Steam Release!

It’s A big day for Lightseekers fans everywhere: Lightseekers is now available to play on your PC via Steam! The Steam version is a replication of the mobile app you know and love, and your current Lightseekers account can be merged into the Steam version, meaning you can seamlessly slip from playing on mobile to playing on your PC and back again.


Action Queuing

Previously Lightseekers worked on the basis that a card being resolved must complete before another card could be played. From this update, you will be able to choose to play cards in sequence, dragging (or otherwise) the first, then the second before the first has resolved. We call this action queuing, and it will speed up play significantly.

It will not be possible to queue actions in all circumstances, for example, you won’t be able to queue up cards for actions that you are about to earn. A card that gives you an additional action will need to resolve before the action is available to be used or queued.


Ranked seasons

From the beginning of February, we will amend the length of Ranked Seasons from 2 months down to 1. Each season will still provide you with the same challenges and the same rewards, but from the 1st of February onwards, they will last 1 calendar month. We hope this makes for a more intense and rewarding experience.


Pricing and Reward Changes

We’ve made some changes to pricing and rewards to balance the game better:

-Missions have changed to either give Gold or Gems and the quantities awarded have been increased in both cases.

-The variation in mission rewards has also been flattened somewhat. Level-up chests from level 11 onwards can now contain Mythic rarity cards and single player Campaigns.

-The Gem price of Order Specific Booster Packs has been reduced from 150 to 100 Gems.

-The Mega Loot Chests have been reduced in price to 50 Gems.

-The generic ‘Booster’ pack from the store has been removed to better allow you to purchase cards for the wave you are collecting. If you still have these booster packs in your inventory, they will still work for you.

A couple of other bug fixes and amendments have been fixed as outlined below:

-The Mission System has been overhauled to make it ready for future functionality and to fix a couple of mission requirements.

-Achievement system overhaul to fix a number of minor issues.


Thank you for your continued support, we look forward to hearing your feedback!

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