Patch Notes – July 10th


Zone 8 for ‘A Colossal Find’ is out. The group has landed in Dreadmire and make an unexpected ally.

The third boss of this week’s ‘A Colossal Find’ zone will feature a sneak-peak of two brand new Wave 5 cards!

Cage of Oppression

A few weeks ago, we changed the healing threshold of ‘Cage of Oppression’ to 2/1/1 (down from 2/2/2). We’ve now had a little while to collect data and wanted to share some of it with you.

In the two weeks leading up to the change, Cage of Oppression featured in 3.2% of all Ranked decks. Across all games lasting at least 1 minute (average of 13 actions per game), these decks had a win rate of 52.1%. As games got longer, beyond 10 minutes (average of 18 actions per game), the win rate got lower; down to 46.4%.

The weeks following the nerf saw some unexpected results. First of all, its presence has gone up to 4.6% of all Ranked decks. The 1+ minute win rate is at 57.4% and it 10+ minute win rate is at 51.1%. We have some theories as to exactly why this is the case, but jumping straight to the outcome: we have changed all three corners to trigger from 1 healing.

Again, we’ll keep a close eye on how this unfolds.


To celebrate this week’s release of the Astral, Storm, and Tech Battlepacks, this weekend will be an Order weekend for all three of them! From noon Friday (UTC) until noon Monday (UTC), you will be earning double XP when playing with any of these three Orders, and some special deals will be available for them in the store!

Bug Fixes

Taleweaver Cassini now has 31 health. This had always been her intended health, but the Battlepack card was from a slightly older card import and had missed this somewhat late adjustment.

Abyss Tentacle should now be correctly increased by Amplification Hex.

Gutbelch Shaman should now be properly restarted when cards are discarded.

Keywords for the Battlepack cards should now properly show up when inspected on the board.

Fixed a typo in one of the Adventure Mode lore bits.

Tainted Ooze in the ‘Deep Into the Crater’ campaign should now be correctly shown as an Elemental.

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