Adventure Mode Improvements – Patch Notes 04/06/19

Today we have some updates regarding the difficulty of early-stage Adventure Mode bosses.
Following on from feedback, we have made some changes to a few of the bosses found up to Stage 25 to make them fairer, especially for newer players.


‘A Colossal Find’ Zone 3 is now available. Play out the events of Ferrus’ rebellion!
The decks used throughout ‘A Colossal Find’ Zone 1 have been tweaked a bit, to make them a bit easier as well as faster to play.
A few of the earlier bosses in Adventure Mode have been made a little bit easier. These are as follows:
– Stage 8: Cedrus
– Stage 9: Steeltusk Brute
– Stage 10: Mossback Beast
– Stage 15: Lost Architect
– Stage 22: Priestess Tay
– Stage 25: Little Blammo

Bug Fixes

Crystallizer now moves cards face down.
Fixed a typo on Contamination.
Fixed some incorrect icons and naming conventions for the Amplifier: Beasts I and II Lightstones.

As always, a big thank you to all of those who have provided feedback, we hope to hear from you soon!

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