Retiring, Core Box & Awakening


Today we bring you all the eagerly awaited update regarding the competitive legality of certain Awakening cards as of the release of Uprising, which in turn supports the release of not only Uprising but the Core Box that accompanies it.

First off, we want to start with cards that will be leaving competitive play early 2019. These cards will be highlighted and tagged as “Retired”. Though these cards have been a huge part of play in Lightseekers, they will not be a part of competitive play as of the release of Uprising.

However, this doesn’t apply to every card found in Awakening!

It’s also worth noting that while a card is tagged as Retired, it doesn’t mean to say that you’ll never see it again. Any card could make a return in a future set, so you may want to keep hold of some of your favourites.

As for reprints, you will see a return of each of the superior Element Items in the Core Box. Though the Cross Order combos will not be found in the Core Box and thus these will also be Retired. But we can confirm that there will be BRAND NEW Cross Order combos being printed for our 2nd Rift Pack coming in Spring 2019.


Come back early next week as we will be updating our Card Database to show you all of the cards that will be retiring with our new Retired search filter. You’ll be able to see which of your cards will be Retired and how this will affect your decks going forward.

See you all soon!

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