Visionaries Competition Winners

Greetings to our Visionaries

The time has come after we announced back in September 2018, that 10 random winners who had conducted Visionary activities through the month would be in for a chance of each receiving a Visionary Playmat and 25 Awakening Booster Packs!

We have had such an incredible amount of enthusiasm and support in particular from the overwhelming coverage found in the US; as such the split has been altered to 4/6.

With great pleasure, we can now reveal the 10 random winners names which are listed here!


Karl Spurgin

Aaron Henman  

Jason Harris

Keith Stevens


North America

Travis Bentley

Wil Goolsby

Mark Burke

Elisha Jones

Nate Baker

Isaac Villa

We thank all of our Visionaries for their continued drive, passion, enjoyment and love around representing Lightseekers.

If you believe after coming onto this news post you want to support Lightseekers, moving forward and can follow the Ways of the Visionary, it’s never too late!

You can find out all of the information and the application process here

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