Kindred Undead Dread Deck

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For our second week of Kindred reveals we’re going to be taking a look at next pre-constructed deck: Undead Uprising. This deck is helmed by the Hero, Deathshifter Zaleen, exclusive to this nefarious deck who has a couple of nifty synergies with the Undead Family of cards, present in great numbers within this deck.

Deathshifter Zaleen posts a much higher than average health of 32, Superiority in the Death Element (Perfect for Undead cards!) and an Ability that allows you to get a bit of extra oomph out of your Buffs once you’ve benefited from their effects. Once a Bone Reaper or Shambler has finished delivering their damage (and healing in the case of the Reaper) feel free to throw them into Zaleen’s ability. Even better, lay down a Soul Trader for the great healing on the first corner, then before it has a chance to start causing harm, Zaleen can turn it into damage!

Let’s see what the great Sages have to say about Zaleen’s history:

“To wear the mantle of Deathshifter is to be plucked from the herd.” The voice echoed around the temples high ceilings, dissipating into the deep-set alcoves that made up the delicate yet bold structure.

The orange glow of candles licked softly against the thick, blood red robes of the twelve masked individuals that gathered around the central altar, of this holy place, sending distorted shadows stretching across the room.

“To wear the mantle of Deathshifter is to put the whole, before the self.” The tall, slender man at the head of the pack called again, as he raised the chalice of dark black liquid above his head.

A young noxin woman lay motionless upon the marble altar. Her relaxed demeanor betrayed by a sudden sharp inhalation of breath, and the beads of sweat gathering upon her exposed navel.

Slowly the pack leader lowered the vessel towards the woman’s face. Without prompting the girl opened her mouth, and the tar-like substance poured from the old cup.

For a moment all was still, then without warning it began, writhing with unnatural force, her hands clasping to the sides of the altar as every muscle in her body contracted. Her head jolted frantically from side to side, as the black substance ran from her clenched teeth. Her thrashing, growing more and more erratic like her body could break at any moment. Then as quickly as it had begun, it was over.

Silence filled the room, even the faintest whisper of the girls breathing, now lost. For a moment they all stood, bathed in silence; as one by one the congregation blew out their candles, darkness enveloping the room.

“To wear the mantle of Deathshifter is to accept one’s end.” his voice pierced the constricting darkness.

With the sudden striking of a match, a single candle returned to life. The girl who laid upon the altar, now crouched upon its gleaming surface; the black substance that at one point poured from her mouth now flowing through the veins of her arms and hands, towards fingers that were now sharp like blades. Darkness swirled in the girl’s eyes and a wicked toothed grin spread across her face as she jerked her knees towards her midriff like a beast preparing to pounce.  

“To wear the mantle of Deathshifter is to embrace one’s new beginning.”

Just like last week, we’re not going to leave you with just the Hero card – we’re also going to show you a new Undead Family card, Covetous Shade:

Taking a little while to get going, Covetous Shade it truly a double threat, not only bringing with it the promise of some damage, but also refueling your hand by drawing two new cards. It is also great in conjunction with a Combo like Amplification Hex to amp up either the card draw or the damage. Perhaps there will be a few other cards in Kindred that have interesting synergies with Covetous Shade and its Undead tag.

Included here is the decklist for Undead Uprising – make sure to keep an eye out for other Undead spoilers over the next couple of days. Keep things spooky!

Deathshifter Zaleen

Rigor Mortis
Horrific Manifestation
Toxic Haunt
Drain Life
Devour Soul

2x Corrupted Spirit
2x Gurgling Ooze
2x Crude Exterminator
2x Covetous Shade
1x Spectral Widow

2x Bone Reaper
2x Wall of Bones
1x Stalking Cipid
2x Shambler
1x Sacrificial Pit
1x Skeletal Rider
1x Fallen Guardian

3x Shadow Puppet
2x Shadow Supplier
1x Shadowy Grave
1x Fortune Master
1x Bloodpact Redeemer
1x Umbron Necrolord

2x Umbron Barkeep

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