Love is in the air. Don’t worry if you didn’t get a card this Valentine’s, you can play with your Lightseekers cards instead!

Today we are bringing you two new campaigns for our Valentine’s Event! 

In today’s campaign Valentine’s battle against Cupid, If you manage to prove your love to them you’ll move on to “Love is in the Air”, a boss that has a deck comprised of all Air cards and a Hero passive that plays around Air. Fancy!

Next week you will be able to take part in our ‘educational’ campaign Kreebal Dating 101.

For the FIRST TIME ever in Lightseekers, you’ll play with a unique deck of cards that we give you for this campaign.

Take the role of a Kreebal Romantic and try and counter the smooth moves of The Kreebal Dater. Survive the first date ( they are never usually that fun ) and the tables turn. You’ll become the Lovestruck Kreebal, trying to conquer the Loveshy Kreebal. If you can set the Mood, create the right Atmosphere and Romance just right, you can finally Confess your Love. Ooh la la!

Beating this second campaign will unlock the exclusive Gemruff card back.





Throughout the entire event, the Gemruff playmat is on sale ( 750 gems, down from 1000) and a new “Love Hoarder” playmat can be purchased in the store for 750 gems.

Good luck Lightseekers and we wish you all a Happy Valentine’s!


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