Hey Lightseekers, 

Next week we’ll be kicking off our next season of Organized Play for Lightseekers, just in time for you to experiment with some new strategies found in Uprising, which releases on our new store this Friday (keep an eye out on our news pages for when our store goes live!). We have a few changes to our previous season, reflected by the feedback we have received from the community. 

Firstly, we are introducing Casual and Competitive event structures that will fit around our existing tiers. In short, Bronze and Silver tiers will be Casual events while Gold and Platinum tiers will be Competitive. The reason for this change? We want casual events to fit the playstyle we’ve come to know that Lightseekers players around the world want – a way to play with their friends and family. 

So how does this work? We will chat with stores worldwide to get them an Organized Play offering that fits them; whether that’s regular league play with a core group of players or perhaps more demo days to bring in a brand new group of adventurers to enjoy Lightseekers. There is no “one size fits all” for Organized Play, hence we want to give stores and therefore the players (that’s you!) the chance to play things the way they want to. 

Casual events can be run by any store and will come with a range of Organized Play goodies of all shapes and sizes, including new Uprising Playmats! We are also going to be including unique digital prizes as well (which we will reveal in the near future), meaning we are increasing our store range!


Stores will be able to reach out to us to run our latest Competitive Events (Gold/Platinum), which will be the new way for the most experienced players to win exclusive and remarkable prizes with their best decks. Our store team will qualify each store that wishes to run one of our Competitive events, and once approved will have full reign to create a Gold Event, signifying that this is one of the top events in the Lightseekers Calendar. We will be adding Platinum events to the calendar at a later date!

And last but not least, we are going to be bringing Lightseekers to Gencon in just 5 weeks, where we will be running the Lightseekers Gen Con Championship. We’ve updated our prizing to include a larger selection of ultra-rare items, so head to the event page to sign up. We are also hosting Draft Matches, Sealed Tournaments and Casual Demos throughout all of the 4 days of Gencon, and we can’t wait to see you there at one of the biggest gaming conventions in the world!

Thank you all, 

The PlayFusion Team 

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