Adventure Mode!

As I am sure you already know: We’re bringing a brand new single-player mode to Lightseekers, the aptly-named Adventure Mode!

This new mode alongside our brand new Uprising Digital Release AND Draft Mode will be available on May 8th. This is comfortably the biggest update we’ve EVER done for Lightseekers, and it’s right around the corner!

Adventure Mode will be bringing over 200 stages to Lightseekers, and along the way, you’ll meet the creatures of the world; from the stalwart Everok to the playful Mari to the tempestuous Kreebal as you uncover the true secrets of Tantos.

Don’t forget that this update comes with 202 extra cards in Uprising, meaning that not only will there be new features and content, but there will also be a brand-new set of cards to play with too!

We hope you’re ready because huge changes are coming to Lightseekers next week.

So with that in mind…here’s a sneak peek at what Adventure Mode will bring to Lightseekers on May 8th! Who’s excited?


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