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This week we’ve got a double feature on, not only did we look at the Lightseekers: Kindred Insectoid Infestation deck on Monday, we’re also going to be taking a look at the Storm pre-constructed deck; Beastly Brawl. Presiding over the hordes is Navigator Scuttle, exclusive to this deck:

Despite a slightly lower 29 Health, Scuttle has Superior access to the Water Element, giving her all the opportunity she needs to take advantage of the Storm Order’s best defensive cards. Like all Mari, and as her Superior Element might suggest, Navigator has a very strong affinity for Water, something that her Trait reinforces; rewarding you with a card whenever a Combo that has 2 or more Water Elements in its cost is played. Combos such as Murky Waters, Cold Snap and Nimbus Crash are a perfect fit for a Navigator Scuttle deck and can be found in the deck, ready to go out of the box. If you are looking to expand it, then Flood is a powerful Awakening Combo that can allow you to jump back into the game with it’s 11 healing; other than that, there are a couple of new Combos in Kindred that also fulfil the condition of Scuttle’s trait that will be great additions to the deck!

As has become tradition, we’ve sent for the Sages to deliver a story of Scuttle:

“There she blows! Off the starboard side.” Yelled the relentlessly upbeat Scuttle from her perch upon the crow’s nest.
“That’s the port side” Came the flat call of Driftwood; the aged, oakthorn pirate, without looking up from the ragged map that sat awkwardly on the tiny, wooden stool.
“There she blows! Off the port side.” She screamed again, undeterred by Driftwood’s lack of interest.
Far below the crew of the Soaring Behemoth, the peak of a mountain broke through the dense layer of clouds; its knife-edge ridge covered in a fresh blanket of snow.
Hopping with excitement, Captain Jolti tugged on a rope running towards the tiny airship’s blimp, a worn fabric panel peeled away from its surface sending hot air flowing out of the balloon, instantly sending the ship into a nosedive.
What started out as the thin peak of a mountain quickly revealed itself to be far larger; spreading out into a tremendous, jagged mound.
“Pull up!” Came the delighted squeal of the young navigator, as the delicate ship brushed against the edge of the rocky surface, sending splinters of wood in all directions.
With lightning-fast reactions, Jolti released the line and pulled on a large bronze lever. A blast of the ship’s ignition refilled the balloon, breaking the wild descent and bringing it to rest softly at the foot of the mountain.
“How many times do we have to go through this, that is not how you land a ship!” Driftwood’s usually soft tone, now clearly charged with frustration.
“It was fast though!” The wicked enthusiasm of Captain Jolti was too much to even entertain Driftwood’s concerns.
Sliding down the crow’s nest, before landing nimbly on the deck Scuttle gazed open-mouthed across the scene laid out in front of her. Ancient ruins ran as far as the eye could see; a thick tangle of vines and other plant life growing in and around the structures that had stood undisturbed for hundreds of years.
“We’ve really found it this time!” Scuttle gasped.
“The home of The Ancient.”

We’ve managed to also wrangle up one of the Beasts that makes its home in Scuttle’s varied menagerie; one who is sure to help out with all the Combos that you will be playing in your Storm decks, the Greedy Gasbag:

Greedy Gasbag takes a little while to get warmed up, but when it does, it allows you to get back all the Combos that have made their way into your Discard Pile (Combos with Burn excepted of course). If you aren’t too eager to wait until it runs its course on its own, consider pairing it with the Hero, Cloud King Kashi and use his Ability to ensure you get the Greedy Gasbag’s effect the turn after it is played. Another great way to speed up the Gasbag is to take advantage of Royal Wind Runner (check the card gallery here) with it’s enters play effect; and you get to disrupt any of your opponents’ Beasts and Insectoids as a bonus! Of course there is nothing to say that you have to use Greedy Gasbag in a strictly Storm deck, there are plenty of decks that would love to be able to reuse their Combos…

Included here is the decklist for Beastly Brawl – Keep your eyes out for more beastly spoilers during the remainder of the week. And be ready this weekend for an extra special, bonus spoiler…

Navigator Scuttle

Murky Waters
Storm Wall
Cold Snap
Rolling Thunder
Nimbus Crash

2x Spark Wisp
2x Living Cloud
2x Vortex Charger
1x Thunder Brewer
1x Supercharged Twister

2x Bubble Fish
2x Impressed Sludgefin
2x Broken Dam
1x Turbine Waste
2x Heroic Starfish
1x Raging River
1x Safety Crab

3x Thunder Slug
1x Mari Bard
2x Wild Wind Runner
1x Vortex Plains
1x Dust King
1x Greedy Gasbag

1x Umbron Barkeep
1x Crushing Charger

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