Lightseekers Digital Update – 25/10/18

Today, Lightseekers gets one of the biggest updates yet with something for everyone!

We really hope you enjoy what’s in store and don’t forget to make sure you update your app via the usual platform channels.

 – New Weekly Campaign – Each week a new campaign will appear, where you can fight through a story mode featuring back-to-back boss encounters! Winning each battle will provide you with a substantial reward and completing a campaign will reward you even further. Like challengers, these campaign bosses might use custom cards or break the rules a bit – be ready for a challenge!
 – New Look – You’ll see quickly that the look of the app has been upgraded throughout. Other than the visual improvements, you can now see Hero’s Elemental access on their portrait, equipped weapon Elements, and Ability icon which all dynamically change state when used!
 – Enhanced Stats Page – Check out how you are doing with the new stats page, found under your profile.
 – Not happy with how a Booster or Loot Chest has gone? You can now re-roll them to try again for a small fee.
 – Putting off some Missions? You can now re-roll one Daily Mission a day, and your Weekly Mission once per week!
 – Gem Store – The first time you buy a Gem package, you’ll get DOUBLE the amount!
 – German language card scanning – You can now select the language (English or German) of the cards you wish to scan. Note: All cards will still be displayed in English in the app.
 – Mission streaks – You’ll now see a progress bar for Missions when you complete them. Complete a streak to earn a free Booster Pack!
 – Kindred Missions – We’ve added some more Missions with a Kindred theme, get those Family decks out!
 – There are a number of Rift Night items available to be purchased for a limited period of time.
 – Numerous minor card improvements and fixes.

We look forward to hearing your feedback!

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