Patch Notes – June 12th

Zone 4 for ‘A Colossal Find’ is now available; follow Captain Jolti’s rapid ascent to Commodore and how he and his crew ended up in Lushlost Forest. Our epic story continues week on week, and it’s free to play!

Other Changes

– A few bosses in regular Adventure Mode have been made easier:
     – Boss 35 – Umbron Spy
     – Boss 25 – Little Blammo
 – Gutbelch Tracker’s hero power has been changed for Zone 1 of ‘A Colossal Find’.


This coming weekend will be Dread weekend! From 12 PM Friday (UTC), June 14th, until 12 PM the following Monday (UTC), earn double XP when playing Dread and gain access to a fantastic Dread bundle in the store!

Bug Fixes

– Soul Storm is now properly considered a ‘Burn’ card.
– The Remove IV power card is now properly optional.

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