An Uprising…….

An Uprising is starting soon!
We’re kicking off with a huge announcement that will shake up the way you play Lightseekers competitively! This week you will want to revisit each day to see what other things we have lined up in-store for you.

Lightseekers: Uprising (Wave 4)
Lightseekers: Uprising marks our 4th expansion and features awesome new heroes from a story yet untold. Coming early 2019, you’ll be able to get your hands on Uprising and tell the tale yourself!

As of the release of Lightseekers: Uprising, and to kick off our big push for Organised Play in 2019, we will be removing Lightseekers: Awakening from tournament play. This is the first time we have done a rotation in this card game, and at the current time there are no plans for there to be regular rotating of sets in future. There are a number of reasons outlined here as to why we are doing this, reasons that don’t necessarily apply to rotating out sets on a strict schedule.

What does this mean?
Any card that was originally printed in Awakening (or the Toy Exclusive cards, and Awakening Starter Exclusives), will not be playable in official physical tournaments or Ranked Play digitally from the release date of Lightseekers: Uprising. Any card that has since been reprinted in any Booster, Bundle, or Deck product (so not including Organised Play or other Promotional Cards), will still be playable with any version of the card.

For example Crystal Leech was originally printed in Awakening, but has since been reprinted in Lightseekers: Mythical boosters and the Lightseekers: Kindred – Elemental Engagement deck, so is still playable in tournaments with any of its printings. Looper was originally printed in Awakening, but has not been reprinted in any product, so will not be playable in tournaments.

Alongside Lightseekers: Uprising, we are also going to be releasing our first ever Lightseekers Core Box. This Bundle product will contain reprints of key cards from across Awakening, Mythical and Kindred and is intended as a starting point for new players who want to get to grips with deck building in Lightseekers immediately. Any cards from Awakening that get reprinted in this set will remain in the tournament rotation. We will also be looking for other opportunities to reprint appropriate cards from Awakening in Boosters, Bundles & Decks so that they can be used again in tournaments.

The list of card sets that will be legal for official tournament as of Lightseekers: Uprising is as follows:

Lightseekers: Mythical
Lightseekers: Kindred
Lightseekers: Kindred Decks
Lightseekers: Rift Pack – Lost Relics
Lightseekers: Uprising (coming January-February 2019)
Lightseekers: Uprising Core Box (coming January-February 2019)

New sets will be added to this list as they are released.

Why are we doing this?
At the current time almost the entire banned and errata list for Lightseekers consists of cards that were originally printed in Awakening (Reality Rift being the only card originally from a non-Awakening set that has had an errata). In addition to those cards, many other cards in the set are of a higher power level than cards that have been printed afterwards, since as the game has developed balance has become tighter for each subsequent set.

In addition, cards from Awakening do not feature Family symbols, which adds an additional layer of memory that is required on top of knowing what cards have and haven’t been errata’d for physical play.

Finally, this rotation means that as of Lightseekers: Uprising the physical game and the digital game will be aligned, not just with cards physically playing the same way that they play digitally, but also with the errata’d versions of Reality Rift and Paralysis Bug being reprinted in the Uprising Core Box. We’ve tightened up our balancing of cards so as to minimise the number of erratas or bans that may arise in the future; and are actively looking for ways to make sure that physical and digital won’t drift apart again.

Join us later this week as we take a look at the new Organised Play structure for 2019!

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