Comprehensive Rules Update (Post Kindred)

Greetings Lightseekers!

Today we have some great news for you regarding Comprehensive Rules.

After the recent newspost highlighting some of the changes that we are making to the game, today we have the updated rules document that will go into more detail on those changes.

This update will also encompass the inclusion of the Family mechanic to Lightseekers, as well as some wording changes to make things easier to understand.

In addition to this, we have a few more changes that we will be making, the important ones of which are summarised as follows:

1. If a card does not specify what card is being moved (e.g. move the ‘top card of the deck’) it does not need to be revealed to all other players. (For examples, cards such as Hurricane Spirit and Tempuz)

2. Both players’ Discard Piles are now ‘Public Knowledge’. What this means is that either player can view any Discard Pile at any time.

The full list of changes/additions are as follows (as referenced in the Comprehensive Rules document):

2.3: New Title
2.3.4: New Section​: Updated New Rule New Rule New Rule​: Updated​: Updated Updated New Rule
2.8.3: New Section (The old 2.8.3 is now 2.8.4)
2.9.4: New Rule Updated Updated New Rule

As with the other rulings, bans and erratas, these changes will come into effect on August 7th with the release of Kindred.

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