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Today we’re going to be discussing a Family of cards that’s about as far from the feathered Chimchu as possible; that’s right, we’re talking Kreebal.

The kreebal truly are one of Tantos’ most interesting creatures. Though inherently low in intelligence they have still managed to master the basic principles of war. Maybe the fact that they have such a keen grasp of this concept, and so few others, is the reason they declare it on a near daily basis. In the last ten years alone there have been over two thousand recorded incidents of these excitable creatures declaring war on someone. The funny thing is that their attempts to do so are almost always met with instantaneous defeat! Luckily for their race, they breed at a shockingly high rate; replenishing their numbers after a particularly hard fought battle in a matter of months! Amusingly if they stopped with their insatiable need for hostility for two or three years they would without a doubt swell to a high enough population to overrun the entire continent! Of course this irony is lost on even the most quick witted of their people.
The Encyclopedia Tantosia

Now that we’ve learned a bit about what the Kreebal are, let’s have a look at our first card reveal; the Vilebrew Hexer.


Showing allegiance to the Dread Order this Kreebal provides a powerful deterrent to decks that are looking to prolong their own lives by turning a healing effect into something far deadlier. Whilst it doesn’t provide it’s benefit immediately, the cunning player will be able to time the use of Vilebrew Hexer to catch a big heal from an opponent’s buff such as Guard Snail or deter the activation of a Lunar Offering Ability. Of course, you can also just play it out whilst dealing lots of damage to make sure that your opponent doesn’t have a chance to get back into the game!

Our other reveal today goes to show how the Kreebal aren’t particularly picky with which Order they throw themselves in with; here’s the Volt Vandal.


Whilst itself being a Lightning Element card, the Volt Vandal is powered by the number of Water buffs you have in play – water being quite conductive to electricity of course. The Water Element has plenty of different ‘permanent’ buffs that stay in play for quite a while, from the healing oriented Turbine Wastes, to the disruptive Suspicious Squid, or even the heavy hitting Wave Crusher. All of which lend an extra bit of oomph to the effect of Volt Vandal.

Keep an eye out for more Kreebal spoilers over the coming days – and rejoin us on Monday as we discuss the nefarious Dread deck!

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