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Today we’re going to be talking about perhaps the fiercest of all the Families on Tantos – no, we’re not talking about the Beasts that roam the many locales but the warlike Umbron.

One day there was peace, and the next, there was umbron. Or so many would have you believe. It is true that for as long as even the everok can recall, these beasts have never been seen before. However, sometimes things become lost to the seasons, and history does have a funny way of repeating itself.  For those who have spent time listening to tales of old, and studying fragments of ancient texts, it does not take long to find mention of a war-hungry horde. Demons, cutting their way across the land in an unstoppable rage. Perhaps these are just as it seems, tales told to children and the superstitions of a less educated people, or maybe this is the return of something very old and very dangerous. If that is the case, what has brought about this sudden return and what does it mean for Tantos? Who knows, if we don’t do something to stop them now, maybe this will serve as another tale of superstition upon their next arrival?

The Encyclopedia Tantosia.

Let us take a look at our first card reveal of the day: Watchrest Traitor.

Many of the Umbron find themselves drawn to the dark magics of the Dread Order, and Watchrest Traitor is a noxin who has thrown their lot in with the Umbron and in doing so rewards you for playing those Umbron cards. Tacking on a couple of extra points of damage, and a card draw just for playing your Umbron Thief or Umbron Brute is great, and Watchrest Traitor has the advantage of being clunky, so you know it’s going to be in play at the right time for you to pair it with an Umbron. The other benefit of it being clunky is that it will sit in play, and Dread has plenty of cards that care about having more buffs in play, such as Defiler or Shadow Supplier. Along with the Sacrificial Pit card that was revealed earlier this week, Watchrest Traitor can be part of the core of a Dread deck that revolves around getting extra value out of Umbron cards.

If we’re talking about Umbron cards that generate great value, we should look no further than today’s second card reveal: Umbron Barkeep.

Joining the family of Umbron that help you out when you get behind such as Umbron Informant or Umbron Thief; Umbron Barkeep offers a way to refuel on both health and cards. It also has the bonus of triggering any of your card effects that are looking for an Umbron, such as the previously mentioned Watchrest Traitor and Sacrifical Pit. Being an Unaligned card, I’m sure we’ll see Umbron Barkeep popping up in both main and side decks in tournaments once Kindred releases on August 7th.

Make sure to be on guard for more Umbron spoilers over the next couple of days – and we’ll catch you on Monday when we talk the Kindred Nature deck.

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