Tournament Guidelines Update

Hi Lightseekers!

We’ve got an update to our Tournament Guidelines; that will take effect from the 14th of May. We’re super excited by the great response we’ve had to the events that have been run for Lightseekers so far; whether those be in store tournaments run with Organized Play kits, or major events we’ve run in collaboration with stores or at conventions. There’s been lots of feedback on those events, and on the rules that we use for our formats and we wanted to update things based on that. These guidelines will continue to evolve over time as more events happen and more feedback comes in.

The majority of these guidelines are similar to things that we have done in the past, with clarifications in places where things were previously unclear. There have been a couple of major changes that are highlighted below, though we do recommend you check out the guidelines for the full details.

Major Changes

Basic Format – Side Deck

One of the major changes that we have made is regarding the construction rules for side decks in Basic constructed. We’ve changed the number of cards in the side deck from 10 down to 9, and lifted some of the restrictions as to what can go into this side deck. Now you are able to run any action or combo cards you like excluding Item cards.


Between Awakening, Mythical and the upcoming third wave, we’re getting to the point where there are a bunch of cool cards that are good situationally and would be perfect to fit into side decks but weren’t allowed because they had an Element. Cards like Gurgling Ooze or Lunatic are great against Buff heavy decks, but no so great against Attack focused decks where cards like Subjugator or Electrified Moat; so allowing them in side decks opens up new strategies. At the same time though, we do not want people feeling like they can’t plan around opponents’ strategies because their decks are changing drastically from game to game, to that end we’ve shrunk the side deck slightly, and made it so you can’t change Elements in your deck between games (by swapping in new Items).

Draft Rules

We’ve been trialling a number of different draft formats, both internally here, and when we have members of the team out at events. This document presents the latest rules for Draft, as always we’re eager to hear feedback on them so that we can continue to iterate on them, and ensure that we’re providing the best possible limited experience for you. We won’t go into too much detail here, but you can see the full rules in the guidelines, and on the Event Formats page.

Looking Forward

As always, we’re eager to get feedback on these guidelines, you can reach out to us via Facebook, Twitter or by emailing if you’d like to let us know your thoughts or have any questions. Look forward to seeing you all at events in the near future!

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