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Hi Lightseekers,

We’re finally here, the last Family to look at in Lightseekers; this one is a bit different to the others. That’s right, we’re looking at Locations.

“How much of the world have you truly seen young one? You think that the hustle and bustle of The Citadel is everything that these lands have to offer? You need to get out, see the world! Spend one day studying the sealife of the Shimmering Isle and you’ll learn more than a year spent in this overcrowded city. Marvel at the machines of the tyrax, Observe the Kreebal doing… whatever they do. Mark my words child there is more to see in this world then what sits behind these great walls.”

Seleni, Yikona Council of Elders.

Now that we’re up on all the different places that make up the wonderful world of Tantos; let’s take a look at the first spoiler, a mighty Location belonging to the everok of the Mountain Order; the Grand Statue:

Following in a firm tradition of Mountain storing cards for later use (looking at you Stone Scribe), the Grand Statue collects Earth cards that would otherwise be languishing in the Discard Pile and puts them to use increasing your damage. It wouldn’t be a true Mountain card if it didn’t take a while to get going, so it requires you to get 3 cards stored to turn its effect on. As an added benefit, it’s difficult to unmake something as powerful as this Location, so it can’t be Returned from play, though it can still be Removed.

Our next spoiler is one that can be used by any Order, and one we’re sure is going to see a lot of play over the coming months. Have you ever had to bite back that groan of frustration as your opponent Chimchu Infiltrator’s back their Pathfinder to play it for the 6th time? Felt defeated as Granite, Geode Hatchlings back an Emergency System for that 1000th point of healing? Faced down the blockade of Mossridge Defenders and Stumpdrift Shamans perpetually brought back by Root Singers? Allow us to introduce you to Font of Misfortune:

When Font of Misfortune hits play it immediately strikes in with a hit of 3 damage to your target. Perhaps more interestingly it also gives cards in all Heroes’ Discard Piles Burn. That’s right, if you were looking for a way to shut down cards that interact with Discard Piles, then Font of Misfortune is the Location for the job (albeit temporarily). It’s important to note that Font of Misfortune doesn’t discriminate – all players will suffer from having their cards trapped in the Discard Pile equally.

We’ll have more Location based spoilers over the next couple of days – as well as a brand new Mythic rare Hero this weekend. Get your hands on Lightseekers: Kindred on August 7th!

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