Kindred Digital Precursor

Greetings Lightseekers,

We know you have been eagerly waiting for the release of the new Kindred cards to the digital game and we’re delighted to be able to finally announce that the update will go live mid to end of next week along with a few other improvements as well as some new features too. Before we have a look at those, we’d really like to explain a bit of the behind the scenes context that caused this to be such an epic undertaking.

Kindred represents a really major engine refactor, not only with all of the new cards, but also to the existing ruleset of the game. As a result, this impacted ALL the cards that we have in Lightseekers, not just those from Kindred; Flame Bat from Awakening now has a family attribute for example. The ruleset change was far reaching, and there are a number of new systems and edge cases that made it a very time consuming to change digitally.

For example the card Anti-Matter Field means that all players play with their deck face up; in the physical game this is simple enough, you just turn your deck face up. In the digital game this means we have to be able to render the traditional deck differently; we have to show the cards face up and give you the ability to examine them, we had to rework numerous card animations when the player draws a card; we had to reorder the deck entirely in reverse, we had to check how this reacts when the player plays a card to draw from the bottom of their deck and so on. We also had to test these new systems against all of the other cards in the game.

Now for new features! The following will all be present in the update next week alongside Kindred cards:

Hero Challenges

Whilst you have been battling among yourselves over Lightstones the world of Tantos has been taking notice. Heroes may now challenge you at anytime; expect a fight!

  • Hero Challenges have been added to the app
  • Challenges will be made to you periodically. You will get a notification when a challenge has been made.
  • Defeating the Challenge (and it will be a challenge!) will grant a bonus Booster Pack

Daily Deals prices have been adjusted

  • Standard Order Specific Booster Packs reduced from 150 to 100
  • Item Booster Packs reduced from 300 to 250 (and now guarantee 2 Rare Items)
  • Cross-Order Booster Packs reduced from 500 to 300 (and purchase limit increased from 1 to 2)

Kindred Launch Reward

  • Log in to Lightseekers to claim your Kindred launch reward of 250 gems for a limited time.

Looking beyond this next update; here is a list of some of the upcoming features that we currently have in the works for Lightseekers:

Weekly Single Player Events

  • Each week you will receive a mini-campaign of connected bosses to battle your way through for big rewards.

Re-Roll Mission Functionality & Greater Mission Variety

Additional Practice Game Mode Features

  • Including ability to set the deck you play against from a deck within your collection

Foil Card Representation In-Game

  • Includes additional range of cosmetic effects for physical and digital cards

Player Statistic Feature

  • Including ability to view friends’ and other players’ profiles with stat information

These features are in varying stages of development, and as such have no solid launch dates that we can reliably share just yet, though we endeavour to make continuous improvements to the app with updates every two weeks.

Thank you very much for your continued support! We really hope to be able to delight you with a great game update shortly

Have fun and see you all in game!

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