Retired Filter List

Orders of Tantos,

Today we give you all a preview on some of the cards which have become retired; these and others are now found under the card database legal filter.
Some of these are and will always be fan favourites, but remember just because a card is Retired, it doesn’t mean you won’t see it again.

This will allow new and existing players to build exciting, adventurous decks moving forward in particular, around the upcoming Uprising set.

So here is a small handful of the cards heading towards our Retired list.




Any other card found in Awakening that isn’t listed as Retired is legal for competitive play, both physically and digitally; plus the upcoming Core Box will fulfil all your collection needs. Whether that be to start your own with some of the much-needed cards for each Order or to finish off a collection that you’ve already started.

We’re super stoked to see and hear about how your decks will change and with the addition of Uprising.

Until then Lightseekers!

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