It’s been a huge week in the world of Lightseekers and following this, we have made some improvements and adjustments from community feedback and further testing.

Thank you for your continued support, we look forward to hearing your feedback! The PlayFusion Team 


Adventure Mode:

– The AI difficulty of the first few bosses has been adjusted.

– The first five bosses have had their health reduced.

– A number of early bosses have had a few cards adjusted.


Draft Rewards:

– Rewards for Draft have been adjusted to include more Gold.

– If you get at least 4 wins, you will now receive some Gold alongside the other rewards.

– For some tiers, the Gold has replaced a booster pack and/or fragments, but for some it’s purely additive. 

The Gold Champion reward is now 2 Booster Packs, 2 Premium Loot Chests, 1 Mega Chest, 1 Draft Ticket, and 300 Gold.


Bug Fixes:

– Vilebrew Hexer will no longer let any heals through from Regen Chamber.

– Buffs with a first corner X that have an ‘as this enters play’ effect will now trigger even when moved into play.

– The Angered Kalamari has (against their wishes) put their item back in the item slot.

– Hyper Rewind should now correctly be acting like a ‘Burn’ card.

– Contra Bubble’s second corner will now work correctly when converting self damage to healing.

– Cards that play other cards that can play other cards (etc.) would end your turn under some conditions. (This could have affected Ancestral Communion and Rustforge Assembly.)

– Shadehoof Scapegoat now won’t trigger if you don’t have access to Shadow.

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