Patch Notes – 19/11/18

Today for our Lightseekers community, we have another update that’s now available to download on your platform of choice. This will give you, the players, a better experience with Lightseekers and an update on changes you have wanted to see in the recent discussions.

We start with our “New Tutorial Flow” – this gives the first-time user a smoother introduction to the art of playing Lightseekers. If you’re already a seasoned veteran to the world of Tantos, the option to skip the tutorial and head straight into battle with your chosen hero is available as well.

Next up, we’ve made a change to Lone Shark Reefi, our Storm Hero from the Lightseekers Kindred set.
From this update onward Lone Shark Reefi will now read:

“Reduce the first damage received per turn by 1 while you have no buffs in play. You cannot wield items”

This Hero trait is now live digitally and from Monday, 19th of November, the physical errata will also come into effect.
Don’t forget to check out our Card Database for more information.

We all know that playing Lightseekers with your friends is a great way to experience the game; however, our friends functionality was causing issues for a small number of you. As such we’ve made changes to improve the robustness of this system. You should always be able to see your friends online from this update onward and we apologize for any problems you might have had previously.

Finally, a number of minor improvements and bug fixes have been implemented across a selection of cards which include:

Sacred Mausoleum, Beast Caller, Fysicus’ Key, Asivak and Bot Launcher
Automatic Avenger now works correctly with Clockwork Construct
Mirror Beast no longer causes delays during gameplay
Card-dealing animations now work correctly

We hope these updates continue to make you all enjoy, experience and engage further in the ranks of Lightseekers; and we all look forward to seeing you in the World of Tantos.

Until then, Lightseekers!

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