Reprints in Lightseekers: Kindred

Hi Lightseekers,

In the last of our newsposts before we start getting into proper spoiler season for cards we’re going to be discuss the state of reprints with the arrival of Lightseekers: Kindred. Moving forward from Mythical, we’ve taken on board feedback in regards to the amount of reprints that feature within our booster products; which means that in Kindred boosters there are only 8 reprinted cards. All 8 of those cards are only from the Awakening set, as we felt that Mythical is recent enough that it is still easily accessible (we also wanted to sneak Family symbols onto a few more cards, symbols which already feature on Mythical cards).

The first 6 reprints are ones that have been asked about a number of times, usually with the follow up question of, “When will we see them in foil?”

As you can see all of the above have now got their Family symbols proudly displayed and will be available in Lightseekers: Kindred boosters in both matte and foil printings. Don’t worry, the other 12 cards that featured in the Awakening starter decks will be featuring in booster products in the future, so you’ll be able to get your hands on foil versions of those as well.

The other 2 reprints are fairly high demand, unaligned cards that we want to make sure players have access to (they also needed Family symbols, so it made the decision to reprint them even easier).

That’s right, Tantosian Blacksmith and Weapon Master are back in Kindred, now with the proper Chimchu iconography. We’ve got a feeling these might be finding some extra use with the arrival of the rest of the Kindred set.

Other than that, we’ve got a number of cards from both Awakening and Mythical that appear in the Kindred pre-constructed decks. Those cards have been chosen for both the purposes of adding Family symbols and to ensure that the Kindred decks make for a fun play experience, right out of the box. Going forward we intend to make sure that booster products feature primarily new cards, whilst exploring other options to make sure that vital cards remain available to players just picking up the game.

Check back next week, when we go in-depth on the first of the Kindred decks, with looks at some of the cards in the Astral deck!

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