Patch Notes – Shadow League

Our biggest Lightseekers update EVER has arrived! The Shadow League have emerged from the darkness and have changed the foundations of Tantos forever,

In addition to 186 new cards, over 500 old cards have been rebalanced, we have new game mechanics, new ways to determine which cards you’re allowed to use in Ranked, and a lot more!

You can read the full list of changed cards here.

New Card Expansion – Shadow League

A faction led by a splinter group of noxin and the evil umbron has been uncovered by a small group of heroes. This faction is known as the Shadow League. In secrecy, they use the umbron as a destructive tool to search the world of Tantos for the remnants of the ancient colossi and their relics. What exactly it is they want with these artifacts of a distant past is unknown, but they are leaving a trail of destruction in their wake as settlements throughout Tantos are being ravaged for spoils and clues.

The Shadow League marks the fourth major expansion to Lightseekers. 24 of its cards have already been seen in the Battle Packs we released over the summer, but there are now an additional 186 to collect! These 186 cards are split up accordingly:

– 68 Common cards
– 64 Uncommon cards
– 48 Rare Cards
– 6 Mythic cards

Along with this expansion comes a few new features and mechanics…

New Family: Artifacts

This new family of cards represent relics of the past, typically associated with the ancient colossi. Each Order has been given a number of Artifact cards, and there are several Unaligned cards that interact with them in different ways. Additionally, a few older cards have been retroactively assigned the Artifact family:

– Frozen Totem
– Everok Relic
– Colossi Idols
– Colossi Artifact

Square Corners

A number of Buffs will be seen with a new corner shape: squares! These corners never rotate on their own; once a Buff gets to a square corner, they simply stop rotating. Note, however, that they can still be rotated by card effects.

Quest Corners

You will now see new icons occasionally appearing on cards with clunky corners. A clunky corner with an icon in it represents a Quest corner. If you play the type of card displayed in a corner, it causes that Buff to rotate one step forward. The text of a Buff is not in effect while on a Quest corner.

Advanced Game Modes and Sets

We have completely reworked which cards are allowed in which game modes, and created a brand new Set Rotation schedule to create more deck variety for competitive play!

With this update, all cards from the previous Waves have been completely redistributed into nine different Sets: one Core set and eight numbered Sets. For Casual, Draft, and PvE, this has no impact at all. However, in our Advanced Game Modes (‘Ranked’ and ‘Casual (Advanced)’) you will only be able to use cards from the current Advanced Sets.

At any given time, Advanced will consist of the Core Set and five of the eight numbered Sets. Every two months, three of the numbered Sets will rotate out and be replaced by the three that weren’t allowed in the previous rotation. Every time these changes happen, to make sure that you have an Advanced deck to play with, you will be able to claim one from a selection of decks for FREE!

Kicking off, the Advanced Sets will consist of Core, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. When the Sets next rotate, Advanced will consist of Core, 1, 2, 3, 7, and 8.

In-game, you will be able to see which Sets are currently allowed in Advanced play, and any cards belonging to those Sets will have an ‘A’ symbol next to their Set icon.

New Booster Packs

With cards no longer being strictly tied to Waves, we have changed what booster packs are available in the store. One is a regular ‘Booster Pack’ which can contain any card from the entire game (excluding cards obtained in Battle Packs). Another is the ‘Advanced Pack’ which only contains cards that are currently allowed in Advanced game modes (excluding Battle Pack cards).

There are also four new limited Booster Packs available in the ‘More Booster Packs’ section of the store. Each one contains cards from only two Sets of cards (1 & 2, 3 & 4, 5 & 6, and 7 & 8). They can be bought with Gems only, to a limit of 3 per week (they restock every week).

Finally, for a limited amount of time, you will be able to purchase a bundle of 25 Shadow League-only Booster Packs, for the price of 20, along with an exclusive Shadow League card back!

The Great Rebalancing

With this update, we have changed almost 500 existing cards! Some have been made better, some have been taken down a notch, and some have just completely changed. For more insight into why these changes have occurred, you can read our Developer Insight articles about them.

You can read the full list of changed cards here.

Other Updates

A new expansion, rebalancing over 500 cards, and Set rotations are massive changes to the game, but that’s not it. Even more things have been updated!
-EXCLUSIVE Draft Rewards – We have added 8 brand new playmats that can be obtained from playing Draft. They cannot be crafted so can only be gained from the Draft chests. The further you get, the greater the chance to get one.
-More Cosmetics – We have added more playmats, card backs, and avatars to collect, themed around the Shadow League expansion (and some extra avatars for older expansions that didn’t get as much love).
-Information Screen – Under the ‘Library’ section, you should now find an ‘Information’ section. This is primarily aimed at newer players, and should provide you with an overview of Lightseekers terminology and how different keywords work.
-Starter Decks – As touched on above, every time Set rotations happen, you will be able to collect an Advanced deck for free. These can be found under the ‘Starter Decks’ tab if you navigate to Library -> Decks. If you already own any (or all!) of the cards in a chosen deck, you will instead be given the Shards they would’ve recycled for. The remaining decks will be available to purchase using Gems.
-Adventure Mode Boss Inspect – You can now inspect a boss in Adventure mode before fighting them. This will show you any Lightstones they have equipped, what Buffs or Items they start with, and any special decks their deck contains. This should let you go into a fight a bit more prepared!
-Suggested Cards in Adventure Mode – Some of the bosses in Adventure mode will now show a list of ‘suggested cards’ if they defeat you, to give you some tips on how to more easily defeat them.
-Viewing Draft Deck – You can now view your Draft deck while in a queue for Draft.
-Expanded Deck Information – If you press the ‘i’ button when viewing a deck, it will now give a more detailed overview of the contents of the deck.
-Search Options in Collection – If you search for the text ‘new’ in your card collection, it will now show any cards that are new. Likewise, if you search for ‘monochrome’, it will only show your monochrome cards, or if your search ‘july4’, it will show any alternative art cards from the July 4th event.
-Deck Select Has Improved Its Memory – The deck select screen should now better remember which deck you last interacted with, to make it a bit quicker so select decks going into a game.
-Auto-Moving Cards – If a card effect prompts you to move cards out of your hand, this will no longer happen automatically if your hands contains the exact amount required (unless it’s your entire hand…), to avoid that players gain extra insight into what you’re holding.
-In addition to a lot of Adventure Mode bosses changing due to cards having changed, a few of the boss specific cards have also changed:
-Citadel Defence (used by Umbron Spy) now has a 0 on its first corner (down from 1).
-Protecting Droplet (used most notably by Little Blammo) now has a 2 on its first corner (down from 3).
-Most Importantly… – The “Bring It!” emote has been replaced with “Oops!”

Bug Fixes

-Spirit of Balance should now behave properly when copying a Flameborn Tusker or Prowling Shimmerpaw.
-Navigating the Family Select screen with a joypad should no longer leave some Families unselectable depending on which combinations happen to be highlighted.
-“Only usable on your first turn” should now properly stop you using the effect on your first turn, even if you’re second player.
-Effects that move cards from the bottom of the discard pile should no longer be able to do so if you are under the effect of Font of Misfortune.
-The card inspect screen should no longer go crazy with overlays if you own physical copies of a card.
-Your own entry in the Weekly Challenge leaderboard should now be properly highlighted.
-Taleweaver Cassini should now move cards face up.
-Cards should no longer trigger their ‘as this enters play’ effects if you don’t have access to their Element(s).
-Recarving (and similar effects) should once again lose one of their “slots” if there is a Burn card at the bottom of the discard pile, as opposed to just skipping over it.

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