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Hi Lightseekers,

It’s come to our attention over the weekend that 2 cards were left out of the set when making the boosters for Lightseekers: Kindred. Unfortunately this means that Tantosian Blacksmith (Uncommon) & Weapon Master (Rare) will not be found in Kindred booster packs. So today we’re going to be talking about how this happened (and how we’re going to avoid it happening again), and what will be happening in regards to getting Tantosian Blacksmith & Weapon Master in future.

How Did It Happen?

Over the course of production on a Lightseekers set there is a lot of back and forth between the production team at PlayFusion and the company that prints the set. During this, we get to see print proofs (big sheets that come off the printers before the cards are cut up) that show us what the final versions of the cards will look like and we have a chance to make any corrections that are needed to the art, framing, card text, foiling, and check that they scan into the digital game correctly. At the point where we got our last round of print proofs, both Tantosian Blacksmith & Weapon Master were on the sheets. So what happened to them?

When we send off the information regarding card details (e.g. this card is a Rare, this card is a Common, etc), there was a an error in one of the sheets that had Tantosian Blacksmith & Weapon Master marked down as being Deck Exclusive cards (it was correct in other documents, but the way this particular sheet was sorted assigned them the wrong tags). This is the very last step in the process and occurs after visual and technical approval of the print proofs. After this point we do a lot of checks with pack simulations around ensuring balance of rarities with boosters – at which point we knew for example that all the packs have the right number of Uncommons and Mythic Heroes are appearing in the right number of packs. None of this covers for specific cards by name however. It also didn’t get picked up during the spot checks of final product; simply because there is no guarantee these cards will appear in every booster box, we didn’t notice they were missing until our team opened a larger number of boxes and discovered they were entirely missing; at which point the error was caught.

We’ve now added a new check to our quality assurance process during the pack simulation stage in regards to ensuring specific cards appear correctly, to make sure that this doesn’t happen again in future.

What’s Going To Happen?

We want to make sure that Tantosian Blacksmith & Weapon Master remain accessible cards for players; one of the primary reasons that both of those cards were intended to be reprinted in Kindred was because of their interactions with the 19 new Item cards present in the set. To that end we’ve added reprints of Tantosian Blacksmith & Weapon Master to the next product that we are releasing. In addition to this; when you scan in your first Kindred Item card into the Digital app; you will receive a Digital copy of both Tantosian Blacksmith & Weapon Master once Kindred is playable later in August.

We weren’t going to be talking about it for another couple of months, but we are currently working towards the release of the first Lightseekers: Rift Pack. This Rift Pack will feature a number of Lightseekers boosters along with foil copies of 2 Rare Item cards from Lightseekers: Awakening including never before seen Items for the Astral and Nature Orders. Not every Item card will be reprinted in that set; and we’re going to have more details on this in the future. The Tantosian Blacksmith & Weapon Master in this product will be available in both foil and matte versions, and will slot neatly into your Kindred collections.

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