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Organized play

Organized Play is your way to connect with the Lightseekers Trading Card community. Through local, regional, and national events, it brings together Lightseekers of all ages and skill levels in fun, safe environments to play the Lightseekers card game.

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Every day, more and more stores are carrying the Lightseekers Trading Card Game. Be sure to stop by and ask your local store about Lightseekers!

In addition to selling cards, many stores run in-store organized play where you can turn up and play against other Lightseekers players in your area. If you’d like us to reach out to a local store in your area, please email their contact information to

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Biggest events

This summer, Lightseekers across the UK and the US will be competing for cash, uncut sheets, and other prizes!

Nationals will be held at the UK Games Expo and in the US at GenCon.

Win your invitation to the Nationals by competing in Regionals held in the UK or US conventions.

Feature events



We are excited to announce a new lightweight app for TCG players coming
soon! The growing feature set is planned to contain:

  • Digital helpers for your offline play Health counters & turn tracker
  • Digital deck Track your cards owned, and explore new cards to evolve your deck
  • Deck builder Track decks you’ve played in face to face battles
  • TCG Leaderboards View your official ranking
  • Tournament/Store finder Find lightseekers near you

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