Prepare yourself for the Winter’s Hunt!

High above even the most daring yikona village stands the jagged peaks of the Starflake Mountains. Few dare to venture this far, for a beast of legend is said to call this place home. A beast that is believed to possess a treasure of great value, beware the claws of winter…

Lightseekers, it’s time to commence The Winter’s Hunt!

Winter Campaigns – Prepare yourself for 2 all-new campaigns that will land over the coming festive period. You can play the first right now, with the second to launch before the year is over. Good luck Lightseekers, and hunt for the exclusive winter rewards!

The Spoils of Winter’s Hunt – Crashing through the snow comes the Winter’s Hunt chests! These frozen spoils of the hunt contain exclusive content and treasures that will not be available after the event ends. You can also get your hands on a bundle of these at the store for a limited time only.

Wintery World of Tantos – We’ve added a full coat of frozen paint to the world of Tantos, can you feel the stiff chill run from the peaks of the Starflake Mountains?

Bug Fixes – Some card fixes have been issued which include, Chain Reactor, Wrench Juggler, Stalking Cipid and a number of other cards.

We here hope you enjoy this winter update, and hope you have a wonderfully festive holidays!

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