We had plans to make some balancing adjustments to a bunch of cards alongside the Uprising release, when the new Standard format goes into effect. This would include a variety of Classic cards, but also a few cards that would then be reprinted alongside Uprising with their updated text. However, due to the delays to Uprising, we have decided to make these changes in the digital game sooner, as we don’t want these cards affecting the digital game negatively for longer than necessary.

The following changes only apply to the digital game – these are due to go live 21st February. 

These changes will be taking place instead of a dedicated version of the physical ‘Classic Mode’ where you only have limited access to the Classic card pool.

Classic Card Changes

When Uprising releases:

– Classic cards will no longer be part of the Standard format

–  The Ranked mode will be played in Standard format

– Classic cards can still be played in all other game modes

– The following are Classic cards that have received changes.


– Anti-Gravity Field – Its base damage has been reduced to 8.

– Eclipse – The healing has been reduced to 10.

– Flying Fortress – Is now ‘Unique’.


– Abyss Weaver – Now has four clunky corners, instead of being permanent.

– Nova – The ‘Ability’ will now only apply healing if your target is below 35 health.

– Ritual of Awakening – Is now ‘Burn’.

– Sicario – The ‘Ability’ now moves in up to 2 different Shadow Buffs.

– Terrify – The damage has been increased to 6, but only moves 2 Action cards back to the deck.


– Ancient Miner – The corners are now X/1/X/2.

– Colossi Ritual Site – The corners are now X/X/3.

– Dolo the Mighty – Now has 30 health.

– Everok Carver – It now ‘Expires’ after applying its effects.

– Granite – Now has 31 health.

– Shattered Volcano – Is now ‘Unique’.

– Stone Scribe – Is now ‘Burn’.

– Stubborn Everok – Is now ‘Burn’.

– Temple of Patience – Now has three clunky corners; 5/4/3.

– Wrath of the Mountain – The damage has been reduced to 10.


– Ambush – The damage increase has been reduced to 5.

– Cessilia – The ‘Ability’ now requires a card in hand to be used.

– Mantix Raider – Its base damage has been reduced to 2.

– Regrowth – Can now only move Action Buffs into play.

– Spectral Web – The corners are now o/o/o, and only protects other Buffs.

– Tree Sprout – The corners are now X/1/X/2.


– Cleansing Wind – The damage has been reduced to 8.

– Cloud Harvester – Is now ‘Burn’.

– Confused Shaman – Now heals your target first, and you only receive the healing if they have less than 35 health after the heal.

– Fish Singer Ushi – Now only reduces the cost of 3- and 4-cost Combos.

– Flood – The healing has been reduced to 10.

– Healing Rain – The Corners are now 4/4/4.

– Hurricane Spirit – The number of cards drawn is now also derived from the rotation value (i.e. 2).

– Storm Shaman – The corners are now X/X/4.

– Stormshell – Now only reduces damage after taking a hit of at least 3 damage in a turn.

– Tempest Rod – Now requires at least 2 cards in hand.

– Tornado – Is now ‘Burn’.

– Zapper Bug – Is now ‘Burn’.


– Clockwork Construct – Is now ‘Burn’.

– Forgewall – Only reduces the first hit of damage per turn (if the condition is met).

– Fumbling Alchemist – Now deals a base of 4 damage, and it can be increased to 6 by discarding a Combo.

– Looper – Is now a Buff with corners X/7. Your target draws 1 card as it enters play, and the second corner deals rotation damage.

– Shatter Blast – The damage increase has been reduced to 5.

– Time Chamber – Its damage can no longer be increased by effects.

– Time Flicker – The draw has been reduced to 3.

– Time Leap – Is now ‘Burn’.

– Warden of Time – Is now ‘Burn’.

– Zuna – No longer has superior Explosives, but her health has been increased to 30.

Cross Order

– Avalanche – The damage has been reduced to 8.

– Night Hunt – The damage has been reduced to 9.

– Star Blast – The damage and healing have been reduced to 6.


– Frenzied Kreebal – Now requires 2 or fewer cards in hand to have its damage increased.

– Kreebal Raid Party – The increase from discarded an Unaligned card has been reduced to 2.

– Shadowy Figure – The damage has been reduced to 3.

Standard Card Changes

The following are Standard cards that have received changes. Unlike the Classic cards, they will receive an updated physical print alongside Uprising.

– Beast Caller – Is now ‘Burn’ and ‘Unique’.

– Black Hole – The damage has been reduced to 6.

– Canopy Creeper – Is now ‘Burn’.

– Cold Snap – The amount of Buffs removed has been reduced to 2.

– Crystal Maze – The discard now only triggers if the attacker has played a Combo since the last turn or has a Combo Buff in play.

– Raising the Dead – Is now ‘Burn’.

– Reality Rift – No longer grants an additional action, but instead draws 1 card.

– Spirit Walk – Is now ‘Burn’.

– Storm Calling – Is now ‘Burn’.

– Umbron Informant – The amount of cards it can draw has been capped at 4.


We do hope you enjoy playing this format instead of Classic mode and strongly believe these are healthy changes to improve the quality of the digital game, as always we really appreciate your continued feedback. 

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