UK National and last chance qualifier

Greetings all! With the UK Nationals at the UK Games Expo fast approaching we thought we would give you a breakdown of what you can expect from the schedule.

If you are planning on joining the Last Chance Regional you will need to bring some form of identification with you and register for the event before 10:15. No further registrations will be accepted after 10:15 so don’t be late!

Friday 1st of June
Last Chance Regional

9:45 am – Registration Opens.
10:15 am – Registration closes. No further applicants accepted after this time.
10:30 am – Last Chance regional starts

This is a last chance tournament event to earn an invite to the National Championship tournament. There is a cap of 64 people so you will want to ensure you register as fast as possible. Those who sign up on the events page will have priority.


1st place: £200 and 96 Booster Packs
2nd place: £150 and 72 Booster Packs
3rd & 4th place: £100 and 48 Booster packs
5th & 8th place: £50 and 24 Booster Packs

Saturday 2nd of June
UK National Championship Tournament

9:45 am – Registration Opens
10:15 am – Registration Closes.
10:30 am – – UK National Championship starts


1st place: £1,400. Uncut Foil Card Sheet, Champion Playmat, Top 8 Promo cards (Foil Alternate Art Card), Championship Trophy, 6 Booster Boxes (40-pack Boxes)
2nd place: £700. Uncut Card Sheet, Top 8 Playmat, Top 8 Promo cards (Foil Alternate Art Card), 3 Booster Boxes
3rd & 4th place: £350. Top 8 Playmat, Top 8 Promo (Foil Alternate Art Card), 2 Booster Boxes
5th-8th place: £170. Top 8 Playmat, Top 8 Promo (Foil Alternate Art Card), 1 Booster Box

Sunday 3rd June
Win a mat tournament

All through the day
Take part in tournament games throughout the day for your chance to win a Lightseekers playmat.

There will be demos of the Lightseekers card game throughout the event for those who want to play but aren’t able to join in the tournaments.

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