Lightseekers: Mythical – Answers & Going Forward

Hi Lightseekers,

We’ve received a lot of questions and feedback regarding the release of Lightseeekers: Mythical. First of all, thank you for your support as we look to expand the game and our amazing community of players. We’d like to take a few minutes to answer some questions we’ve received, offer some context and explanations for decisions that were made, and keep you updated about where things are going with Lightseekers moving forward.

Reprinted Cards

Mythical features 46 reprinted cards from Awakening. These are staple effects that we wanted to make available to newer players (as more and more are coming on board daily!) and cards that require the addition of new icons (in preparation for our next expansion). These reprinted cards are not a problem for players who are new to Lightseekers, however we understand it can be frustrating for players who’ve been with us from the beginning.

Hero Card Availability

Mythical has a lower appearance rate of Heroes in packs, as they feature 1 Hero in every 4 packs down from 1 Hero in every pack in Awakening. The feedback we received from players about Awakening was that they received too many copies of Hero cards, when only a single copy of a Hero is needed to play. In Mythical, we opted to solve that by (1) changing the appearance rate of Heroes in boosters down to 1 in 4 packs, and (2) by creating a wider variety of Heroes so there is a lower chance of pulling duplicates. In doing this, we recognize we have overcompensated in the direction of making specific Heroes more difficult to acquire.

Mythical Heroes

Mythical introduced a new rarity of card – the namesake Mythic Cross-Order Heroes; these appear 1 in every 64 packs. We wanted these Mythic Heroes to be very exciting and hard to get; so when people did get them they would feel special. Based on the feedback we received, we realise now that it’s more exciting and fun to have them to play with; and that their rate of appearance is too low.

Going Forward

Based on the feedback we’ve received so far, we understand that we have missed the mark on pack composition for Mythical and we want to do our best to make sure that we improve the player experience for future expansions. The community’s feedback is extremely important and vital to our success. We are committed to making a game that all of you want to play and support.

Mythical Second Print Run

There is a second print run of Mythical in the works; it corrects some of the issues surrounding Hero availability and the appearance of Mythics. The first change is that Heroes will appear 1 in every 2 packs, up from 1 in 4 packs. We’re hoping that this will make Heroes more accessible whilst still minimising the duplication issues from Awakening. The other change is that we have adjusted the pull rates of Mythic Heroes, which (combined with Heroes being in every other pack) now means they will appear 1 in 24 packs.

Unfortunately, this second print run was already too far along in the process for us to make any changes to the number of reprinted cards from Wave 1. We are currently exploring options for anything else that we can do to improve the Mythical experience; however we are limited by the long turnaround time on printing new products. We are, however, going to ensure that this is not an issue with Wave 3 and following sets.


We greatly appreciate your support and feedback. We promise that we’re listening and will do everything we can to ensure Lightseekers improves with each new expansion. You can reach us via Facebook, Twitter or by emailing Moving forward, we promise to be more open with our plans in advance of each Lightseekers expansion so that we can obtain your feedback prior to launch.

If you have any additional feedback you would like to share please do let us know on our official forums.

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