Earth and Gravity is taken in the future!

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