Lightseekers Digital Game – Out Now!

Greetings Lightseekers,

The day has arrived, we’re happy to announce that the Lightseekers Digital Game is now fully released. We’re very grateful to everyone who participated in the closed beta and helped us to make Lightseekers Digital as good as it can be; and we’re excited about all the upcoming updates and new features we’re working on (we’ll have more news on the digital roadmap in the near future). With this release, there are a few pieces of information that have already been communicated to beta players that everyone should be informed of, as well as a new announcement about Kindred in Lightseekers Digital.

To download the game head to this page and follow the instructions!

Changes to Digital Cards:

With the reasonably easy ability to edit cards in the Digital Trading Card Game, all existing and future banned cards will receive erratas that bring them back into a playable status digitally. This means that cards will still have value as they can be scanned into the Digital version and played with. All current erratas and updated texts for the Physical game will be present from the outset of the Digital version.

At the current time we are still going to have those cards banned in Physical play, as they create memory and communication issues that we would like to avoid. If we see opportunities to reprint these ‘banned’ cards, we will do so with their updated text and allow them back into play in Physical events.

Open up your collection in the app to check out the exact changes to all these cards.

Lightseekers: Kindred

We’re very excited to see players get their hands on Lightseekers: Kindred on August 7th (or slightly earlier if you come see us at Gen Con!), but we had a tricky decision to make in regards to its availability in the Digital version of the game. At the current time, Lightseekers: Kindred will be able to be scanned and claimed into the app as of August 2nd (the first time players will be able to get their hands on cards), and will be fully playable in both ‘casual’ and ‘ranked’ game modes before the end of the August.

There were a couple of reasons behind this decision; firstly we want to ensure that the quality of card functionality in the Digital game remains high, and there was lots of work to be done behind the scenes implementing Kindred with the addition of Families to the game. Secondly we’re aware that we are going to have a lot of new players coming into the game straight through the digital version over the coming weeks, and we would like to make sure that things aren’t too overwhelming straight off the bat with the card pool. So for both these reasons we’re going to take a few weeks and make sure everything is all up to scratch before letting you lose on Kindred.

Of course there’s nothing to stop you from playing new decks Physically, and in fact we’ve got a competition to announce in regards to that. We’re going to be on the hunt for the most creative deck using new Kindred cards over the next few weeks – we’ll have all the details on that in the very near future.

Future Updates and Features

Of course, just because this is the official launch, it doesn’t mean that we are done with adding features and new fun things to the game. In the near future we will be putting up more details of our development roadmap that’ll cover our planned schedule for updates; and of course we will be looking to get your feedback on what your thoughts are on those features!

Look forward to seeing you all in game!


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