Hey Lightseekers!

The sun is shining, lambs are baaaaaaing – let’s sit inside and play games! To celebrate the Easter holiday period we have a brand new campaign for you, featuring 3 puzzling bosses with 1 unique reward from besting them.

Here are some tips about the bosses and what you can expect: 

*This event includes a new keyword “Stubborn” – This simply means the card cannot be removed, returned or made dormant.*

Boss 1: Lalu the Rascal

Starting fairly simple, Lalu runs a relatively straightforward deck, but every few turns her “Stop for Chocolate” buff may become a problem. While it’s on the fourth corner, anyone who plays a card (so you on your turn too) will heal her for 2 per card played. Don’t feed the greed!

Boss 2: Everok Egg Cracker

Starting to ramp up now, the Egg Cracker has 3 “Lovely Eggs” in play, right next to “The End”. “The End” is something we’ve seen before – It’s just defeat in card form! Lucky for you, the Lovely Eggs make it dormant. Not so lucky for you, if you deal 3 damage, the Egg Cracker will draw “Crack Egg” from the discard pile. If they play this card, a Lovely Egg gets destroyed, leading us closer to The End.

Boss 3: Egg Hunt

Time for a Puzzle! This time, we give you a deck and you play as the Egg Hunter vs a very Hungry Tyranos. Tyranos is similar to his normal counterpart, with one key exception – he can’t be defeated if you haven’t got a full egg basket!

What is that? How do you fill your Egg Basket? Well by collecting eggs of course! There are four eggs to collect, with each one you collect unlocking the next. If you meet the objective as the egg hits it’s fourth corner, you’ll add it to your basket. All this while trying to stay alive against Tyranos.



Once you have collected all your eggs and won the campaign, you will receive an egg-clusive card back! This egg-cellent campaign will run from the 16th April – 30th April and during this time you will also be able can also purchase an Egg-traordinary playmat for only 500 gems. Yum!  ( We have run out of egg puns ) 

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