Full Battlepack Details Here!

You’ve heard the news and you’ve seen the preview, now you must be wondering, what exactly IS a Battlepack?! Wonder no longer, we’re here to tell you all about our upcoming Battlepack release this Monday 8th July.

On Monday, we will be release 3 new Battlepacks; one for Astral, one for Storm and one for Tech. Don’t worry; Mountain, Nature and Dread will get their Battlepacks at the end of the month, and we will be sharing what the contain very soon.

But right now we can tell you more about what you’ll be getting in a few days time!

Each Battlepack is guaranteed to contain the following:

– One New Hero Card
– 3 copies of 3 New Action Cards
– 1 Uprising Booster Pack
– 2 Kindred Booster Packs

Each pack will cost 500 gems, and are great ways to augment your existing decks with guaranteed new and powerful cards. And we can now show you those cards!





We hope you enjoy the new Battlepacks and as always please let us know your thoughts on our Discord, Twitter and Facebook channels!

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