Update on the UK and USA National Championships

Greetings Lightseekers!

Over the weekend at UK Games Expo in Birmingham, we had the biggest event Lightseekers has seen in the United Kingdom with our highly anticipated UK National Championship. With 36 invited players battling it out to have the honour of being titled the first Lightseekers National Champion!.

Before we go to much further we want to extend a big thank you to all the stores who partook in running Road to Regionals events and to the stores who hosted the Regional qualifiers as well, Settlers in Hamilton, FanBoy3 in Manchester, The Games Shop in Aldershot, Excelsior in Bristol and Big Dog Books in Perth. Your support made our National Championship a reality.

Nationals showed stellar examples of deck building, sportsmanship and not to mention a few twists, turns and upsets! After playing through the epic 12 hour tournament only one player would remain to stand triumphant. The matches were epic and challenging and a tough battle ensued in the finals between Wakalakakashi’s Sunhunter Tuktu and Harasiel’s Granite. It ended up going right to the wire but concluded in an epic 2-1 victory. When the smoke settled Harasiel emerged from the flames of battle as the first ever Lightseekers UK National Champion!

All of the top 8 decklists from both the Last Chance Qualifier and the UK Nationals Tournament will be out in a news post here this week. You can also find videos of the Nationals Tournament and the brilliant final on our Youtube channel here.

With the UK Nationals coming to a close, we now turn our attention to our Lightseekers community over the pond, in the magnificent USA! The US National Tournament will be held at GenCon on August 2nd to 5th. The time is fast approaching and there are only a few events left in which you can get qualifying places to enter. Check out our featured events page to find the next one near you!

There’s been a lot of discussion as to what format the US National Championship will take and we’re excited to announce that it will be the first premier event to feature Advanced constructed as its format! Coming off the back of Basic constructed at UK Nationals we want to make sure that we get to see some exciting new strategies so that the event is not only fun to participate in but great for people to follow along with at home!

US Nationals Qualifying Events

Origins 13-17 June
Saturday June 16th – 11AM (Top 8 on Sunday June 17th), Constructed Deck Tournament, (over $2,000 in cash and prizes!) Top 8 receive invite to 2018 US National Championship at GenCon

The ARG Circuit event at the Showboat Atlantic City Hotel – Orleans Ballroom 6/24/2018
Url: https://www.lightseekers.cards/events/event-calendar.html?eventId=470&subPage=5

The Alpha Omega Hobby National Qualifier at Alpha Omega Hobby, Quincy 6/30/2018
Url: https://www.lightseekers.cards/events/event-calendar.html?eventId=459&subPage=5

Family Fun Hobbies Nationals Qualifier at Family Fun Hobbies, Hamilton 7/1/2018
Url: https://www.lightseekers.cards/events/event-calendar.html?eventId=420&subPage=5

LA Anime EXPO Saturday July 7th – 11AM (Top 8 on Sunday July 8th), Constructed Deck Tournament, (over $2,000 in cash and prizes!) Top 8 receive invite to 2018 US National Championship at GenCon.

White Flag Games National Qualifier at White Flag Games, Mooresville 7/14/2018
Url: https://www.lightseekers.cards/events/event-calendar.html?eventId=482&subPage=5

Dragon’s Lair National Qualifier
URL: https://www.lightseekers.cards/events/event-calendar.html?eventId=487&subPage=5

The ARG Circuit Series event at the DCU Center – Grand Ballroom, Worcester, MA 7/22/2018
Url: https://www.lightseekers.cards/events/event-calendar.html?eventId=471&subPage=5

And finally the
I’m Board Games National Qualifier at I’m Board Games, Middleton 7/28/2018
Url: https://www.lightseekers.cards/events/event-calendar.html?eventId=431&subPage=5

All of these qualifier events leading up to the US Nationals at GenCon!
A big thank you to the stores for hosting these qualifying events, which we’re very excited to see you at!

As always if you have any questions or feedback on how the events have gone, or you want some more information on what’s happening at Gencon please feel free to reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter or email us at contact@lightseekers.cards

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