Organized Play

What is

Organized play

Organized Play is a great way to make friends, learn new strategies, and connect with the Lightseekers community. Through local, regional, and national events, Organized Play brings together Lightseekers of all ages and skill levels in fun, safe environments to play the Lightseekers Trading Card Game.

Ways you can participate:

  • Play Lightseekers at a local game store to win exclusive prizes
  • Compete at regional tournaments for cash prizes and to qualify for Nationals
  • Take on the best players in the world at the US and UK National Tournaments

Play Lightseekers at a Local

Game Store Near You

In addition to selling cards, many stores run in-store organized play events where you can play against other Lightseekers players in your area to win exclusive foil Hero cards. You also get an exclusive foil Combo card just for participating.

Each participating store will also give away a playmat to the best player each month!

Find Stores

If you’d like us to reach out to a local game store in your area, please email their contact information to

Participate in

Feature Events

This summer, Lightseekers across the UK and the US will be competing for cash, uncut sheets, and other prizes!

This summer, Lightseekers across the UK and the US will be competing for cash, booster boxes, uncut sheets, and other prizes!

Regional events offer a chance to meet other Lightseekers players and compete for prize pools of $1,750/£1,250 or more. The Top 8 finishers at each Regional event will qualify for the National Tournament.

Nationals will be held at the UK Games Expo and in the US at GenCon featuring the best Lightseekers players in the world competing for prize pools totaling $10,000/£7,500.

Feature Events

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