The Lost Relics have been Unearthed!

Update Lightseekers today to get involved with the latest content – Reward Campaigns!

As you’ll know by now, we have a weekly campaign where a story takes you through a series of challenging bosses who like to break the rules and use cards that might be a bit meaner than usual!

Today, you’ll find that campaigns don’t stop there! You’ll now be able to find 10 brand new campaigns in Premium and Mega Loot Chests to collect and test your decks against.

These campaigns are permanent unlocks that you can earn rewards from the first time you complete them. If you happen to get the same campaign in a chest in the future, it’ll reset the rewards for that campaign, allowing you to get them again!

You can also now buy “Rift Pack: Lost Relic” bundles in the in-app shop. These will provide you with 3 Kindred booster packs and a random item card, some of which will never been seen before! This is to compliment the release of the physical rift packs, which are available from all good game stores.

Until then Lightseekers!

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