Lightseekers Digital Update 08/01/19

Kicking off the New Year, our team are already working hard making minor changes and fixes to the Lightseekers Digital App.
Today these minor changes and fixes have been implemented.

First off we have made a change to the “Trigger an ability” mechanic. A great example of this change is Dusktalon Assassin.

The “Trigger an ability” will now no longer be able to trigger ‘Once per Game‘ abilities.
Furthermore in this small update:

Burn” cards can no longer be moved back to hand or deck after they’ve been played/entered play, this covers across all cards with some examples down below:


Finally our minor fixes include:
– A grammatical error on Spectacular Sparklers is fixed
– A tutorial problem that a small number of players who have scanned cards, have experienced is fixed
– A minor change to the card makeup of the Mountain Starter Deck.

Thanks for all your continue support, we look forward to hearing your feedback!

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