Comprehensive Rules Update

Hello Lightseekers,

We’ve got one more update to make to the Comprehensive Rules to Lightseekers. Previously if a card that stored cards under it (Stone Scribe or Carabid Scavenger for example), was Returned, then the cards underneath it were also Returned to the hand. Upon further review of this rule, there are some strategies in the game that can take advantage of this rule to lock out the game, and prevent a player from taking any actions (in a way similar to the banned card, Shadow Wraith); which is not a style of gameplay that we want in Lightseekers.

Moving forward, when a card storing other cards is Returned, the cards underneath are moved to the Discard Pile (in much the same way as when a card storing cards is Removed). This rule change will go into effect from the coming Monday, 20th of August for the physical game, and will be present in a future update to the digital game (along with the previous changes such as Discard Pile viewing).

You can check out an updated version of the Comprehensive Rules here.

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