Geode Hatchling – Burn changes

As of February 4th 2019, we will be introducing a balance change to the card ‘Geode Hatchling’. This change will affect both physical and digital play.

This is a card that has been on our radar for some time, given that it is able to recycle other cards. Typically these kinds of cards include the keyword Burn in their card text to prevent ‘infinite’ card cycling (as seen with Root Singer or, more recently, Storm Calling). With Geode Hatchling, there have been previous instances of this card causing undesirable game states, especially when paired with Stubborn Everok. However, these cases have been sporadic and strategies revolving around such interactions have been difficult to pull off.

As the game has matured and the community has grown, players have been able to put together and refine these strategies much faster, resulting in powerful and consistent stun decks that have very few counters. Because of this, we will be updating the card effect of Geode Hatchling to include Burn.

What this means is that:

 – It cannot be moved out of the discard pile
 – If a card attempts to move a card labelled as Burn out of the discard pile, the move fails. These cards are kept in the Discard Pile once they move there
 – It cannot be stored under other cards
 – It cannot be moved from play (Buff Area or Equipped Items) to hand or deck
 – When ‘Played’, it cannot be moved to hand or deck

The latest release of the digital app has taken place today that incorporates this change and a few other minor fixes:

 – Camouflage will now affect Attack abilities as well as Attack cards
 – Opening a booster pack will now correctly tell you when a card is “New” for you in all cases.

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