Patch Notes – Multi-Queuing

The latest update is here and it brings more of the lore of Lightseekers to the forefront, along with a number of other much asked for features, such as multi queuing!


You are now able to queue for multiple game modes at the same time! While in a queue, you can simply go into the Versus menu and queue up for any other game, with decks chosen individually for each of the modes.

Lore Pages

Under the Library -> Collectables you will now find a new Lore section. Here, there are over 350 lore entries to collect. Lore entries range from information about the different races of Tantos, important historical events, descriptions of different locations around the world, to character profiles, and more! Most of them are told from the perspective of in-world characters, giving their personal perspectives on what’s going on in the world.

Lore pages can primarily be earned from loot chests. Level-up chests have a chance to contain them and Premium Chests are guaranteed to give you a Lore page you don’t already have (until you run out, of course). But don’t worry, they do not compete for space with other rewards! When you get a Lore page, it will appear in its own slots, in addition to everything else you’ve earned.

Some Lore pages are also unlocked from Adventure Mode bosses and Campaigns. If you have already completed these bosses, you will find the associated entries already in your collection.

You will also find a number of new achievements associated with your Lore collection progress.

Lore Campaigns

To go with the new lore entries are 6 new campaigns that can be found in loot chests. These play out some important events in the lives of the six Lightseekers of the Council – Elara, Zyrus, Boulder, Sgt. Ironbark, Kora, and Jax – and also reward you with their Lore page profiles, in addition to some of the usual campaign rewards. You will be given one of these campaigns for FREE on your next login!

Card Changes

A few changes to sort out some discrepancies between ‘restart’ cards:

– Beast Tamer – Now heals for a fixed 1 instead of equal to the number of Beast Buffs in play.
– Momentum Shifter – Now also draws 1 card as it enters play.
– Veil Rider – Now also deals 2 damage on its second corner.

Same as above, but for ‘immunity’ cards:

– Stalwart Rockle – Now also Draws 1 card as it enters play.
– Umbron Terrorguard – No longer Draws 1 card when it Expires, and the second corner heals for 3 instead of granting immunity.

A few Poison Buff adjustments to better align their values relative to one-another and other Buffs:

– Mephitic Specter – Corners are now 2/2/1/1.
– Pestilent Specter – Corners are now 1/1/1/4.
– Spectral Widow – Corners are now 1/2/3.

Other changes:

– Blast Disperser – Corners are now 3/3/2, instead of 3/3/3.
– Blaze Dancer – Damage has been increased to 4.
– Councillor Sora – Her effect can now only rotate Lightning Action Buffs, as opposed to any Action Buff.
– Farapang – May now ‘play’ the drawn Beast instead of gaining an additional action. The self damage can now also be increased by effects.
– Flamefist Umbron – Now ‘Expires’ when the Ability is used.
– Husky and Tubs – Their health has been increased from 29 to 32, but they now take 1 damage if they choose to rotate a Beast Buff one step forward.
– Life Leecher – Healing has been reduced to 1 and now only moves Action cards. Is no longer ‘Burn’.
– Mountain Fort – Now also increases the damage of adjacent Mountain Buffs by 1.
– Rushed Technician – Self damage has been increased to 2.
– Scum – Instead of being allowed to play an Action Buff instead of drawing a card for a Combo, Scum may now move an Action Buff into play when Playing a Combo (not after). This will still prevent him from drawing a card for having played said Combo, but it opens up a few more opportunities for interplays.
– Shadow Puppet – Now discards a card from among the top 4 cards of the discard pile, instead of top 5.
– Wind Seer – You now choose an Element before looking at the target’s hand, and can only move cards of that Element.

Other Updates

– When requested to move a specific number of cards from deck to hand, you will now be asked to manually choose the cards when the number of cards to move is an exact match with the number of cards to choose from. This is to avoid that an automatic move gives away what you’ve got in your hand.
– Many of the Adventure Mode bosses up to and including boss 30 have been made easier.
– The campaign boss Cursed Mire has been made easier.
– The main menu has been given a new music track and a few new battle tracks have been added.
– Leaderboards now display player avatars.
– The Avatar collection has been split into different tabs; one for each rarity.
– You can now reroll your Order and Heroes in Draft. The Order can only be rerolled once per run, and Heroes can be rerolled up to three times per run.
– Adventures other than the ‘main Adventure Mode’ now exist in a sub-folder titled ‘Other Adventures’.

Bug Fixes

– The deck builder should no longer lock up and occasionally not let you remove cards from a deck.
– Tyrax Tuner should now behave correctly when the card it is interacting with gets covered up mid-play.
– Heroic Starfish should now highlight properly when you have a Water Buff in play.
– Time-Jumper Rylox should no longer damage himself when his effect triggers.
– You should now be able to use Lightstones in ‘A Colossal Find’.
– Break Shift has been slightly reworked in order to function properly. Buffs are now selected one at a time, instead of all three at once.
– Self-damage that defeats you should no longer trigger things like Blast Disperser

We hope you enjoy these new changes and the new tales of Tantos that you can now uncover in Lightseekers. Hit up our Official Discord Channel to chat among like-minded adventures and share your stories!

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