Hey Lightseekers!

This week the team bring you a new adventure! Including some changes and improvements from your feedback. As always thank you for your support! –The PlayFusion Team 

Adventure Awaits! 

A new adventure has been added; A Colossal Find.

This is an on-going story that kicks off with the events of Uprising and continues into the story of the next expansion…
This week sees the first three encounters of the adventure – ‘A Colossal Find’ can be found under the ‘Solo’ menu.

Card Errata 

We had originally intended to wait with a change to this card until Wave 5, but due to continuous community feedback, we’ve decided to take action sooner:

– Abyss Tentacle now has 4 clunky corners of 2 damage each.
– This errata will take place in physical play from June 28th onward.

Bug Fixes 

A few errors that affected cards that reveal, draw, and shuffle in some combinations.

– An issue where Tantruming Kreebal is played off Ancestral Communion.
– The Elemental: Rotator lightstone will now be properly optional.
– Fixed some issues with cards that get stored by Makeshift Reactors or Cursed Graves multiple times in a game.
– Fixed an issue with Buffs that move stored cards into play when they have multiple cards stored. Ranked Changes
– We have removed the promotion and demotion series from ranked.
– This means that you will now move fluidly (whether for better or worse!) between divisions, brackets, and leagues.
– As usual, the end of season rewards will be determined by the highest rank you achieved (where you end doesn’t matter as far as the rewards go).

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