Independence – A brand new Campaign!

Tomorrow on the 4th of July we bring you a brand you Independence campaign!  So get your fireworks ready and get ready to take on a new adventure!

The campaign contains 3 major bosses starting off with Liberty Blossom.
Miss Blossom will be playing lots of buffs to keep her in high spirits! Next off is Uncle Vandil; you will want to watch out for his combos as he just wants to get the party started. And finally, you get to play as Talia Fireborn, try and keep the party going by setting up the best firework display Tantos has EVER seen!

For each boss you beat, you will receive a new Independence chest (which you will also be able to buy in the store). Each chest contains an amazing 3 rewards, with a chance for EXCLUSIVE rewards which include:

ALTERNATE HERO ART cards. There are 6 to collect!
Playmats and Card Backs (3 Playmats, 1 Card Back to collect)
10 Avatars (5 common, 3 uncommon, 2 rare)


There will additionally be an Independence Bundle available:
1x Bundle of 10 Independence chests for the price of 7 (3 free!) and 1 guaranteed ALTERNATE HERO ART card!

The campaign will be active until the 20th of July, all Premium Loot Chests in the store during this time will be replaced with Independence Chests. That’s not all! Over the weekend (July 4th until July 8th, 12:00:00 UTC), you will earn 50% bonus XP in all Orders.

Good luck Lightseekers, from wherever you are, we wish you a great weekend and hope you enjoy our Independence campaign!
The PlayFusion Team

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